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Akuseru Have a great day! c: 8 Hours ago
Yonderdz 3 Days ago
ThatNinetalesTrainer What room are ghosts afraid of?
The living room!

What's a ghost's favorite fruit?

How do skeletons talk to each other?
They call on their cellbones!

5 Days ago
Vixie Event Distribution 5 Days ago
RayeMichelle Have a happy day!!

8 Days ago
Ravenswing Like the elves to the shoemaker, I spend my waking time helping those around me with the tasks they left undone the day before... dishes? done. a few groceries? delivered. homework? finished. need an emotional lift? a letter of affirmation and saying how much you DO matter ♥ ~ peg 12 Days ago
Vixie Emera Fountain 14 Days ago
PsyChicGeek Love your pink Vulpix sprite! <3 16 Days ago
Leafeon1022 New event Thanks!! 19 Days ago
SmolBeanRey I think my new neighbors might be vampires. Now you may think ok why would you think that? They moved in at night, are extremely pale, I’ve never seen them outside during the day, their windows are always completely blocked off, and they never get any groceries. I’m hoping it’s just paranoia and that they are just a little strange but that is too strange to not make me more than a little concerned. 19 Days ago
Vixie Event Distribution 19 Days ago
PsyChicGeek Good job with your Shiny Galarian Articuno! I’ve never seen one before! 22 Days ago
ShinyMegaGardevoir Congrats on The SM ^^ 26 Days ago
Braixie random plushie 28 Days ago
Psykowitz Have a nice day! 1 Month ago
~PikaRed~ A tall person in disguise with black glasses
Gave me a note which says: Your Cute Have a Nice Day 😄
And that person is my friend lol
Have a nice day as well. Drink more water♡
1 Month ago
~Imagine~ 1 Month ago
Minhaz25 Pie 1 Month ago
Aspen PEG 1 Month ago
shxdoww_ 1 Month ago
Vixie Emera Fountain 1 Month ago
shxdoww_ <3 1 Month ago
Leafeon1022 Well, I live in Japan, the country of Pokemon and others what so called as so "Japanese Style"

My favorite food is sushi, you`d better eat it, if you don`t like raw fish there are also others where there is no raw fish!!

1 Month ago
Vixie Emera Fountain 1 Month ago
Miminite PEG 1 Month ago
Crysticia 1 Month ago
silverklauws peekabooooo 1 Month ago
~Fahrenheit~ 1 Month ago
SmolBeanRey Happy crisis 2 Months ago
lockandkey im so sorry i forgot to send this ksdfk
PEG <3
2 Months ago
Mc-Skittles 2 Months ago
Braixie random plushie 2 Months ago
Vixie Emera Fountain 2 Months ago
~Venus~ PEG ^^ 2 Months ago
Artsam 2 Months ago
shxdoww_ Hi there! You may not know me, but I wanted to do something nice for someone who I think deserves this gift. This used half my dream points so I hope it does you nicely!

2 Months ago
Happiny24 2 Months ago
Agata 2 Months ago
Scare_Crow 2 Months ago
HostilePeach Have a nice day! :) 2 Months ago
LuckyLady On behalf of PEG.

Hope you have a great day! <3
2 Months ago
Vixie Emera Fountain 2 Months ago
Vixie Event Distribution 3 Months ago
Vixie Thehehe! You found me! 3 Months ago
Vixie Thehehe! You found me! 3 Months ago
Vixie Thehehe! You found me! 3 Months ago
Umbreonics 3 Months ago
C0FFee Its raining out
drip drop raindrops
grass smells nice 🌧🌈

3 Months ago
Scare_Crow 3 Months ago
TheRockers Hoping you have a wonderful day! :D 3 Months ago
Vixie Emera Fountain 3 Months ago
Agata hope you're having a great day ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ 3 Months ago
LuckyLady Random ploosh! Have a great day! <3 3 Months ago
ThatNinetalesTrainer Friendlist 3 Months ago
Dan_V3 PEG! :D 3 Months ago
RavenMarie 3 Months ago
Scare_Crow dont need to send back 3 Months ago
Tuna ^^ 3 Months ago
Dan_V3 3 Months ago
Dan_V3 Thank you very much! :D 3 Months ago