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Trainerlevel: 80

Trainerpoints: 7,662/19,279


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Aurora17 / 10
Aurora216 / 24
Aurora12 / 10

What's this silly game?

Not all Pokémon are made for Hangman. . .

But Cat is!
credits for image to Mozzie

Milestones :

Suddenly in the dark

Collector of

Lovely Larvesta ♥ Silly Seel ♥ Lithe Liepard


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Newest gifts
heleablackwood 4 Hours ago
-Destiny- 2 Days ago
-Destiny- 2 Days ago
BLEACHIchigo1 4 Days ago

Why cannot I Philip?

Shiny Game Corner
Prices [in PD and Ice Gems] -
Shiny Raikou: 700k-750k; 467-500 Ice Gems
Shiny Suicune: 800k-850k; 533-567 Ice Gems
Shiny Entei: 900k-950k; 600-633 Ice Gems
Shiny Manaphy: 950k-1mill; 633-667 Ice Gems

Non-shinies can also be ordered -
Raikou: 30k-50k; 20-33 Ice Gems
Suicune: 60k-80k; 40-53 Ice Gems
Entei: 90k-120k; 60-80 Ice Gems
Manaphy: 100k-150k; 67-100 Ice Gems

Keep in mind -
1. 1 Ice Gem = 2 Flying Gems
2. Please be patient; I'll get you your pokémon as quickly as real life permits
3. Mixed offers are allowed, as long as they contain a decent amount of Ice Gems [Pure nugget offers don't require Ice Gems]

Interested? PalPad or PM me!

Current Hunt -
DragonSumedh: Shiny Set
97% - 58,225,108/60,000,000


Game Records

Trainer ID: #357177868
Registration: 01/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 17/Sep/2021
Game Time: 6444:17 Hours
Total interactions: 9,269,292
Money: 4,327,313
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


Prediction -

In about a week I'm gonna start wondering why my premium hasn't run out already.
Yesterday, 12:45
And the Hunt has started!
1 Day ago
Reshiram hatched!
Once I'm back home I'll be getting premium and starting my Aurora hunt!
1 Day ago
Because the number of threads that don't follow the rules keeps growing -

When talking about a badge [or Harvest Sprite], put information in Spoiler-tags

Do not take away the chance for other people who want to figure it out for themselves. You're allowed to ask for help [and to help others] but do so in Spoiler-tags!
1 Day ago
Just once I'd like to be able to buy every possible combination in the Lottery. This inane search for Shiny Lugia (own OT) would finally be over (':
3 Days ago
'Plan of action' that I mentioned yesterday, will commence once I got my Reshiram [as in egg hatched], for those wondering why I'm not premium yet :p

If I don't wait, I'm gonna do something stupid, like start my Aurora chain, only for that Reshiram to break it x'D

[personal growth is knowing your own pitfalls and changing your behaviour accordingly (': ]
4 Days ago
Current plan of action -

1. Get year premium [special edition]
2. Get Aurora Event Pass
3. Panic, because what am I doing to myself, I need this to finish in a month
4. Realize I bought the year premium
5. Calm down
6. Get some more passes [fingers crossed for a Fiesta Larvesta one]
7. Start Nebby Hunt
8. Panic 2.0 [see point 3 for reason]
9. Question how people survive having a year premium
10. Start other important shiny hunts [looking at you, Fossils]
11. Continue gathering Gems for various reasons
5 Days ago
What's the correct answer for Reshiram again???
5 Days ago
Looking for
Bug Gems
Ice Gems
Flying Gems

Purple Feather
[offering Nuggets! PP or PM me to agree to a price]

The Gems are either for my other Articuno Hunt or for a long Caterpie hunt.
I'm also offering Nuggets for the Gems, in case that interests you :3

PP/PM/comment if you have any of these up for trade!

[If you'd like to use those Ice and Flying Gem to save up for your on Articuno, please go through my Trading Shop!]
6 Days ago
What's this? A contest not organized by me??? 🙀

Let your creative juices flow, putting pretty words to awesome computers for our Poetry Writing Contest!
6 Days ago
I think our echoes reached Riako x'D
7 Days ago
[woops, I have another question]

So my Hangman game is strong enough to get both the max amount of Lottery tickets AND my daily goal for my Shiny Beast orders.
[1.5 million Game Chips]

Right now, I'm getting the tickets for my own shiny Lugia, but this will eventually end hopefully.

