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Trainerlevel: 78

Trainerpoints: 1,142/18,329


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Toxel241,451 / 1,527
Toxtricity (Low Key)33937 / 3,135
18601 / 1,547

What's this silly game?

Not all Pokémon are made for Hangman. . .

But Cat is!
credits for image to Eskel

Current streak : 2800

Suddenly in the dark

Collector of

Lovely Larvesta ♥ Silly Seel ♥ Lithe Liepard


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Mafia 4 Days ago
articuno13 5 Days ago
Bakugan258 5 Days ago
Narendra-Modi 14 Days ago

Why cannot I Philip?

Shiny Game Corner
Prices [in PD and Ice Gems] -
Shiny Raikou: 700k-750k; 467-500 Ice Gems
Shiny Suicune: 800k-850k; 533-567 Ice Gems
Shiny Entei: 900k-950k; 600-633 Ice Gems
Shiny Manaphy: 950k-1mill; 633-667 Ice Gems

Non-shinies can also be ordered -
Raikou: 30k-50k; 20-33 Ice Gems
Suicune: 60k-80k; 40-53 Ice Gems
Entei: 90k-120k; 60-80 Ice Gems
Manaphy: 100k-150k; 67-100 Ice Gems

Keep in mind -
1. 1 Ice Gem = 2 Flying Gems
2. Please be patient; I'll get you your pokémon as quickly as real life permits
3. Mixed offers are allowed, as long as they contain a decent amount of Ice Gems [Pure nugget offers don't require Ice Gems]

Current Hunt -
BanMido : Shiny Entei, Shiny Raikou, Shiny Manaphy

[43.801.222/80.000.000 - actual amount is higher than displayed, updated whenever I remember ^^' ]


Game Records

Trainer ID: #357177868
Registration: 01/07/2013 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 5907:18 Hours
Total interactions: 8,460,317
Money: 1,101,982
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


. . . Shiny Chikorita (retro)
Great >.>

Can I change you into a shiny Sentret (retro)? Please????
Yesterday, 22:54
Refresher of memory required -
Which Honey gave which evolution again?
2 Days ago
. . . I need a pokémon (to shiny hunt) I can call "Snow Crystal"
[or Yuki no Kurisutaru (Yukuri) to keep with my naming tradition]

Hit me with suggestions!
Or should I keep the name for that shiny Frosmoth I'm gonna hunt eventually?
3 Days ago
As I'm sitting at home and not really supposed to go anywhere, I've been catching up on the anime I started watching years ago.

I swear, Bleach Fillers are the best x'D They put actual effort in the episodes, even if it doesn't add anything to the story (':
4 Days ago
So apparently I just happened upon a page that I didn't actually think was a page. Talk about a great hiding place.

In other news, I got my 20th egg (':
4 Days ago
Stuck at 19 out of 20 eggs.
I don't really mind, because so far I've actually liked the normal version more than the shiny one (':

If I suddenly find it, great! But I'm not gonna actively dug through page after page for it x'D
5 Days ago
. . . Almost 2 hours of pretty much non-stop spinning, using all 146.745 GGC let's look at the results :

Rare Candy - 469
Berries - 13.297
[individual listing in Comments]
Gems - 6695
[Individual listing in Comments]
Pokéballs - 11.366
Game Chips - 844.318
8 Days ago
rubs hands together

Time to pull at the Golden Slots. . . 29349 times x'D
9 Days ago
You know what would be nice?
Having the Forme Changers for the same Pokémon all together, like the Plates (':

It's only the case for the Plates and I really can't think of a reason why it's not for everything else as well ('x
1 Month ago
close feeds, but I don't care


It's soooo pretttyyyyyy ♥

[Characters featured Eloise and Nicolas

Check out Ashley on Istagram, her art is amazing ♥
2 Months ago
Chain: 160
Shinies: 0

. . . Riako, please fix my chain
2 Months ago
Quietly adds a new Galar pokémon to the future Shiny Hunt list

If you've seen the Direct, you'll know which one (':
2 Months ago
Look! I caught a rare shiny keyboard! :o
3 Months ago
Looking for -
Ice Gems
Flying Gems
Nebula Stones

The Following Fossils -
Old Amber [kinda]
Root Fossil
Skull Fossil
Armor Fossil
Cover Fossil
Plume Fossil [!!!!!]
Jaw Fossil
Sail Fossil

PM or PP [or comment] if you're willing to sell any of the above so we can try and agree to a price :3

[Looking for Nuggets instead? Then take a look at my previous feed~]
3 Months ago
Trial Period [so get them while you can] -

For a limited time only, I'll be trading my Nuggets for Ice and/or Flying Gems!

