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Trainerlevel: 98

Trainerpoints: 3,518/28,909


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Semper Invictus
4,77554,583,320 / 68,416,201
Ephenia (1st OS)
6,014101,328,064 / 135,653,289
Symphonia (1st OS)
(Tapu Lele)
5,11793,110,628 / 98,208,024
Octavia (1st OS)
(White Kyurem)
5,82123,067,456 / 127,086,984
Sylph (1st OS)
(Shaymin (Sky))
3,53822,789,898 / 44,969,481
(Mega Gardevoir)
5,70732,069,200 / 122,158,336

Ephenia | 25 | Gray-A Lesbian

• Formerly known as Ribombee •
• Wiki Staff member •
• Pronouns: She/Her •
• Loves Writing & Coding •
• Technical Specialist •
• Digital Artist & Tattooist •


Yeah, my wrist so cold and my ice on froze
And it's all for you
Yeah, my ice so cold and my wrist on froze
Yeah it's all for you
Yeah, my wrist so cold and my ice on froze
Yeah, I'd die for you
And my ice so cold and my wrist on froze
Yeah, I'd die for you

Pokésona art by Hime-Nyan
Banners created by imagine
Pokésona sprite in banners by Castalia

These banners ↓



Game Records

Trainer ID: #708283049
Registration: 26/09/2017 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Nov/2022
Game Time: 4274:46 Hours
Total interactions: 42,292,154
Money: 127,942,449
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


seeing 4x leave is like seeing a girl leave that you may never see again 😭
Today, 00:01
Yesterday, 22:05
clicklists kept dying especially the newest adoptions one the most RIP
Yesterday, 20:16
9+ more likes, I'm giving it a full 24 hours until I come to the decision to make the suggestion and put the effort into it.

I'll put some details in the comments to give a better idea of this since I keep being asked about it. If you have any questions or want to discuss it, then that's fine too.
Yesterday, 17:41
I'm done for the night and need sleep I've had too long of a day today it seems

Stay safe and Happy 4th of July
Yesterday, 10:50
I'll set the bar at 50+ likes on my last feed to start working on it. It's going to take quite a while to write and code all the visuals for the presentation, so I want to make sure it's something people really want and it's worthwhile.
Yesterday, 01:12
❤️ this feed if you think Premium users should be able to upload and use custom emojis!

I'll work on a nice suggestion for it depending on the feedback
1 Day ago
I didn't hear what you say 👂
Probably because I'm gay 🏳️‍🌈
You should say it loud 📣
Do it and make me proud 😁
Why is it still very silent 🔇
Who cares cuz my colors are vibrant 🌈
1 Day ago
Know your worth, never be afraid to walk away 🚶
It's their loss not yours, save those tears for another day 😢
You will find love, maybe not today but someday 📅
Keep working hard and do you, those thoughts will go away ✈️
Get good nights of rest, in that comfy bed you lay 🛏️
Stuck having dreams, you dream of love but it's not the way 😴
You wake up to work one day, and you know it's payday 💰
Before you walk away off to work, a hand grabs yours...

Wanting you to stay 👭
2 Days ago
Suggestion got locked since it was already suggested, so go support this one instead if you supported mine!

Thank you!
2 Days ago
📜 [UPDATE] 📜
The project Hangman Helper v2 had just received a pretty big update! Letter filtering to filter out possible words is now possible to make finding a possible word even easier than before! Big shoutout to -Max for making this possible so soon with his coding. He is the real MVP for this filter so go show him some appreciation if you can! 👑❤️

I'm very happy with how well this project is going, as well as with those who have contributed new words and improving the Helper in any way possible. It's really wonderful to see the community come together to work on something very fun and enjoyable. Even those who weren't so interested in Hangman before (like myself), but now are. It surely is heart warming and it motivates me to keep working on more things, sticking around with you all, and doing my best! 🥰
3 Days ago
tfw waiting for your suggestion to get approved or rejected is like waiting to see if your crush will approve or reject you when you ask them out 🥺👉👈
3 Days ago
Did GGC gain actually get nerfed due to the DW Shop update with the gems?

I mean... how does that really make any sense? This also isn't the first time the Golden Slot gets nerfed or these balance changes without any mention/transparency of it in Minor Updates or anything of the like.

I just don't see the point of it if you want my opinion on the matter because:

1. Not all people who interact would be bothering with the Dream World Shop after this update/they don't care for collecting Dream Points entirely
2. Not everyone who collects Dream Points will be gathering their Dream Points solely from interacting or choose to do so with other available tasks
3. In addition to point 2 Dream Points are even cheaper in Nuggets now, which means people will be more inclined to buy them with nuggets (or people who donate and spend money for Nuggets)
4. Interacting just has even a less incentive to do now since GGC gain is decreased, it also affects Golden Slot as a whole not just PLUS gems
3 Days ago
3 Days ago
4 Days ago
I miss being able to collect Dream Points easily and mass spam plushies 😭
4 Days ago
You'll need more than just dynamax crystals to gigantamax me 😤
4 Days ago
Too many 🐝

I feel like I may BEE allergic hahaha
4 Days ago
lag bad
4 Days ago
Guess who's favorite friend is back 🐟
4 Days ago


Ribombee plushies pls thnx

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