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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 211/10,149


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lillipup233 / 48
Ducklett10 / 8
Patrat319 / 37
Sentret329 / 37


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Trainer ID: #16943629
Registration: 20/05/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1533:53 Hours
Total interactions: 1,785,818
Money: 9,342,541
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


I had a sleeping schedule I was happy with but I’ve gone and messed it up again.
6 Days ago
10 Days ago
So I’m still making my way through the Swedish course, doing a little bit every day. I’m afraid that doing too much at once would result in me not retaining much of it (my memory is unfortunately really terrible anyway, though—I think because of depression). It’s been about thirty weeks since I started, and I’m almost halfway through the course. I think I’m going to do Dutch next, and then maybe Scottish Gaelic. I’m hopeful that Swedish will give me a grasp on all of the North Germanic languages, and that Dutch will give me a grasp on the rest of our branch of the family. It’s hard to not want to just learn every language all at once, though.
14 Days ago
Just bought my 15th Dark Ponyta egg in the hope of finally getting my first shiny Emera Pokémon.
1 Month ago
Happy Halloween, everybody!
1 Month ago
I am trying once again to SOS chain the shiny nighttime werewolf in Ultra Sun. Clearly, my sanity is slipping.
1 Month ago
It’s driving me nuts that no one can explain why the Celtic languages use the Latin alphabet so weirdly when literally no other language does. People try to dismiss the question by saying “it seems weird to you because you’re not used to it”, but that’s bs, because literally ANY other language that’s written in the Latin alphabet, whether it’s from elsewhere in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, or the Americas, is something that anyone who’s never seen it before could guess at the pronunciation of and get pretty close to if they’re just familiar with the Latin alphabet (assuming they’re not trying to compare it to a Celtic language), but there’s just no point in even trying to guess at the pronunciation of a Celtic language, because no familiarity with the Latin alphabet will help you figure it out. It won’t give you any hints. It may as well be written with a different writing system entirely—say, Cyrillic—because it wouldn’t make any difference.
1 Month ago
Does anyone know why an Everstone would prevent evolution? It just looks like a plain rock. What is it supposed to be? I’ve been playing Pokémon since I was 5 and just now thought to question this.
1 Month ago
I’m just stuck in despair and can’t make myself do what I need to to go to sleep.
1 Month ago
This was supposed to be the best month, but it’s been so rough.
1 Month ago
It’s very frustrating not being able to tell if something I’m reading is referring to an Elbe Germanic language descended from Old High German or an Ingvaeonic language descended from Old Saxon, just because people have insisted on referring to the language descended from Old Saxon as “Low German”. Why can’t we just refer to languages descended from Old High German as German and languages descended from Old Saxon as Saxon? Surely the Dutch names are better and would lead to a lot less confusion. If we just called it “Low Saxon”, I don’t think we’d get anyone making the huge mistake of considering it a dialect of the language we now refer to as German.
1 Month ago
Is that big forum post showing a bunch of users’ verified trick or treating info going to be back again this year?
1 Month ago
I really hope the next event plushies will be ones I don’t have yet.
1 Month ago
One of my favorite bands is releasing their new album tomorrow, so I should be excited about that, but I’m actually nervous and disappointed because the audio quality was really terrible on the two singles they’ve already released from it—I have no idea why such production choices were made. And it’s been a really hard day for other reasons. And I think I’m going to have permanent damage to my leg from that brown recluse bite—and that’s not one of the reasons today has been hard, either.
1 Month ago
Would anyone happen to be looking to sell a Mega Autumn Alakazam or a Magearna (Ultra Ball)? Or a mega-able Autumn Kadabra/Alakazam or a voucher for that Magearna form. I’d like to buy them, if so.
1 Month ago
Does anyone have any recommendations for what I should do in the Black 2 postgame?
1 Month ago
I’m playing through Black 2 right now, and, somehow, my little Fraxure just outsped and OHKO’d Drayden’s Haxorus without even getting a crit. I’m very proud of my little buddy.
1 Month ago
Well, I might be doomed. Got bit by a brown recluse, have had a lot of anxiety waiting to see if I’m going to die because of it, exercised a lot to cope with that anxiety, and just now discovered that I was supposed to “Avoid any strenuous activity because this can spread the spider's venom in the skin.”
2 Months ago
Okay, so I was under the impression that Roar would end the battle if a wild Pokémon used it on you, but now I’m hearing that it might only switch your Pokémon, which would be fine and wouldn’t break an SOS chain, so I’m going after Houndoom now to find out for myself.
2 Months ago
SOS chaining Rockruff is difficult because of Sand Attack shenanigans. I think it’s still possible, though. I’ve pretty much given up on that shiny Midnight Lycanroc, and definitely had to give up my hope for a shiny Houndoom because of the unfortunate discovery that it knows Roar, which hurts. But I did manage to get a shiny Alolan Meowth as the first one I’ve ever successfully hunted. I’ve caught twenty shinies now, but the others were just random encounters.
2 Months ago


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