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Swearing/Trigger Filter

Forum-Index Suggestions Swearing/Trigger Filter
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Posted: Sat, 29/08/2015 16:09 (7 Years ago)
You know how sometimes we accidentally slip up and swear, either due to autocorrect or being really emotionally stressed, or being absent minded. There are still kids on the site, so I believe a swearing filter should be set in place; any words that are deemed "mature" or "teen" rated should be set up under the filter so that any of the words, accidental or purposeful, will just appear as "*".
Also, some people are easily triggered by certain words; perhaps there can also be a trigger filter, so that any especially triggering words will also be "*"; since I'm not triggered, I don't know what it's like, but I feel this may help others who do have this problem.

Also, there can be a separate box where you type in any words you may be uncomfortable with, and click save on the bottom. These words will also be censored.

I'm not making an example because I suck at editing. No, seriously.
I dug around for any suggestions like this and found only a few slightly similar to the one I'm making. If I'm making a carbon copy of something, please send me the link. Thanks. ^^

Please tell me your opinions on this. I appreciate it.
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Posted: Sat, 29/08/2015 18:04 (7 Years ago)
Well, I guess I am neutral but leaning on support?
There's a site on chickensmoothie that does just this.

I will support if it still allows minor swearing I guess? Such as
Damn,Crap,Dammit and more such as Arse or so
I usually uses them in my writing for storys and sometime roleplay…
[Hell is not a swear word therefore it is not included]
The site CS itself does just so ^^'

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Posted: Sat, 29/08/2015 18:06 (7 Years ago)
Yeah, I don't think damn/crap/and the such are that bad. I was thinking that only the f-bomb, the alternative word for crap, the other word for female dog, and some incredibly offensive words that I have no synonyms for.

Hell isn't a swear word, I agree wholeheartedly. ^^
I don't have a Chicken Smoothie so I don't know the functions on it.
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Posted: Wed, 02/09/2015 22:13 (7 Years ago)
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Posted: Wed, 02/09/2015 22:27 (7 Years ago)
and my reasons have been stated I think

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Posted: Wed, 02/09/2015 22:55 (7 Years ago)
Quote from Myself from another thread[....]The reason I wouldn't want a script to block the words themselves from being added to the username post is because if you stick to the actual words themselves, people will just start breaking them up with other characters, then the script will expand and block other words. One of the issues I had on another website, a long time ago, is that their script blocked the word porn. That's fine, except for when I was explaining to someone that I was published in Agapornis World [African Lovebird Society's monthly post], the whole thing was blocked.

And some pokemon names I used to use are now blocked because of the same reason in the official games.

So I think just throwing a warning in is enough to say "Hey, don't be stupid!" for those who are doing this for one reason or another, while those who unintentionally have one of the flagged words within other words for a name or something don't get punished when they aren't breaking the rules.

I know there's websites that do this, and it gets rather annoying trying to say something that's fine for all age groups, but it gets blocked because part of it is considered a curse word. Such as using bitch properly. Such as my favorite use of that word: "Luna is such a lovable bitch." which is not cursing, as Luna is my female yorkie.

Now, I do understand wanting to block that word, and that one is fine, as there are ways around it, but, again, if people really want to curse, they will find ways to do so, and if the scripts to prevent it have to keep updating, eventually things like "My back itches" will be censored out because there's so few characters between the B and itches. even though that, in it self is not profane in any way.

So I'll suggest the same thing that I did in the other thread. If there's a potentially offensive word in the post, throw a warning before letting them post the message. Then it's onto them to double-check the post for the typos or rude words that triggered the flag. If there's nothing wrong, they can hit post and it'll go through. If it contains profanity and gets posted, then just hit the report button and they will get a warning or a lock on their account because at that point it becomes intentional or they don't care enough to go back and fix it.
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Posted: Wed, 02/09/2015 23:50 (7 Years ago)
I suppose I understand your points.
I do think it should still be set in place though, at least for the Trigger Warning part of it. While it's not 100% effective, since it's all robotic/coding, it'll still be helpful.
I do think the red flag should be there as well. :>
Thanks your or opinions and thoughts.
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Posted: Thu, 03/09/2015 17:52 (7 Years ago)
Oh please.

Firstly, the chances of someone 'swearing' is little to none. It's because they're aware that there are kids (well, at least most are..) and that it's not allowed here.

