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Trainerlevel: 99

Trainerpoints: 20,308/29,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Wobbuffet444260,274 / 592,741
Necrozma382148,126 / 548,649
Ducklett (Retro)264184,844 / 209,881

What's this silly game?

Not all Pokémon are made for Hangman. . .

But Cat is!
credits for image to Mozzie


Daily Goal Tracker!
[700 DP and 600 GGC]

155,184 of 148,400 and 206,925 of 23,000 on 20/02/2024
155,184 of 149,100 and 206,925 of 23,600 on 21/02/2024
155,184 of 149,800 and 206,925 of 24,200 on 22/02/2024
155,184 of 150,500 and 206,925 of 24,800 on 23/02/2024
155,184 of 151,200 and 206,925 of 25,400 on 24/02/2024
155,184 of 151,900 and 206,925 of 26,000 on 25/02/2024
155,184 of 152,600 and 206,925 of 26,600 on 26/02/2024
155,184 of 153,300 and 206,925 of 27,200 on 27/02/2024
155,184 of 154,000 and 206,925 of 27,800 on 28/02/2024
155,184 of 154,700 and 206,925 of 28,400 on 29/02/2024
[bag=Dream Points] of 250,000 on Halloween [31/10/2024]
[bag=GGC] of 200,000 on Christmas [25/12/2024]

Why cannot I Philip?

Shiny Game Corner
Prices [in Ice Gems] -
Shiny Raikou: 467-500 Gems
Shiny Suicune: 533-567 Gems
Shiny Entei: 600-633 Gems
Shiny Manaphy: 633-667 Gems

Non-shinies can also be ordered -
Raikou: 20-33 Gems
Suicune: 40-53 Gems
Entei: 60-80 Gems
Manaphy: 67-100 Gems

Keep in mind -
1. Please be patient; I'll get you your pokémon as quickly as real life permits
2. Mixed offers are allowed, as long as they contain a decent amount of Ice Gems [Pure nugget offers don't require Ice Gems]

Interested? PalPad or PM me!

Current Hunt -
Taavi: Shiny Set
62% - 59,488,966/95,000,000

Shiny Hunt

CatLady is currently hunting Necrozma.
Hunt started: 01/07/2023

Chain: 219


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #357177868
Registration: 01/07/2013 (10 Years ago)
Premium member until 18/Jun/2026
Game Time: 9748:00 Hours
Total interactions: 21,558,401
Money: 15,852,502
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Just read an article about how Europe needs to be more transparent about wages.

It always takes me by surprise that wages aren't public knowledge, because everyone knows a teacher's wages in Belgium. Those have always been public knowledge (':
16 Days ago
So, this'll be my final post about the Research (because I am free!)

As I was waiting for the right Eggies to show up, I actually gathered some information on the Fighting and Electric Eggs.
[aka - the Past is objectively harder than the Future]

You can just ignore it if you're not interested, but I figured someone might be, hence the feed ^^

[I didn't include Dragon, because those are a problem for both. My advice - just skip them (': ]
If you get the Cyclizar task, just run for the hills
1 Month ago
Seemed fitting to finish the Paldea Research with a Ducklett Egg (':

Two more days of frozen radar and then back to the Necrozma Hunt.
Not gonna lie, this break was needed x'D
1 Month ago
I have almost 200 pokémon waiting for the "Evolve x Pokémon from the Lab" quest, because I had to keep scrambling for the first research.

I've had that specific Task once so far (target was 12) and I'm at 800/1000 Points
I'm gonna have to release all those pokémon and they'll have taken up space for absolutely no reason at all x'D
1 Month ago
Got a rare Dragon Egg with 7905 EHPs and I was so excited, until I realised it could also be a Druddigon.

Put an Espurr Egg in my Storage and sure enough, it's a Druddigon :v

For those wondering how this works -
The Egg Storage automatically orders your (future) pokémon by their Dex Number. So a Cubone Egg will be higher in the list than a Tympole Egg.

I got an Espurr from the Tall Grass (so I know it's an Espurr) and the Dragon Egg was higher in the Dex than Espurr.

Considering Espurr is Dex #677 and Cyclizar is #967, it stands to reason that Espurr being the lowest Egg, proves that it's not a Cyclizar hiding in my Egg Storage.

I'm not hatching it quite yet, I might need to hatch some Rare in the future, but it's still a bummer.
1 Month ago
I have stopped looking for Gimmighoul once I had my third, but apparently this one insisted on being found.

