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Trainerlevel: 100

Trainerpoints: 11,917/30,099


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lesbian (1st OS)
(Vivillon (Pride))
1,4631,402,883 / 6,425,497
Semper Invictus
6,17198,743,714 / 114,262,237
Ephenia (1st OS)
7,2564,961,566 / 197,462,971
Symphonia (1st OS)
(Tapu Lele)
6,20217,383,098 / 144,266,274
Octavia (1st OS)
(White Kyurem)
6,948104,916,845 / 181,056,196
Sylph (1st OS)
(Shaymin (Sky))
4,72031,909,840 / 80,077,718

Ephenia | 25 | Gray-A Lesbian

• Formerly known as Ribombee •
• Wiki Staff member •
• Pronouns: She/Her •
• Loves Writing & Coding •
• Technical Specialist •
• Digital Artist & Tattooist •

Ephenia's Gem Collection

3,938 Bug Gems
3,965 Electric Gems
9,115 Fighting Gems
5,358 Flying Gems
11,493 Grass Gems
6,141 Ground Gems
5,035 Normal Gems
4,116 Poison Gems
16,387 Rock Gems

4,149 Water Gems
1,138 Dark Gems
1,102 Fire Gems
1,079 Ghost Gems
1,859 Ice Gems
1,211 Psychic Gems
4,201 Steel Gems
249 Dragon Gems
518 Fairy Gems


Pokésona art pieces by Hime-Nyan
Pokésona icon by God~
Staff banner created by imagine
Pokésona sprite in Staff banner by Castalia


Game Records

Trainer ID: #708283049
Registration: 26/09/2017 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Nov/2023
Game Time: 4925:46 Hours
Total interactions: 45,818,581
Money: 104,913,721
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I'm thankful of color in every way! 🌈🏳️‍🌈

Yesterday, 18:50
Been pretty sick and under the weather.

Wish me luck for a speedy recovery! 👍
2 Days ago
I know that I've been lost
The season has come to frost
A cold heart given at no cost
Just another line I've crossed

It washes over me like a wave
That feeling of warmth I crave
Want to let go but I must be brave
There's no other choice but to cave

Through the hail and the sleet
A heart made of concrete
One that love couldn't defeat
You could never feel a heartbeat

It takes you piece by piece
Until you finally feel at peace
You'll be warm like a Winter fleece
Love will live on and never cease
6 Days ago
8 Days ago
Here's a trend that people may like. Confess 3 things that you may not want your PokéHeroes peers to know. Preferably things you would be shy or embarrassed about.

1. I would love to match Avatars with someone, not just someone, but a special someone. I do get jealous when I see people who match avatars, and well I haven't really got to experience love like that throughout all of my years here with anyone. I've always been rather lonely and not so happy like that.

2. I really don't feel like I fit in as much as I try to anyway with still being myself while still conforming to PH standards. It's probably the toughest obstacle for me considering how different that I can be. I know some may see this as being very apparent with me considering my past. I do try the best that I can.

3. I always used to view back anyone who would visit my profile. This is something I started to do less of as time went on and I've got more busy, but I always loved to do this is my early days of being here.
10 Days ago
I'll join on the train too!

Comment an assumption about me and I'll either confirm or deny it.
11 Days ago
Alright, I'm going to start putting stuff in the comments in regards to my last feed. I'm going to try and cover as much as I can and it may take me a while so be sure to check back, but hopefully you guys like what I have to give.
12 Days ago
Since I know there's more talk about Newbie Mentoring in recent events (congrats again to those 3!), and there may be more interest for people wanting to do it now than before in time.

Would anyone like some tips and learn how you can be a better Newbie Mentor from myself? I've been doing it very actively since the day it had got released and it's been over 2 years for me now. Almost at 4k points which is 40% of Level 6 (Max Level Newbie Mentor).

Just like/comment if you're interested though so I know.
12 Days ago
Reptar Bar 🦖
15 Days ago
Maybe someone else could use this, but here you go.

I was just starting to get motivated again and I was feeling great about things. But, you see, there has been some unforeseeable events that had happened recently. I lost someone near and dear in my life. Believe me, it's already been hard for me not to act out and hold myself back as I feel part of my life is missing now.

Losses and grieving about things, it's hard. Just know no matter whatever it may be, remember that everything will be okay. I will say by all means do whatever you can do to cope if you know that it makes you feel better instead of worse that wouldn't concern safety. Personally, I will say that I tend to resort to attention seeking somewhat when it comes to times like these, but I honestly don't got any shame for that. We all can get lonely and it's only in our nature. Just know that it's okay and always will be. Things will get better and just know that your life has so much meaning and is so valuable in itself.
15 Days ago
Still wondering when what I presume to be the last Hangman word will be found.
16 Days ago
I'm going to start removing people off friendlist who use the visible to frienslist option for private trades. The notification added for them recently is great, but the abuse for it is far too great as well.
22 Days ago
The type of person to speed through a yellow light instead of yielding.
23 Days ago
Nothing more satisfying than a wall of Legendary plushie spam it's totally worth 10 days of grinding! 😍
25 Days ago
Trainerlevel 100 finally reached! 💯
28 Days ago
1 Month ago
Here's a 2020 Trick or Treat Clicklist if you need one:

If you aren't listed, write in the comments what you're afraid of and I'll add you to it (that's if you don't want to post on the thread or I haven't found you already).
1 Month ago
Send me a Witch Vulpix plushie, and I'll send you one back.

Accepting multiple plushies.
1 Month ago


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