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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 22:24 (8 Years ago)
I believe I might be confused. So, you're saying you want a wonder trade just for event Pokemon? So I put in an event and get an event back, I believe, and the prize if obtained would just be a regular Ho-Oh?

I see where you're coming from, but at least to me there aren't enough people willing to trade event Pokemon on a whim. They're not too easy to get, as in you have to interact or play games or whatever else the event Pokemon needs to be obtained or buy one in the mall for tickets which again aren't so easy to obtain. I've seen people trade events for events before don't get me wrong but not in a mass scale like shinnies or normal Pokemon. So if anything this might not even be used.

Also at the risk of getting an event Pokemon you don't want, already have, or just traded seems a big risk. Most I'd see people using this would be shiny hunters of event Pokemon and that's it. Not a lot of people at one time.

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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 22:13 (8 Years ago)
As much as I'd like to support an idea to make users more comfortable it's hard to support this.

Filtering certain words that we consider swear words: who is to say what a swear is and isn't? Some people consider Hell a swear word, do we censor it? Who decides? Some countries and languages have different tolerances and some ages have different tolerances too. Some body part words aren't swears in some places so who do we go by? Now I know the rules say no swearing but let's be honest we've seen enough feeds of people swearing, and people "swearing" in this very thread, and we can't have mods just staring at the notifications and forums waiting to remind someone not to swear. It's going to happen, and if people really want to swear there is nothing stoping someone from putting a "1" instead of an "i" or a "û" instead of an "u" to get passed some sort of automatic censor. So now instead of just regular spelled swear words you have that, doesn't fix the situation.

Also the trigger part of it. What if someone's pet passed away and suddenly they're triggered by people who talk about their dog or cat or pet fish and it makes them emotional or sad? What if someone is triggered by someone saying they're angry or they're depressed or they're mad at their parents because it reminds the user of something in their life that was a horrible event? Do we censor what we might consider offensive or triggering? Sure people could do it manually as you suggested but that to me sounds like it would lead to confusion. A post might say "hey I want a Pokemon of this type, gender doesn't matter." Now someone had "gender" under their trigger filter. To avoid reading about gender posts. They see the post and go "what?" Now if they're interested in what it is they have to go and unblock their words to see which word it was. If anything this seems more confusing.

If a post is so bad you feel it hurts you emotionally or offends you, I say talk to the person and say it's offense and if you two can't work it out then report it. Just try and solve the problem yourselves first because some people don't even mean to be offensive.

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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 21:58 (8 Years ago)
Quote from Suggestion GuideYou shouldn't have several suggestions that have nothing to do with one another in the same thread, because if one is implemented and another is rejected, there is some confusion regarding the placement of the thread when people are reading it after the fact. If the ideas are similar or cover the same topic, it makes sense to have them in the same thread, but otherwise, they should be separated.

Just for future reference as the redo past events has nothing to do with your rumbling suggestions.

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Posted: Mon, 14/09/2015 17:05 (8 Years ago)
Support. I even saw not too long ago someone asked where they could trade without relying simply on the honesty of strangers. I've seen too many people ripped off and reported for bad deals. If anything, this could save some stress and frustration just by making that thread more visible for all to see.

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Posted: Mon, 14/09/2015 02:00 (8 Years ago)
No support. There are too many Pokemon, that list ever growing usually with every new Pokemon game that comes out, so would we have a list that's 700+ Pokemon long? From the strongest weedle to the strongest pumpkaboo. I suppose a drop down list would help conserve space but even then, the strongest of every single one? And not even just the strongest but the top ten of one Pokemon?

I'm fine with just the strongest general Pokemon, this type of suggestion just seems like a way for more people to get some sort of award easier.

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Posted: Mon, 14/09/2015 00:12 (8 Years ago)
The idea of being able to see or search for items in the Auction House has been suggested before. Perhaps this thread incorporates the idea of it being visible and being able to search for it into one post? It was the earliest I could find at least suggesting an idea like this.

