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Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Forum-Index News Easter Egg Hunt 2018
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:00 (1 Year ago)
Special Event Rule:
You are not allowed to spoil the Easter Egg Locations to other players!

Bunnelby's Easter Egg Event

Cute Bunnelby were seen hopping around in Emera Town: They carry fancy colored eggs with them, which they hide carefully in all different spots!
It's Easter Week - and as it's tradition in this town, not only children search for Easter Eggs, but also motivated Pokémon Trainers! As everyone knows, when you collect enough Easter Eggs, you receive a special Event Item and when you find even more eggs, you get a brandnew Event Pokémon!.

Our great community created 20 beautiful Easter Eggs in an exciting Spriting contest during the last few weeks. The winner eggs have now been hidden on PokéHeroes, and you have to find them (click on them)!
They can be anywhere: In your settings, in town, in the forums*, hidden in old news... everywhere**! Userprofiles are excluded, so don't fall for trolls in 'About Me's!
Just like last year, the locations vary for every trainer. There are over 130 different locations this year - and every trainer has 20 randomly*** selected locations from that pool.
However, the eggs are obviously still static for you in their location. For example, when one of your easter egg locations is the Daycare, it will always stay there until you find it. It will not move around or (dis)appear randomly.

* If one of your eggs is hidden in a forum thread, then you find the egg in every thread and on every page of it. They are never bound to a specific thread. Therefore if you don't find any egg in this news thread, you will not find an egg in any other forum thread.
** Trainerlevel 15 may be required to access all possible locations. You may also need special items that unlock certain areas, such as the PokéRadar or the Egg Radar. Premium membership is not required.
*** To have a fair event, the randomize algorithm considers location difficulties in its calculation. That means that it's not possible for a user to have 15 "easy" locations while someone else has 15 "hard" locations. The algorithm tries to balance the difficulty as best as possible.

This graphic illustrates where the eggs can be hidden on the page: Egg Areas.
They can all be found on small screens, as well as on mobile devices.

Event Prizes:
After finding twelve eggs, you receive an Event Item.
After finding eighteen eggs, you receive a brandnew Event Pokémon!
It will be possible to claim your rewards on April 2nd (and it will remain possible to claim them for two weeks).

Event Rule:
Even though the locations are random for every player, you are still not allowed to spoil any location anywhere on PokéHeroes! Telling someone where you found an egg will lead to a disqualification from this event.
When you see someone asking for help/hints, do not answer them as you are only risking your own participation in this event!

Special Event Rule:
You are not allowed to spoil the Easter Egg Locations to other players!

Enjoy and happy holidays!
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:01 (1 Year ago)

It's Ladybug, the lucky charm! The magic is on, always so strong!
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:03 (1 Year ago)
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:03 (1 Year ago)
i pray i actually find all 20 lmfao

anyway,, the eggs look really cool this year!! great job to everyone whose eggs made it
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:03 (1 Year ago)
This year im so motivated to get them all
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:04 (1 Year ago)
hopefully my eggs arent on nonexistant pages this year lol
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:05 (1 Year ago)
My first easter on here! So excited!
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:06 (1 Year ago)
Wish me luck XD
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:06 (1 Year ago)
"After finding twelce eggs..."
A new number!

Anyway, good luck everyone~

By Menxi.
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:07 (1 Year ago)
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:07 (1 Year ago)
Best of luck to all!

I found 18/20.....I’m fine with that

Dream Team:

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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:09 (1 Year ago)
Oh yay! Good luck egg hunting all!

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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:10 (1 Year ago)
Good luck to everyone, and don’t forget to have fun!

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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:11 (1 Year ago)
do we still have to zoom out on specific pages? or has that been fixed?

ignore this
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:12 (1 Year ago)
Are they on the battle pages? Since the rings aren't?
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:20 (1 Year ago)
Ah, this will be fun!

|| 刀剣乱舞 ||

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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:21 (1 Year ago)
Congrats to all the winners!! Lets all enjoy our time hunting those elusive eggs!
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:22 (1 Year ago)
good luck everyone!!
previously gelatinpuff :]
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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:24 (1 Year ago)
Congrats all winners!

Can I request a little gimmick?
How about a counter to see if we already found all eggs?
Because some of the eggs have SUCH LIGHT COLOURS like the beautiful last one in row.
I wasn't so sure if I already have that lol

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Posted: Sun, 25/03/2018 00:26 (1 Year ago)
Im excited yay!
S.a.o for life!