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Trainerlevel: 68

Trainerpoints: 10,095/13,939


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
•° Gyutaro °•
(Zygarde (10% Forme))
9313,066,302 / 3,253,846
°• Daki •°
(Mega Aggron)
885878,122 / 2,940,414
5,41570,887,725 / 109,978,651

ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʀᴇᴀᴄʜ ᴏᴜᴛ
~ Don't send me a simple "Hi" and expect me to react. Please state directly what you want from me.

~ If you happen to have landed on my blocklist, just accept that. I've got my reasons and am not responsible to explain them.

~ I'm currently feeling anti social, so please don't reach out if I don't already know you.

- your friendly neighborhood broccoli . . .
. . .

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Shiny Hunt

Gyutaro is currently hunting Cyndaquil.
Hunt started: 11/06/2022

Chain: 431
17 5 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #188533160
Registration: 24/04/2016 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Jul/2023
Game Time: 2566:16 Hours
Total interactions: 2,180,090
Money: 624,939
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Interaction exchange? Daycare is overflowing owo
Today, 12:38
Haikyuu is one of the few anime of which I love most of the characters (with a few exceptions like Oikawa, lmao) and I honestly can't pick my one favorite character at all ;w; <3
2 Days ago
POV: You play Scarlet/Violet with me, and we encounter a new Pokémon

"OH, I saw that in a leak!"
7 Days ago
So I've become a plant mother a week ago, (I'm a horrible plant mother, I'm sorry ;_;) and this video sums it up well. I'm sorry, my child q-q
7 Days ago
Ok, so baeboy Mozzie bought me Violet (ahhhhh still can't get over this ;OOO; I don't deserve you <3) and we wanted to play the story together. He keeps having to wait for me, because I'm taking my sweet, sweet time and I've found Houndours uwu
9 Days ago
Really hope I won't be seeing any spoilers of the new Pokémon games until christmas ;w; I won't be able to play it myself by then vet fees are so hefty, ouch
10 Days ago
Guess whaaat! Matching Icons with my guy Mozzie uwu 💜

those are our twin brothers Dominik and Ethan, donut stealz!

Mr. Brokkoli Gyutaro is taking a break, but will come back <3
11 Days ago
.... IV's....?

*heavy war-like flashbacks to my competitive breeding & battling time in OR/AS and all the frustration that came from the breeding aspect*

... oh, no...
11 Days ago
Starting a petition to make dogs and cats in Genshin Impact interact-able ;; I wanna pet all the good bois and girls and the kitties or throw a ball for them <3 Like, they're staring at me like they wanna be my best friend... why can't I at least pet them? ._.
18 Days ago
how do I always find the anime with the longest names to watch xD but this one's cute, I'll enjoy every bit of it for sure (,,´w`,,)
1 Month ago
I am eccentric o(,, ;7; ,,)o
(tldr: I just pulled a wanted character in Genshin Impact and am happy about this xD)

I started Genshin Impact like a week ago (and I'm a bit obsessed tbh) because my TikTok FYP was full of it. I pretty much just got into the game for Itto (my beloved) but I also really wanted to get a few more characters that I loved from the TikToks, which are Beidou, Tighnari and Diluc. Yesterday I pulled Beidou and was already happy, but just now I got Tighnari from the standard wish thingy (first pull too, wa) and omg. I dunno how rare that is and I don't really care. I'm just so happy to get the sweet fox boi! 💚
I only need enough luck to get my beloved Oni-Goof and grumpy redhead in the future! <3
1 Month ago
Not me at work coding a whole website dedicated to cheesecake :'3
1 Month ago
So today I got reminded again how horrible I am at face-to-face social interactions... I... I have a staring problem..

When I listen intensively to someone (because they explain something to me, for example) I STARE into their soul because I'm so busy listening. But when I realize that I'm staring I get so busy trying not to stare that I forget to listen. Wth is wrong with me.
1 Month ago
[ PWYW Commis ]

Now offering PWYW Commissions to reach my Nugget goal!
Will currently offer Icons and Halfbodies that are all simply shaded like so.

I will draw anything that is feral or anthropomorphic (Pokémon included!) and is not a bird or a reptile.

All you have to do is comment below with
•one character (or two if interacting),
Please do not give me a selection of characters to choose from ;w;
• if you want an Icon or a Halfbody and
• the price you're willing to pay!

I will choose what to draw by the character given, so feel free to offer whatever amount! You can also offer PD instead of Nuggets, but I do prefer Nuggets (,, ow= ,,)~☆
1 Month ago
so, uh, I kinda wanna offer art because I wanna reach the 8k Nuggets to get a year premium (and want more things to draw in my free time). But...
1. I don't know how high the demand for art is right now
2. I'm currently super frustrated with the way I shade my drawings
3. I don't know how to price my art to keep it reasonable
4. Not sure if I can pump out art as regularly as I'd want

Sooo, would anyone be interested in some simple-shaded art of their character(s) on a PWYW basis? Like something like this?

I'd offer anything from sketches to Icons to fully-lined halfbodies (no Fullbodies because legs r bad). I'd do two-character-interactions or stuff your character in a halloween costume if you'd like! please I'm desperate xD
1 Month ago
Thoughts on the new Pokémon S/V trailer in the comments!
1 Month ago
Evolving an Eevee in any Pokémon Game still gives me anxiety. The trust issues I have gotten from it by getting the wrong eeveelution... are eating away at me, lmao xD it left scars..
(even though it has gotten a lot more straight forward over the years)
1 Month ago
Not me completing the interaction tasks for the event every hour and forgetting to claim the DP ( •_• )

lowkey wish there was a pop-up notif that says "Ayo, you completed a DW Task, go collect your DP before the hour resets, you scatterbrain!"
1 Month ago
I wish there was a program out there that would shade my drawings for me xD but like, in my style xD
I keep forgetting how to do it after a while of not drawing and it's annoying ;w;
2 Months ago
stolen from ~Riko~ <3

A mysterious 🥦 BROccoli 🥦 has appeared! What will you do?

[Fight] | [Bag] <
[Pokémon] | [Run]

Which Pokéball will you use? :3c
2 Months ago

Jade | she/her | 20s
Lycanroc & Houndoom enthusiast
professional hourglass BROccoli

• self-taught artist from Germany
• 24/7 tired, stressed and probably busy
• usually friendly unless you give me a reason not to be