If I were to offer this service to others, who would be interested and how many gems/nuggets/other items would you pay for it?

How it would work -
Daily payment; you pay before I buy the tickets
You get everything I won, so all the Lugia vouchers [including the shiny one if I got one]
Won Game Chips can be exchanged for Prize Exchange prizes or a discount on the next payment
[discount only applicable if you buy the next day as well; waiting a week and then trying again will be full price]

So, yeah, a simple 'what if' to see if there would be any interest in this ^^
7 Days ago
Should I start the Caterpie hunt once I have enough Gems to spend for that final Galar update [14k] or should I wait for my Gem Goal [40k]?
7 Days ago
me: "I have no PD" D':
the entirety of PH: "Throw all your Gems into the Item Market! Go go go!"

me: "I have PD; I can buy Gems now" : D
the entirety of PH: "Let's hang on to those Gems a little longer. Nobody needs them."

[Disclaimer - I am NOT being serious, I am clearly JOKING]
8 Days ago
me, last night: "Time to get the next Shiny Beast!"
PE: your party is full
me: "Right, I just filled that. Once I wake up, at least one egg should've hatched. I'll get the Beast then."

me, 5 seconds ago: "Why is my party empty??? So weird, time to fill it up."

me, after filling the party : ". . . Right, I wanted a shiny Beast. Good job, Cat, good job."
9 Days ago
Soooooo. . . Apparently the Secret Sword got added to the Speed Click Saturday prize pool.
Why did none of you tell me????
11 Days ago
I get 'Run Away' uncomfortably often in Hangman.
. . . Is it trying to tell me something???
11 Days ago
Looking for
Bug Gems
Ice Gems
Flying Gems

Purple Feather
[offering 300 nuggets per feather!]

The Gems are either for my other Articuno Hunt or for a long Caterpie hunt.
I'm also offering Nuggets for the Gems, in case that interests you :3

PP/PM/comment if you have any of these up for trade!

[If you'd like to use those Ice and Flying Gem to save up for your on Articuno, please go through my Trading Shop!]
13 Days ago
I'm slowly making my way through the Suggestions, getting rid of those final already-implemented and duplicate suggestions.

The things Riako implemented, without realising [or after forgetting] it was suggested, is astounding x'D

Did you know users suggested the Auction House to refund an outbid auction as early as 5 years ago? I didn't!
[I knew it was suggested, but not that it was suggested so long ago]
14 Days ago

My amber subdomain dwelling

Lurker of Forum
Solver of Hangman

Hi 😸
I'm CatLady, 30 years and living life in Belgium. I've been Moderator since the 25th of November 2015 helping you all have the best time on PokéHeroes possible.
You might've seen me around the “PokéHeroes - General” part of the forum, but you can contact me about pretty much everything. My PalPad and PM-inbox are always open for your questions and your troubles 🐱‍👤
Je kan me ook een berichtje in het Nederlands sturen met vragen of problemen ^^
Tu peux m'aussi envoyer un message en français avec tes questions ou tes problèmes ^^

Do take a look around the Help and Bug/Complaints as well. You never know, someone might've posted an answer in advance

credits for avatar to xXStrawberryMangoXx
credits for the Eggs go to Kuroo

Shiny Hunt

CatLady is currently hunting Aurora.
Hunt started: 18/09/2020

Chain: 5

Gradually Watermelon

Shiny Articuno

74,205 out of 250,000 Ice Gems collected - I have reached 29% of my goal!

54,753 out of 250,000 Flying Gems collected - I have reached 21% of my goal!

[2 Eggs in Storage]

Shiny Butterflies

9,707 out of 40,000 Bug Gems collected - I have reached 24% of my goal!

Shiny Aerodactyl => 34/????

[All other Fossils are waiting to be hunted; goal reached]

[Garden Stuff]
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Medium Garden :
48 Pumkin
24 Drash
12 Eggant

Slow Garden :
55 Pumkin
27 Drash
14 Eggant