However, as Nuggets are valuable, I'm gonna be strict on how and what.

* I will only trade 50 [or more] Nuggets per trade
* 50 Nuggets = 75 Ice Gems or 150 Flying; you can offer more, but definitely not less
* You can offer both kinds of Gems in one trade; it doesn't need to be only one Gem [so 50 Ice and 50 Flying, for example, will also get you 50 Nuggets]
* These Gems will not count towards your own Articuno

If you don't have enough Gems, you can try to offer any other Gem or item I might need, but I will be very picky.
I'm willing to reserve Nuggets, but only if there's some guarantee that the Gems are coming. If there's no change after a week, they're back up for grabs.

[I'm just testing the waters; if this is a success, I'll probably do this again at a later date and if not, I'll hopefully get at least some extra gems out of it (': ]
3 Months ago
Look at this majesty that my brother and his wife gave me for Christmas

Finally got it on the wall and I love it ♥♥♥♥♥
3 Months ago
Getting a 10000 [10k] streak in Hangman (take 6)
Chain got broken, but I am not giving up! D:<

Welp, I didn't succeed and broke my chain before I got the illustrious 10k streak again, so here I am again. Giving you all the chance to bet against me once again >:"3

Simply give me 1 (one) number, between 1000 and 10000 and the person whose guess is closest to my actual chain when it gets broken, will get 10k ^^

[You are allowed to bet, as long as the chain isn't broken; active feed = allowed to guess]
3 Months ago
Looking for -

Ice Gems
Flying Gems
Nebula Stones
I decided to stop pretending I'm not collecting them

Root Fossil
Armor Fossil
Skull Fossil
Cover Fossil
Plume Fossil [!!!]
Sail Fossil
Jaw Fossil
[Amber Fossil kinda]

Please PM/PP (or comment) if you're willing to sell them (:
5 Months ago
Hear ye, hear ye!

While Halloween is creeping in closer, we like to be prepared for Christmas. The actual event will be posted once the details are hammered out, however there's one detail we'd like the community input for. That would be, the THEME.

As we don't know every possible way to celebrate, we would like your input on possible themes for the Advent Calendar of this year.

How does it work?
Simply comment on this feed or send me a PM with your suggestion(s) for the theme. Do try to suggest themes we haven't already covered to increase the variety (:
After a week, all suggestions will be collected and the most common suggestions are gonna be thrown in a poll for everyone to vote on, the 25th.
After another week, the suggestion with the most votes [in the poll] will be integrated in this year's Advent Calendar Drawing Event (:

So don't hold back, what theme would you like to see in the Advent Calendar Drawing Event? Let me know!
5 Months ago
Alright, I'm trying to get three lists

1. All the blue shinies
2. All the pink shinies
3. All the shinies that don't [or barely] change
8 Months ago

My amber subdomain dwelling

Lurker of Forum
Solver of Hangman

Hi =3
I'm CatLady, 28 years and living life in Belgium. I've been Moderator since the 25th of November 2015 helping you all have the best time on PokéHeroes possible.
You might've seen me around the “PokéHeroes - General” part of the forum, but you can contact me about pretty much everything. My PalPad and PM-inbox are always open for your questions and your troubles ^^
Je kan me ook een berichtje in het Nederlands sturen met vragen of problemen ^^
Tu peux m'aussi envoyer un message en français avec tes questions ou tes problèmes ^^

Do take a look around the Help and Bug/Complaints as well. You never know, someone might've posted an answer in advance

credits for avatar to xXStrawberryMangoXx
credits for the Eggs go to Liirah

Gradually Watermelon

Shiny Articuno

Ice (60781/250000)

Flying (43198/250000)

[2 Eggs in Storage]

Shiny Aerodactyl => 20/????

Shiny Lileep => 39/100 [N]

Shiny Cranidos => 62/100 [N]

Shiny Shieldon => 26/100

Shiny Tirtouga => 50/100

Shiny Tyrunt => 87/100 [N]

Shiny Amaura => 52/100

Current Center Hunt
Shiny Set (minus Suicune) for GetsugaTenshou