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Redo of Past Events, Resend All Button, and Auto Resend

Forum-Index Suggestions Implemented Redo of Past Events, Resend All Button, and Auto Resend
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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 18:32 (7 Years ago)
Redo of Past Events:
So, I was reading up on the Retro Pikachu event, and I was thinking events like that should be re-done, then that brought me to thinking to post about that and now im thinking:
'If there are no event ideas, just reuse an old one'

Resend All Button:
Its kinda annoying to click every Pokemon to resend when trying to level up a stage in rumbling, so just have a resend all button if you dont want to....

Auto Resend Check:
... Auto Resend! It would be easier and the tems will just go somewhere you ave to accept to take them!

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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 20:34 (7 Years ago)
Redo of Past Events:
I don't think this would be useful.
Pikachu Event the prize was Retro Ducklett and this event happens every year, so will always be redone. Also the other regular events you can buy on Event Shop.

Resend all Button:
Max Pokemons to send rumbling is 6, so ye not too useful.

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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 20:39 (7 Years ago)
Quote from TailsProwerResend all Button:
Max Pokemons to send rumbling is 6, so ye not too useful.

Well Tails when you think about it, if you try to send all your Pokémon at the same time it takes a bit longer. If we had an auto-resend all/resend all button, then it would take a bit less time, as you never know. You could be checking Notifications in that time and not on the Rumble Page.

I only support the resend all button/auto resend button. The redo of past events, well... we can already buy past events.

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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 21:15 (7 Years ago)
Redo old events is something that is already done.

Retro Pikachu was one of the early events, then it was re-done by unlocking a new rumble area during a different event. (Tails: The Retro Pikachu event was NOT Retro Ducklett. That was a pikachu mini-game :p)

Mew is another of these events that is redone from time to time. As are the Halloween events, or Winter Holiday events (Santa Delibird, Retro Delibird, Polestar).

So that suggestion is already done as it is.

Resend all is the only one that I think might be useful, but even so, after the rumble area was last updated, it's a LOT easier to send out all of them without having to open new pages and claim everything, then resend. It's all now done on that one page, and is rather quick to do. So while a resend all might make things easier, it's not really needed.

The problem with auto-resend is that people change their areas from time to time, so there would have to be a way to turn this off. Plus, it would also defeat the purpose of longer rumbles, as you could just do 5 minute missions and it will keep resending them and if any items are found, they get stored somewhere else, if I understand the suggestion.

This could be overpowered, and unbalanced. Such as when I took a few months break, if I had it set to auto-resend on 12 hour missions, when I returned, I would be full of valuable stuff without having been online to get any of it.
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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 21:58 (7 Years ago)
Quote from Suggestion GuideYou shouldn't have several suggestions that have nothing to do with one another in the same thread, because if one is implemented and another is rejected, there is some confusion regarding the placement of the thread when people are reading it after the fact. If the ideas are similar or cover the same topic, it makes sense to have them in the same thread, but otherwise, they should be separated.

Just for future reference as the redo past events has nothing to do with your rumbling suggestions.
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Posted: Thu, 17/09/2015 12:54 (7 Years ago)
I am pretty sure that re-send all button has been suggested before - Will see if I can find the suggestion for you.
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Posted: Wed, 23/09/2015 19:22 (7 Years ago)
I totaly agree because look at the current event of september 18, 2015 - september30, 2015
and i think that having to re-click the rumble pokemon is anoyying (i hope i spelled that right) so i think that an infanate option is the thing for me. and another idea i have just thought about for you is the infanate button so you can like pick up your pokemon any time you want.

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