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Dream World Shop - New Random User Sub Options

Forum-Index Suggestions Dream World Shop - New Random User Sub Options
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Posted: Mon, 27/07/2020 03:54 (3 Years ago)
This is going to be a long written out suggestion, but bear with me. I'll be breaking the suggestion down into parts to make this easier to explain and follow along.

So what is this suggestion mainly about?

This suggestion is about adding new sub options to the pre-existing options for sending out plushies from the Dream World Shop to Random Users.

In case you may be confused or unfamiliar, then I'm talking about this here:

What will these new sub options be?

These new sub options will consist of the following:
• Chosen Plushie
• Favorite Plushie
• Missing Plushie

How will these sub options look like in terms of implementation?

Here's a video version that may be better for view: https://streamable.com/sfqtkm

Can we get some further explanation about this suggestion?

Of course! There's lots to cover.

With the visuals out of the way, I can explain to you exactly what this suggestion will bring forth and to the table.

So, the main pre-existing main options will be staying as you can see. Basically, these sub options will provide more flexibility as to what plushies that you can send to random users on the site.

With the introduction of sending random Favorite and Missing plushies to random users, of course this will have to come with an incentive for users to actually make use of these new options. I'll explain what this incentive is later, but for now let's focus more on the explanation of how these options will function.

As you can see, when you go to select sending a Favorite or Missing plusie, then a drop down will appear to prompt you to enter a minimum and maximum value. Basically, what this means is that you will be able to send random plushies from a value of x to a value of y.

So, for example: I could enter in a value of 5 for the minimum value, and 1000 as a maximum value. That means that I'll be able to send out random plushies with anything ranging from a Magikarp plushie, all the way to a Shiny Mega Lucario plushie. Basically, just about any plushie that's currently available in the Dream World Shop that I could send to another user. This would also include Limited plushies (if they're in stock).

Also, yes, it will be possible to set the minimum and maximum range to be the same value.

As for these options, they should be self explanatory for how they would work. But, I will explain them anyway.

As for sending with the Chosen Plushie option, this is basically what we already have now. It's just the default option and it wouldn't be going anywhere. It becomes an option now because of the other new options.

As for sending with the Favorite Plushie option, it will only search for users who have favorite plushies currently set. It will not include users who have no favorite plushies set. If a user happens to have favorited plushies set that meet the DP value range that you set, then it will be possible to send those plushies to them randomly.

As for sending with the Missing Plushie option, it will only search for users who have missing plushies in their collection. It will not include users who do not have any missing plushies. If a user happens to have missing plushies that meet the DP value range that you set, then it will be possible to send those plushies to them randomly.

Regardless of the option chosen, all the plushies sent will only look for users that have been online in the past 24 hours. That's not changing for any of these options.

What will be the incentive for sending random Favorite and Missing plushies to users?

A chance to receive extra gems!!!

I feel that this would be a very simple yet good way to incentivize using these options to send out plushies. Especially since gems have been recently introduced, and I know a lot more people are using the Dream World Shop actively to get themselves more gems.

Also, of course if you choose a specific plushie to send with the Chosen Plushie option, then you will not be granted an extra chance to receive extra gems.

As for how the extra chance will work: per every gem that you would normally receive, then there will be a 5% chance PER gem received to receive a random additional gem.

For example, if a Favorite or Missing plushie is sent that happens to be worth 10 DP, then you would receive 2 gems as you normally would. But, with this extra chance it would be possible to get 2~4 gems.

So, no, you will not always get the additional extra gems when a favorite or missing plushie is successfully sent.

Basically, each gem would individually trigger a 5% chance for an additional random gem. So a plushie that's worth 10 DP would get this effect triggering twice as you normally get 2 gems. The 5% isn't stacking to be 10%. Obviously, that's not how probability works.

Hopefully this all makes sense.

Further explanation about gem rates and balancing

Of course, the 5% wouldn't be set in stone and could be subject to change. I'm just pitching a number that I feel would be good and nothing that's not really game breaking or anything.

Also, I was thinking a way that we could further balance this is to make the rate scale depending on the price range that you've set.

What I mean by this is if you set a minimum value of 5, and a maximum value of 1000, then the chance to trigger extra gems per gem received would be 5% (highest).

BUT, if you set a range that's smaller between the minimum and maximum value, then that chance to trigger additional gems would scale down.

A perfect example is if you would set the minimum value to 5, and then you would set the maximum value to 5 as well. This would make it so that you only would be sending Magikarp plushies. But, this would also give you the lowest possible chance to trigger additional gems. That means that you wouldn't really get as many additional gems even if you would want to send out lots of Magikarp plushies.

I think this would create an even greater incentive to want to spend more DP for Favorite and Missing plushies, since that will give you a greater chance at getting extra gems.

Sounds good, right?