Secondly, it's part of the rules to not swear.
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Quote from Rules1.1 PokéHeroes should be a friendly community-based browsergame for every age. To ensure this, it is forbidden to use offensive swear words or to make any statement that is inappropriate for any age. This is valid for the whole site - including the forum, private messages, the pal pad, the chat, your 'about me', your user statuses as well as the nicknames of your adoptables and your own username.
1.1.1 Avoid naming and shaming. If a user misbehaves, do not post public feeds or do anything else that attracts unnecessary attention. Contact a moderator instead and let them take care of the situation.

Thirdly, we have Moderators for a reason. They go out and about searching for people who are going against the Rules, and they are hard-working people. They are people who bring justice to this site and make it a nice place. That's why we have Moderators.

So yeah I guess I'm not supporting this at all, xD.
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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 17:08 (7 Years ago)
I'm going to hafta disagree with you Book

I've come across quite a few users who honestly don't seem to give a crap about the fact that kids play on this site and swear quite a lot anyways. Plenty of people show little to no regard for the rules or don't even bother to look over them anyways, and I feel like this could be easily avoided with some sort of censorship.
And honestly, I don't feel like the mods spend their time deliberately searching for people who're breaking the rules. I mainly view them as reinforcing the rules when they discover someone breaking them or if someone bring's up a person's behavior to them and such.

I think that this suggestion would help, but there is the issue of if the swear is part of another word. For example, if someone was in, say, a roleplay and named their character Cassandra or something, would the whole name, or part of it at least, be censored? Or would there be a way for the program to tell if the individual swear was used and only censor that? It might be better for only sections of a swear to be censored as well, such as like "" or "" or something like that, so that only people who actually know the word would understand it?

I feel like the idea of a box to input words that you may find offensive and censor them could be helpful, and maybe new accounts could have a default setting of swear words being censored, which you could edit later if you so wished. Of course, this is assuming that only the individual swear were censored, so words with swears in them but aren't swears might not be censored.

Iunno, I'm not really the most informed on this topic so I might be overly confusing things.
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Posted: Tue, 15/09/2015 22:13 (7 Years ago)
As much as I'd like to support an idea to make users more comfortable it's hard to support this.

Filtering certain words that we consider swear words: who is to say what a swear is and isn't? Some people consider Hell a swear word, do we censor it? Who decides? Some countries and languages have different tolerances and some ages have different tolerances too. Some body part words aren't swears in some places so who do we go by? Now I know the rules say no swearing but let's be honest we've seen enough feeds of people swearing, and people "swearing" in this very thread, and we can't have mods just staring at the notifications and forums waiting to remind someone not to swear. It's going to happen, and if people really want to swear there is nothing stoping someone from putting a "1" instead of an "i" or a "û" instead of an "u" to get passed some sort of automatic censor. So now instead of just regular spelled swear words you have that, doesn't fix the situation.

Also the trigger part of it. What if someone's pet passed away and suddenly they're triggered by people who talk about their dog or cat or pet fish and it makes them emotional or sad? What if someone is triggered by someone saying they're angry or they're depressed or they're mad at their parents because it reminds the user of something in their life that was a horrible event? Do we censor what we might consider offensive or triggering? Sure people could do it manually as you suggested but that to me sounds like it would lead to confusion. A post might say "hey I want a Pokemon of this type, gender doesn't matter." Now someone had "gender" under their trigger filter. To avoid reading about gender posts. They see the post and go "what?" Now if they're interested in what it is they have to go and unblock their words to see which word it was. If anything this seems more confusing.

If a post is so bad you feel it hurts you emotionally or offends you, I say talk to the person and say it's offense and if you two can't work it out then report it. Just try and solve the problem yourselves first because some people don't even mean to be offensive.

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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 20:19 (6 Years ago)
^bump because people need to see this
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 20:49 (6 Years ago)
it's been nearly a year but i'll address Queen_Pumpkaboo's issues with this.

the swears i'm talking about are the synonyms of poop, female dog, and to fornicate. these are basically universal swear words, and it's common sense for them to be filtered out.

as for the triggered thing, i mentioned a box where you can type in all words that you don't want to see. it'll be filtered out from there. it should be clear at first, but you can just insert anything you find offensive/triggering, and it should all be filtered out from there.

like i mentioned a post back, there isn't any way for this to be perfect; it's done with coding and stuff, so there are bound to be ways to cheat the system. all of the stuff that gets passed it can simply be reported manually.
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 21:48 (6 Years ago)
I'd be fine with it!

