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gh0sty ^^ 2 Days ago
GukkiBun 4 Days ago
Thresh spooki stumpy 1 Month ago
Sagn1k 1 Month ago
Sissi6 2 Months ago
Hualian 3 Months ago
Shadowplay 3 Months ago
Cloudfairy Random minior hits you 3 Months ago
Baby_yoda_2000 Hope U like :) 3 Months ago
Rogers random plushie :3 3 Months ago
Kimie random plushie give away :D 3 Months ago
kalkar34 3 Months ago
Altreo 3 Months ago
catakrystal Hope you have a wonderful day today ♥ 3 Months ago
MrMeowpants Here u go :) 4 Months ago
Litten Enjoy random person! 4 Months ago
ImperialHound 4 Months ago
Danuwa 4 Months ago
ShinyZata Have a Nice Day :D:D:DD 4 Months ago
MrMeowpants Happy early v day! 4 Months ago
kalkar34 4 Months ago
Shadowplay 4 Months ago
MrMeowpants Birb 5 Months ago
MrMeowpants 5 Months ago
MrMeowpants Here's a chunky plush for you!! 5 Months ago
MrMeowpants Hey! I saw you in my friendslist(I am just coming back from a 3 year absence) and saw you didnt have my favorite pokemon! Enjoy 5 Months ago
Ravenwas_here Happy Holidays 🎄 🎄 5 Months ago
Chimera_snowflake 7 Months ago
Max67 7 Months ago
ProjectLG 7 Months ago
KrazyKarp random spooky 7 Months ago
Cress O O 7 Months ago
MotherNature 8 Months ago
_~snuuy~_ random, enjoy! 8 Months ago
MegaCharizardZ The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. 9 Months ago
Phe_Awish 9 Months ago
mfrench15 it angel 9 Months ago
Oceanbluesoul 10 Months ago
BoomBoy [random]
have a good day/night :)
11 Months ago
CrazyCastform Hello :D 11 Months ago
elenam 1 Year ago
reefspeef 1 Year ago
MotherNature 1 Year ago
polycrystalline 1 Year ago
Luxray 1 Year ago
orcaa~ You, yes you! You're fantastic, and don't let anyone else convince you otherwise. You have potential to be the best ever! Don't let anyone get to your head! Don't harsh on yourself too much! Have a nice day!

Random plushie :)
1 Year ago
Cloudfairy 1 Year ago
Cloudfairy 1 Year ago
Shadowplay 1 Year ago
Shadowplay 1 Year ago
Shadowplay 1 Year ago
dusk_keldeo 1 Year ago
Gojirath 1 Year ago
Hawkeye559 From hawkeye559 to you have a great day 1 Year ago
Masserozzo 1 Year ago
Lulu_56 1 Year ago
Intak random :) 1 Year ago
Bananas- (random) have a great day/afternoon/night! 1 Year ago
MotherNature 1 Year ago
Gojirath 1 Year ago