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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 7,307/10,859


This user's party is empty.

Shiny/Mega Able Slots

Hunts are currently suspended, due to a personal hunt, and not enough time.

Shiny/Mega Able Hunt Slots.
Shiny Sandshrew. 200,000 PD each
1: ~Open~
2: ~Open~
3: ~Open~

shiny Nidoran (F). 130,000 PD each
2: DigiKota
3: DigiKota

Shiny Nidoran (M). 130,000 PD each
1: ~Open~
2: ~Open~
3: ~Open~

Shiny Jigglypuff. 20,000 PD each
1: Hmmh
2: Hmmh
3: Hmmh

Shiny Clefairy. 50,000 PD each
1: ~Open~
2: ~Open~
3: ~Open~
Shiny Zubat. 40,000 PD each
1: ~Open~
2: ~Open~
3: ~Open~
Shiny Oddish. 40,000 PD each
1: ~Open~
2: ~Open~
3: ~Open~

Current Hunt: Sandshrew
pal pad me if interested
some hunts can be extended, due to how many people want it.
also willing to take payments in some gems
Pal Pad me your order. PD is required at time of transaction.

Gems/exchange rate:
fire= 900 PD each
electric= 900 PD each
ice- 900 PD each
flying= 700 PD each
normal= 1,000 PD each

these are the only gems I am currently collecting

Shiny Hunt

Professor*Acacia is currently hunting Oddish.
Hunt started: 12/11/2021

Chain: 14

About Me

Avi by one of my best friends, Argentis

Electric gems
Flying gems
Normal gems
Ice gems
and Fire gems
Pal pad me

~~Please Read~~~
~ Do not send me Pal Pads with just "hi" or "what's up" I won't answer them.
~ Do not Ask me about anything that is not in my UFT box. this includes shinies, Mega ables, or events.
~ Do not get upset with me once you realize I'm not nice.
~ Just because i'm on, doesn't mean i feel like talking.
~ If I have you on my block list, you did something to get there. Don't have people message me asking. I will just ignore or block them, also.
~ If I have you blocked, or vice versa, you can't enter into my raffles/lotteries.
~ I use real money to buy my nuggets!!! I reserve the rights to increase or decrease the price of them I see fit!! Do not ask me to reduce the price for you!!!
~My Private Message Box is for speaking to any mentees I accept and speaking to Mods, Nothing else. If you aren't one of my mentees or a mod, I will IGNORE you


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Argentis 1 Year ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #842374895
Registration: 02/07/2016 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 982:01 Hours
Total interactions: 863,775
Money: 302,651
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


i know i haven't been active here in forever
but if anyone ever wants to talk or game or something, add me on Discord: NorinTheElf#9289
1 Year ago
this use to be one of my favorite games, but then I got super busy with life and now i feel bad, becuse I love this game
1 Year ago
Adding new friends via mobile is a pain
2 Years ago
1 Light Stone
1 Ultra Saddle
4 Nebula Stones
2 Sky Pillar map

Message if interested
2 Years ago
I"m selling 4 nebula stones and an ultra saddle

message me if interested
2 Years ago
my coworkers got my art supplies for my birthday
i adore them so much
2 Years ago
what's new since i've been gone?
2 Years ago
hey guys
long time no see
2 Years ago
my boyfriend got into a small accident yesterday, because of the snow
2 Years ago
going live!!
2 Years ago
me: I don't like Technoblade

also me: *proceeds to draw fanart of technoblade* not at all.
2 Years ago
my new job and coworkers and are seriously amazing

I had to leave early yesterday, due to bad anxiety.

when I went in today, our manager called me into his office. I expected to be reprimanded and told that I can't be letting my anxiety get the best of me or get in the way of the job (I've had a manager do that to me before)
Instead, he asked me how I was feeling (the answer was: I honestly don't know. and that I had had an anxiety attack before even getting into my car and debated calling off) and told me how proud he was that I came in, and that by coming in, despite wanting to call off is AMAZING.
he then offered to allow me to drive my own car to the field, so I could leave early, again, without needing to wait on someone. I was worried, because I didn't have much gas in my car, nor did I have money.
he said not to worry and actually GAVE ME $20 TO PUT IN MY CAR. Which I did.
I don't feel like a burden, and my leads are so supportive and kind and patient and understanding.
3 Years ago
staying over at my boyfriend's grandma's
3 Years ago
i just binged Beastars
3 Years ago

as a reminder:
- if you click on the pokemon it'll tell you it's a mega right beside its name
- the mega symbol is COLOURED

I will be reporting everyone who's pathetic enough to try doing this scam. I'm literally going through the AH right now and reporting them
3 Years ago

as a reminder:
- if you click on the pokemon it'll tell you it's a mega right beside its name
- the mega symbol is COLOURED

I will be reporting everyone who's pathetic enough to try doing this scam. I'm literally going through the AH right now and reporting them
3 Years ago
doing a quick clean up of my friends list
3 Years ago
i was gone for a while

how tf do you gigamax something?
I have one of the items? or the item? Idk. i have the Dynamax Crystal
i want the butterfree gigamax
3 Years ago



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my face when people ask for anything that's not in my UFT/UFS box