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Posted: Mon, 14/09/2015 00:03 (8 Years ago)
Suggested here I believe it is the same premise of wanting a notification when you hatch a mega Pokemon while hunting for one.

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Posted: Sat, 12/09/2015 13:12 (8 Years ago)
No support. How is putting a number next to a person's name different than a palpad notification? Or a PM envelope showing up? If anything how it is is better since the notifications follow you no matter what page you're on. Having a number next to someone's name means you'd have to stumble on their name, I'm guessing on their page (?), and see it without noticing the notifications already present.

Also would this number be next to people on forum posts too whenever their name shows up? In the notification feeds? Anywhere their name shows up? Sounds cluttered to me.

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Posted: Fri, 11/09/2015 18:34 (8 Years ago)
Basically as Nessy said: if you want to get eggs faster by seeing what their species is then buy premium.

I understand this whole concept of "everyone deserves a fair chance" but how is it fair or profitable for someone who spent 20$ on premium has the same perks as someone who hasn't? It's not. And if we do this then what's to stop negating other premium benefits as well? Just to make it so "everyone has a fair chance?" Besides, getting decent eggs in the lab with everyone having the same chances doesn't guarantee you'll get better eggs. You'll still be competing with every lab hunter on site, this doesn't solve your problem. There are other ways to get the eggs you need other than the lab so no need to change it.

No support.

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Posted: Thu, 10/09/2015 16:04 (8 Years ago)
This was already suggested here.

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Posted: Wed, 09/09/2015 20:56 (8 Years ago)
I thought of this before when mega Pokemon were beginning to become more common, at least certain species, and how it'd be a way to trade them.

However doing it by wonder trade I don't think many people would do. Wonder trade is a way, I feel, to get rid of a bulk of Pokemon at once. For example, getting rid of Pokemon and their evolutions from past shiny hunts. Chances are, not many people will have a bulk of different mega Pokemon, at least not a bulk they're willing to get rid of.

All I imagine are a ton of mega Blaziken being traded back and forth, as a lot of people have the mega evolved version of it, and not much else. Mega Pokemon are better off being traded and viewed in the Global Trade Station, to verify if they really want to exchange their mega for the one offered.

As for stones, why would you wonder trade a mega stone for a mega stone? You're still left with one mega stone. So I don't understand the benefit there unless I'm not understanding that part of the suggestion.

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Posted: Fri, 19/09/2014 18:24 (9 Years ago)
No support. (I also think your percentages are wrong. You don't have a 97.5% change to get a shiny. That's the percentage you have of not getting a shiny and I assume you would want that percentage to decrease) Some hunts are simply unlucky, it isn't that the change should increase because of it, just means it's a challenge. If every 40 Pokemon resulted in a .5 jump in the percentages then it would be too easy.

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Posted: Fri, 19/09/2014 16:45 (9 Years ago)
Quote from Book@Doop. Then, what is a more "fair" way of instantly buying Pokemon? Doubling the price is nothing, because a lot of people have more than 500k, and tripling the price is kind of odd. I really think quadrupling the price is the most "fair" way of insta-buying.

You know what's an even more fair way of instantly buying something? Buying it from the GTS trade thread :/ it might just be me but I still don't understand how this suggestion does more than make people spend more money than need be. Why would I spend four times more than necessary when I can just buy off of someone in GTS? And why would I set up an auction with instant buy when I could just instantly sell my Pokemon normally?

Either I don't understand or this idea doesn't appeal to me. So no support unless I'm missing something.

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Posted: Fri, 19/09/2014 15:46 (9 Years ago)
Quote from LilwanIt WOULD be easy since no NPC is trying to compete with us

keep in mind there are over a thousand active members on PH, many of which could be trying to get in the rank list. So, having that many members gathering up Pokemon and some even hoarding them to get in that top ten shouldn't be disregarded. The rank lists were plenty challenging before NPCs showed up, and always have been. The addition of one NPC doesn't add to the difficulty suddenly, it just makes it unfair how other users do the work and one NPC takes in the reward from it.