I didn't even notice it and I've been on this specific page for at least 5 minutes now x'D
1 Month ago
Paldea Research - Hatch 16 Easy Rarity
The Lab - Rare - Medium - Rare - Hard

Paldea Research - Hatch 4 Rare Rarity
The Lab - Easy - Easy - Easy - Medium

Me : "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
1 Month ago
Finding Fighting 'mon is a lot harder than finding Electric 'mon
1 Month ago
Back in no internet land!
You can still ask questions, but it might take a while for me to answer ^^
1 Month ago
Won't be getting a shiny snail, though I'm kinda glad it didn't happen with the Leopard.

That would've hit hard, missing out on two shiny kitties because of real life back-to-back (':
2 Months ago

[I'm not chaining them, so this is purely on the 'increased shiny chance' for the Event O.o ]
2 Months ago
Got woken up by one of my cats using my foot as a landing zone.
Got a (bleeding) gash across the width of the sole of my foot.

Luckily no plans outside the house today, but still ouch.
2 Months ago
Just spent 5k Fair Tickets on some Newton. Maybe RNG will like me for once (':

(Real life didn't give me the time to grind out 10k Tickets, so fingers crossed for RNG)
2 Months ago
Thank you for all the plushies, wishes and (unexpected) gifts yesterday!
2 Months ago
I have over 1000 bags of Stardust, but the "recommended price" in the Item Market is 750 PD.
Guess I'm selling it to the Item Shop x'D
3 Months ago
Final Stats -
* Got 4562 Sweet Hearts through Interacting
(Maxed out every day)
* Got 438 Sweet Hearts through Plushies
(Spent 9000 DreamPoints - enough for 7 Ho-Oh)
* Sent 100 Valentine Cards
(No messages, sorry (': )
* Almost missed the deadline, because sending those Cards took more time than expected

I'm gonna go to bed (after claiming the event) and not interact for the next century ('x
3 Months ago
Alright, some stats -
1. I'm still crazy, maxing out interactions
2. I'm getting less Sweets each day 😭
3. I currently have half the required Sweets, so hopefully I can keep most of my DreamPoints for Mew or something else you can only do through Plushies
4. I'll be sending out Valentine Cards to everyone that sent me one (and then randoms to hit the goal of 50 Cards)

5. Send help (':
3 Months ago
me : "I'm not breaking my fingers!"
also me : maxed out interactions every day since the Valentine Event started

Why am I like this x'D
3 Months ago
As the idiot person who just clicked 100k after the Kyurem clicking marathon, I have some stats.

I (and possibly you) cannot get the 100 Cards with interactions alone!
I currently have 667 Sweets (of 5000) necessary. Checking in occasionally also showed that the Sweets slowed down the more interactions were done (like PD does). So 1200 interactions gave 15 Sweets, but 2400 Sweets gave 24 Sweets.

You need to get 715 Sweets every day to get the 5000 Sweets necessary to send 100 Cards.

As such, I need to spend Dream Points to get all the Sweets necessary.

[And I'm not going to continue maxing out interactions - I don't want to break my fingers (': ]
3 Months ago
Fun Fair Fun where?

I'm very happy I prepared a bunch of DreamWorld Points for Valentine, because otherwise I would've lost my fingers ('x
3 Months ago

My amber subdomain dwelling

Lurker of Forum
Solver of Hangman

Hi 😸
I'm CatLady, 30 years and living life in Belgium. I've been Moderator since the 25th of November 2015 helping you all have the best time on PokéHeroes possible.
You might've seen me around the “PokéHeroes - General” part of the forum, but you can contact me about pretty much everything. My PalPad and PM-inbox are always open for your questions and your troubles 🐱‍👤
Je kan me ook een berichtje in het Nederlands sturen met vragen of problemen ^^
Tu peux m'aussi envoyer un message en français avec tes questions ou tes problèmes ^^

Do take a look around the Help and Bug/Complaints as well. You never know, someone might've posted an answer in advance

credits for avatar to ~Cookie~
credits for the Eggs go to Kuroo
credits for 'Owner of the Game Center' to Koushi

Owner of the Game Center

A Deep Craving Within Me

Necrozma Renting Service

Tracking List :
TheRockers - All Vinyls - 141 Old Vinyls remaining
Starting Point -

Shiny Articuno

75% - 170,321 out of 225,000 Ice Gems collected

99% - 224,071 out of 225,000 Flying Gems collected

[2 Eggs in Storage]

Shiny Aerodactyl [+ Shiny Mega] => 40/????

Lovely Larvesta ♥ Silly Seel ♥ Lithe Liepard

[Garden Stuff]
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48 Pumkin
24 Drash
12 Eggant

Slow Garden :
55 Pumkin
27 Drash
14 Eggant