....As long as it wouldn't end up like ROBLOX where practically EVERYTHING is censored..
Also, if we could also link things like youtube videos with swearing, as long as we give a warning, that'd be nice. ((Because, tbh, the majority of videos out there have swear words, there's NO avoiding it.))

Also, @Book I've seen more users DISOBEY the rules, then I've seen cats in my neighborhood. And I've seen a lot of cats. So, the chances of someone 'swearing' seem pretty high. ..At least, to me.

((I'm not trying to be rude, It's just hard for me to try and say something like this without accidentally sounding rude... So, if I sound rude, sorry..!))
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 22:42 (6 Years ago)
I believe in self control. You should be mature enough to realize what you are typing and putting onto this site without having a swear filter to cushion you. Whoever actually needs a swear filter as a cushion should think about fixing their swearing issues.

Swearing on accident in real life is understandable; we speak before thinking sometimes, and that's ok. But typing is different. You have more control over what you type than what you speak, and unlike speaking, you can review what you've typed.

As for the trigger filter, I think it's a wonderful idea. But I also think it's a very fragile concept. It seems like something that will work in theory, but not in reality.
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 22:53 (6 Years ago)

like sandevirae mentioned, some people honestly don't really care about the rules, and will swear anyways. while they'll most likely get banned/warned, they might also just delete the feed very quickly and nobody would have the chance to ever see it.

*shrug* tbh riako should just up the rating to PG13 and be done with it.
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 23:03 (6 Years ago)
If they delete the feed very quickly and nobody sees it, then why would it matter? No one saw it, so it doesn't affect anyone.

If they are caught (which pretty much everyone who does is), then they receive a warning or account lock as punishment. It's as simple as that, we don't need to help the rule breakers by giving them a cushion. "Oh, there is the filter, so we can curse all we want." is what I can see happening.

Upping the rating to the point where swearing is allowed is an entirely different suggestion, but I'm not saying that it wouldn't be approved.
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 23:07 (6 Years ago)
You should see what kids say those days, lol. Anyways, support for clear reasons.
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 23:08 (6 Years ago)

i made this suggestion almost a year ago and tbh i actually forgot about it. i mean, this could be a pretty nice safety net just in case, but i don't really need to see it implemented or anything.
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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 23:08 (6 Years ago)
No support.

Quote from -Dazai*shrug* tbh riako should just up the rating to PG13 and be done with it.

Is that really fair to the younger children? As someone that has been playing online kids games since around 9 years of age... I find that extremely mean. Especially since pokemon has a huge child fanbase (I am in no way saying that adults don't play it or that it's childish, simply that many children play it).

Quote from -Dazai-some people honestly don't really care about the rules

Well like you've already said, they'll get warnings for it and eventually locks if they don't stop. Obviously, we can't catch every single case out there, but we do try to catch as many as possible. Unlike what has been previously said, we do actively search for swear words in the public parts of the site e.g. feeds and forums.

Quote from SandeviRae It might be better for only sections of a swear to be censored as well

I don't agree with this (and it's currently not allowed either). Only censoring the middle is still problematic, especially in the case of the f word where even just the first and last letter together still sounds pretty similar to the actual word. Overall, just no swearing whatsoever isn't that hard, you have the time to think before you click post unlike in real life. There is no need to overcomplicate the rules by making ways for people to swear that are okay.

Overall, I don't think that'd be very useful, mainly because I agree with what Navuso has said. The majority of users that swear are caught, and pretty quickly too considering how there is almost always a mod/MiT online as well as numerous users that report the feed/forum post that violates the rules.

(This was typed while several users were posting so there might be overlap)

[b]Edit[b/]: @Teius, while I agree that some kids these days know quite a lot of swear words, there are also those that don't. Also, overprotective parents might choose to forbid their child from the site if they see swear words on it.

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Posted: Thu, 21/07/2016 23:12 (6 Years ago)
I'm not seeing this as any sort of safety net, I'm just seeing people making excuses about their lack of self control if this is implemented.

I understand this is suggested with good intentions, but in my opinion something like this just won't work. There'd be too much backfire for this to be useful.