Quote from LilwanYES, it would be unfair but it would be fun and challneging

So far I'd say the majority of us disagree, and since you don't compete on the rank list how can you say it is fun and challenging? If anything you could say you wouldn't be effected by this, which is understandable. But, those of us who are effected, might have a different view. People on the ranklist might disagree, and say that their work is now thrown down a rank because a computer asked users to hatch his eggs and return them. Let's not confuse cheating with challenging. No way is it fun, in my opinion, to be beaten by a computer in terms of who is best. I would not feel excited and thrilled that every time prof. Rowan issues out a "hatch some amount of eggs for me would you? For a golden Pokéball" I have to try to hatch as many things as I can to keep up. At least with real users you feel you have a chance, and considering Prof. Rowan hasn't even been here that long, and the members you see towards the top have, I'd say he'll be at the top by the end of the year and then who finds it fun at that point?

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Posted: Fri, 19/09/2014 15:22 (9 Years ago)
I support.

Prof. Rowan adds no difficulty to the rank list, you still need to reach the thousands just to even hope to be on there, he's just one slot and did nothing to "earn" it.

The NPC has a point: bringing in challenges from the lab so you can get a golden Pokéball, the NPC is a character well established on PH for providing eggs from the lab for us to hatch. So, taking away his ability to rank isn't going to take away any meaning he has or any point he has.

So, no I wouldn't say having an NPC have others hatch his eggs and return them to him adds to the difficulty of the rank list. Considering how often I'm sure these quests pop up to hatch and return his eggs, eventually he'll be at the top again because of work other users did. Where's the challenge in that? Rowan could hatch 24 eggs practically at the same time of any Pokemon he chooses by giving them to users, while others actually on the rank list can only hatch six at a time.

NPC don't need to be on the rank list, PH has enough members on it who would gladly take the spot in the top ten instead of a computer.

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Posted: Thu, 18/09/2014 17:09 (9 Years ago)
Or you could just sell your shiny for 500K to someone? That'd be rather instantaneous.

And if you want a speedy auction, make one in GTS, people tend to see that and make posts with offers quicker than in auction house (considering snipers and the wait time)

So no support.

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Posted: Thu, 18/09/2014 15:53 (9 Years ago)
Shadow_Koin accepted.

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Posted: Wed, 17/09/2014 15:10 (9 Years ago)
Oh, so it would show when something was edited.

Okay, but if it doesn't show what was edited, then what's the point? It might as well not say it was edited at all, because if all this would do is say (edited 20 minutes ago) and that's your first time seeing the post you wouldn't know what was edited. It could have been a typo, a change in a member list for clubs, an addition of a sprite for art threads, things like that.

And any major edits that take place, most people usually put "EDIT:" and what they want to say after that. Kind of a manual way to do this. Since it doesn't matter when the person edited the post, it's more what they edited that matters.

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Posted: Tue, 16/09/2014 19:45 (9 Years ago)
Um, I think I understand this suggestion?

Basically you want, when someone edits a post, for it to say "edited"?

I don't fully understand why though, your example didn't make sense to me. I don't know how this would be helpful, it's not like you'd get a notification every time someone edits their post so if you do happen to look back and see it changed can't you see it's been edited?

And if someone is editing their posts to be completely unrelated to the main topic, where you said the main post was edited and therefore different than the topic (I think), then it's probably an obvious edit right? I guess it's for new people who look and see the edit thinking it was the original, not an edited version, but people shouldn't probably be editing main posts to be completely different than the main topic just to have people comment and then change the topic.

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Posted: Tue, 16/09/2014 02:04 (9 Years ago)
Quote from RiakoNo offense, ptong, but lately you have been suggesting many different ideas - and the majority of our users don't seem to appreciate these suggestions. Most of these got negative rating and have already been rejected.
I'd recommend you to take a break from making more and more suggesting - and enjoy the current features that we already have Or look thorugh all the other suggestions from other users - I'm pretty sure that you will find something that you will like & then you can show it with your support.

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