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Trainerlevel: 32

Trainerpoints: 2,243/3,103


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Onitricity (Sword))
1798,467 / 110,709
(Onitricity (Club))
17817,939 / 109,449
(Dark Castform)
16037,401 / 77,281

Who am I?

Good question, I'm a long time Pokemon fan that joined this site to relive the magic that was the Pokemon browser MMOs that I played in middle school.

Right now I'm trying to hatch a shiny of the newest event Pokemon. It's probably gonna take a while and there isn't much else I can do without breaking the chain, but I'm also trying to snag anything I still need for the Sinnoh dex in the Auction House.

Shiny Hunt

ProjectLG is currently hunting Toxtroll.
Hunt started: 27/09/2022

Chain: 4


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Trin1030 4 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #356551249
Registration: 26/08/2022 (1 Month ago)
Premium member until 01/Nov/2022
Game Time: 208:38 Hours
Total interactions: 437,966
Money: 1,093,990
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Got a poll up on my profile right now, I sorta need help deciding what forme I want my second shiny Castform to be.
4 Days ago
Just hatched a shiny castform on my 23rd chain. Thought I'd try to go for a shiny since I was already hatching a bunch for the Hoenn dex and I'm glad it payed off!
6 Days ago
Anyone want to help me evolve clamperl into huntail? I can pay you 5k PD on the trade back.
8 Days ago
Anyone got a spare plusle, baltoy, or nincada (or their evolutions) that they're not using? PP me if you want to discuss a trade.
10 Days ago
Just wasted all my casino coins on coinflip and higher or lower trying to get the Manaphy egg, but then spent the rest of the night making it all back playing concentration. Today's been weird.
12 Days ago
Be sure to say hi to the #19th OS Shiny Ursaluna that's in my party right now!
14 Days ago
So now that I got my shiny target, I got a question. In this game do you have to wait until the night of a full moon to evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna or can I just slap a Peat Block on that bad boy right away?
14 Days ago
FINALLY GOT MY SHINY TARGET! It's modest but I couldn't care in the slightest. Bonus points to anyone who has any idea what its nickname is a reference to.
14 Days ago
Just hatched a shiny on chain #36, but I'm not gonna stop there. I'm gonna try to go crazy with this one!
20 Days ago
Finally found that last ring to seal Hoopa again, was hiding in literally the one place I haven't checked yet.
21 Days ago
Finally got the Registeel egg from Royal Tuneel Pro Path and boy did that cost a lot of money.
21 Days ago
Ayyy, just hatched a shiny Trapinch, it wasn't mega-able though but I can't really complain. Now I can finally work on other goals.
21 Days ago
Got 6 Fairy Gems from Treaure Hunt, you love to see it.
24 Days ago
Literally the first Retro Blastoise I buy today is a shiny. I'm feeling pretty great today.
24 Days ago
Welp, just hatched a shiny mega-able Gothita right after I used my mega stone on the one in my party right now while I was sleeping/getting ready for work. Guess I gotta find another stone now.
24 Days ago
Anyone got a spare Baltoy, Beldum, Sandygast, or Female Snorunt? PP me if you'd be up for trading them.
24 Days ago
TFW you have a gem cauldron hourly dream shop mission but your cauldron still has 9 hours left on a mega stone
25 Days ago
Just hatched the mega-able Gothita that I'll probably use as my mega Gothitelle not too long ago. Unless I hatch a shiny one in the near future that is. Calm nature as well so that'll come in handy when it gets into a fight.
25 Days ago
Just completed the Hoopa quest just to free him from a box a few minutes later.
25 Days ago
26 Days ago



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