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Trainerlevel: 88

Trainerpoints: 12,776/23,319


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
5,770109,917,381 / 124,870,014
4,09249,384,478 / 60,172,128
Loving Mother
(Mega Kangaskhan)
4,72527,312,783 / 66,991,051
Surskit14558 / 631


I´m selling Shinys, MAs, Legys, Retros, Events & Shadows

Everything from
Retro Horde
UFT Special
UFT Shadows
is for trade/sale, also every Dunsparce & Dudunsparce from this and every Arceus from this Box is UFT, too!
I only sell Pokemon, no items.

Payment I'm accepting PD, Nuggets(1:1900), Items(List below) and Gems(Ratio below).
I'm not interested in Pokemon as payment!

Ice 2.400 (3,2k left I need)
Dragon 13.000 (680 left I need for Step 4/7)

Items I'm collecting*:
Maps/converted Legy-Items, Star Pieces, White Powder, Meltan Candy, Gen 8 Fossils, Lake Trio Voucher.
*I'm collecting those passivly, so don't ask, if I wanna buy them from you.


Suggestions are the best way to help PH getting better and better.

So the best we can do to help, is to support or disagree and justify on a suggestion.💕

The Top-Ideas are always a look worth, maybe there is something you want to be implemented pretty long, but didn´t know, there is already a Suggestion for it.
Go for it and vote -> here

And cause I want to help those Suggestions I already support a bit more, I´ll link here some specific ones🎇:

- Tall Grass: Eon Update You want Latias but got a Latios-Egg 3 times in a row? 'Search again'-Button
- Beach/Honeytree: visualise Megas/ShinyMegas Seeing Mega-Icon before obtaining it.
- Berry Garden Tasks-Rework Required Items = Reward Balance
- Royal-Tunnel-Improvement Voucher instead of Eggs
- Renewing Trades 'Renew'-Button instead of 'cancel and set up the trade again by yourself'
- Planetary Spheres in Space Obtaining Solar Eevee's Evo-Item


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Yoshynepnep 1 Day ago
Wuffels 1 Day ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #549775992
Registration: 02/02/2015 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 25/Nov/2024
Game Time: 6657:24 Hours
Total interactions: 8,520,317
Money: 181,870
Starter Pokémon: Chimchar


Whoever has set up Nuggets for 1.700 PD: THANK YOU!<3
Today, 00:26
Don't forget my "Reminder for everyone" from 6 days ago. The day will come, the eggs will be needed.
2 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 17 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Genesect hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #149)!

4/5 yes!
5 Days ago
Reminder to everyone

As the 🎄advent calender📅 is comming soon, there will be again 1 or 2 days, we need to hatch eggs🥚 for the task.
If you're on a 🌠shiny hunt and have an egg storage, safe up some eggs for these day(s). If you're on a high EHP hunt prepare the eggs to almost hatched and make yourself some kind of note📋 why these eggs are in storage and that they need to stay there until the task(s).✔

Thanks for your attention🙇‍♀️ and spread the word~👌
9 Days ago
Overfilled with love since sunday evening.♡
3 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 1 Minute and 46 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Genesect hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #125)!

Yeahhh. 3/5.<3

Sadly all three Raikou doesn't wanted to be shiny. Working on egg No. 4
4 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 1 Minute and 42 Seconds ago.

Congratulations! A shiny Genesect hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #120)!

Wuhu!! 2/5
Buying one week premium and using fountain buff worked already. Aaahh. *o*
5 Months ago
🥳2-years Anniversary of the Shadow Radar Hunting Service!🎉

Only today: No hunting fee and all Shadows(except Legys/Ditto) are half price.

Catchable Shadows today:

- Kanto
Nidorino / Clefairy / Wigglytuff
- Johto
Bellossom / Azumarill / Dunsparce

5 Slots available.
Also check out Zoen's & LuckyLady's Daily Catchables, to have a bigger selection.<3

For more Information have a look into this Topic!

You can buy already catched Shadows without Service Payment, all Shadows from here are UFT! PP/PM me or comment if you're interested.
See you soon~
5 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 1 Hour and 21 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Genesect hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #58)!

1/5 yaaay~
8 Months ago
Wow.... almost 94% of the userbase did the goal without even knowing and now bashing so hard the one person, who made this game we all love so much that he rather take the really fair update back than to keep getting preasure from users who mostly already fulfill the 40% without knowing but still bashing. What the heck is wrong with you guys??
8 Months ago
I really should make me some kind of list, if I lend pokemon to others, sometimes I found pokemon in my boxes were I somehow remember I got it in exchange, but not what I lend for. =')
8 Months ago
OMG it's megaable!!!!
look! /(OoO)\
9 Months ago
Good morning PokeHeroes~

During the last night my Suggestion about Planetary Spheres got finally approved.
So please vote and maybe give a comment about your honest opinion or ideas for improvement. bumb<3
1 Year ago
OMG, thank you so much Wuffels for the Sky Gift this cutie was in! aaahhhh ahgsgfhgdshgdagjhgd<3<3<3
1 Year ago
Sooo, it has taken some time, but now I was finally able to upload some photos from Japantag Düsseldorf 2022, I hope you enjoy!<3

Traditional Drum Concert*: Adults & Children *Sry for bad quality, I had to zoom
Cosplayer: Pokemon-Card-Dress *o* , Forest God & Nausicaä & Winged Ladys
Food & Merch: Takoyaki!♡♡ & some Figures
My new Treasures: Pokecards & a Book , handpainted Masks & My all time Love♡

and as I came home, my husband had a little suprise for his Dragon-witch: cheers~

I was such a wonderful day!<3
1 Year ago
Shadow Radar Hunting Service: A new Hunter!