So Ephenia, why should this be implemented?

In short, this will help us work towards having a healthier community.

I will say that I've been very ambitious with trying to figure out what could ultimately help this community become better. This has been apparent ever since the Plushie Blocker suggestion had been posted and there also being lots of drama time and time again over plushies. This has been something that has obviously torn this community apart, and have made people become enemies instead of allies over all of these years.

I've expressed my thoughts enough at this point about this, and I've even already made another suggestion here that would help with showing transparency to see whether plushies being sent to people are random or not.

That's all because people have felt like victims of targeted harassment over plushies. As much as that's never has been the actual case (ever so rarely has) and so much of a real problem. Like I've said once, and I will say it again...

Plushies were always meant to be gifts that are harmless and a nice gesture, not used as weapons and starting war.

I know many people know and realize that, but I feel like a lot of people have lost touch with the reality of that. I think that it's time to preface that point once again, which is what this suggestion is also aiming to do. Same with my other suggestion with showing users if plushies sent to them were actually random or not.

If this suggestion were to be implemented, I truly do believe that many problems would be solved with time between many users in the past in regards to plushies.

People would actually send others plushies that others may actually want more over plushies that they may not want. They would also be rewarded more for doing that. People who have also blocked others in the past for plushie sending, may even unblock and try to make amends with others if they know they could be potentially be receiving plushies that they would actually want from others. This will not only change how this Dream World Shop would be used, but it will help change the behavior of all users alike. Users who care about plushies and engage themselves in using the Dream World Shop.

It would be a win-win for everyone.

The main point that I want to drive home is that as a community we should all be acting and behaving a lot better.

I know that we can do a lot better.

We shouldn't just be turning our backs against each other over a game that doesn't matter at the end of the day. We should be more friendly and kind to one another, not create hate over digital pixels on a screen. With this suggestion being implemented, I know that it will help us be more of a community, and bring all of us much closer to one another.

The Dream World Shop and plushies definitely plays a huge role in the social aspect of this site without a doubt. That has definitely been a proven fact.

Closing words

In conclusion, I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this suggestion. This is without a doubt the biggest suggestion made by me yet thus far. I've put a lot of work as well as my passion into really thinking this all out. It may not be perfect and may need fine tuning, but I'm confident about this being a very solid idea.

I would also like to give a big thanks to absol-girl for the initial idea. All I did was expand upon the idea and thought a lot about how it could work well with being a solution with helping what has been an ongoing problem within our community. Also, of course with me putting this all across, and showing/explainig how it will work.

If you have any questions, or anything else that you'd like to discuss, then feel free to do so. I'll be more than glad to answer any and all questions, and to also join in discussion.

Yours truly,

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Posted: Mon, 27/07/2020 16:31 (3 Years ago)
Thread has received Mod approval and is now open for discussion.
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Posted: Mon, 27/07/2020 16:47 (3 Years ago)
Big support! It would help a lot of people expand their plushie dex, which is something I wanted to see for a while. It’s very tedious to go through someone’s entire plushie list just to find one that they are missing, just to find that you don’t have enough DP. I hope that this, along with the plushie blocker suggestion would negate the drama between sending random plushies.

The gem idea is great as well, I think it would fill in a small gap that was missing with the gem idea.
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Posted: Tue, 18/08/2020 21:50 (3 Years ago)
LOVE it! I get random Magikarp Plushies regularly from people, but I don't mind at all.
I used to send them as well because 5 DP to receive 1 DP as a reward is the best "payout".

The Missing would be helpful for when New Plushies are released. Which means I would be able to get Random Missing without needing to embarrass myself by saying "Can you send me one of the New Plushies? I'm sorry I don't have the DP to pay you back."

And the Favorites!! I don't really think I have to say how awesome that part is!
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Posted: Sun, 30/08/2020 16:42 (3 Years ago)

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Posted: Mon, 31/08/2020 19:18 (3 Years ago)
I clicked support, but honestly I think the gem part at the end isn't really necessary. I wouldn't be against it, per say, but I definitely think that getting 1 gem/5DP is already quite the steal and seems to be potentially unnecessarily complicated for staff to implement, although I don't personally know anything about coding so that might be wrong.
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Posted: Tue, 01/09/2020 07:03 (3 Years ago)
Full support! in combination with the plushie blocker it would be very good for the community, for gem gathering and for helping people fill their dexes
its very well explained :D
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Posted: Thu, 10/09/2020 19:53 (3 Years ago)
Bumpity bump!

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Posted: Mon, 12/10/2020 17:43 (2 Years ago)

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Posted: Thu, 28/07/2022 19:56 (1 Year ago)
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Posted: Wed, 03/08/2022 05:09 (1 Year ago)
Support, this is a pretty good idea!
just saying, we should also get a birthday option.