Maybe you´ve noticed, that besides LuckyLady & myself, another user has been posting the Daily Catchables of the Shadow Hunting Service for some time now. This was a trial period and now I can officially announce:
Zoen is a new hunter in our team. Please give him a warm welcome!<3
We´ll do our best to improve our Shop in the best possibilities.
1 Year ago
So long ago I´ve heard this and now I wish you all a good night with Lullaby for a Princess~!🦄✨🌘
1 Year ago
Shadow Hunting Short-Story: A new Huntress?

To introduce the coming change for the Shadow Hunting Service I made a little Storytime in the Comments.
I really hope you like it and now enjoy~
1 Year ago
I just finished Lie to Me and I really liked it, this Series had such a potential, sad they canceled it after half of Season 3.. =(

So, now I would like to get some recommands, what I should watch next.
In the Comments you´ll find lists of Series I´m still watching, I think about to watch and what I watched so far.

Mostly Krimi & Drama, also Fantasy, Mystery & Sci-Fi.

I love Anime, but this List is about non-Anime, so pls, don´t recommand it here.
2 Years ago
So, after I got Ur'Va the Mystic Archer, his Counterpart SkekMal the Hunter Skeksis arrived too.<3

Wanna have a look?

Ur'Va I got you!
SkekMal Come on!

And last one for now the Essence Vial of Mira. Hope you found your way back to Thra...somehow<3
2 Years ago

~Shadow Radar Hunting Service~

You want to collect Shadows, but don´t want to buy the Shadow Radar+Updates and the Shadow-Game itself is lame anyway? Then you´re right here!

Status: partly closed

♡Pat me for more Informations♡


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Hunting Service Payment: 10.000 per catch

Kanto & Johto

Easy - 5.000
Medium - 10.000
Hard - 15.000
Rare - 20.000
Starters - 50.000
Eeveelution - 30.000
Special - 40.000
Unown - 40.000
Pseudo-Legend - 50.000 (Dratini & Lavitar-Evo)
Bird Trio - 160 N
Ditto - 6.000.000
Mew/Mewtwo - 160 N
Cat Trio - 215 N
Lugia/Ho-Oh - 240 N
Celebi - 270 N

And here you can buy already catched Shadows without Service-Payment.


*About Me*

Hellouw~ to everybody who visit me =)

I'm Ari, female, from germany(NDS) and 32 years old.

I hope to find new friends and great Poke-Trainers here. :3

My favorite Poke-Types are:

But all over it I love Suicune

I have a RL and if I don't answer, then I simply don't have the time, so do not send me message over message why I'm not answering! Thanks.

Scared of: Zombies

Favorites & Life
Blue • Rats & Dogs • Croatia & Finland • Symphonic Metal & Classic • Tarja • The Geisha & Princess Mononoke • Burn Notice & Grimm • Raven the Swordmisstress & The Light between Oceans • World of Warcraft & Ni no Kuni
• Goth •

InuYasha • Digimon • Wolf´s Rain • Noir • DragonBall Z • AnoHana • Blood+ • YashaHime • The Rising of the Shield Hero • Scrapped Princess • Tsubasa Reservoir Cronicles • Yu-Gi-Oh! • Beyblade • DoReMi • Jeanne the Kamikaze Thief • Monster Ranger • Detective Conan •

Deutsche Helden Banner by Hime-Nyan


• Get a Suicune
• Give him his name Oceansoul<3
• Hatch my first mega-able
It was a Swablu
• Get her back In progress
• Hunted my first Shiny It was a Fennekin
• Hunted my first Shiny Event without Event-Pass It was a Catercream
• Get my own Ditto Yay x3 And no, it's not for trade/sell.

• Fill the complete Dex
[x] Kanto [x] Johto [x] Hoenn [x] Sinnoh [x] Unova [x] Kalos [] Alola [] Galar [] Hisui [] Paldea
• Get 40 Egg-Storage-Places -> 36/40

• Get [x] Meloetta [x] Shiny Meloetta [x] Ho-Oh [] Shiny Ho-Oh
• Get all Prizes from Game Center

[x] Lugia [] Shiny Lugia
[x] all non-shiny Pokemon
Shiny [] Raikou [] Suicune [] Entei [] Manaphy
Shiny Mewton [] CF [] HoL
[x] TH [x] L [x] GS [] HM [] CC [] Mewton M. Meowth
• Get all Pokemon from SCS
[x] Victini [x] all Tapus [x] Shiny Victini [x] all Shiny Tapus

Done on my own
Done, but with help
Not done
92/735 175/500 69/200 18/49

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• Get a year Premium: V
• Next year: 279 / 8.000

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Shiny Hunt

Crysticia is currently hunting Genesect.
Hunt started: 17/02/2023

Chain: 149