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Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 6,215/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
4,7754,734,270 / 68,416,201
2,4416,880,411 / 22,353,459
(Mega Absol)
2,61617,409,767 / 24,567,465
(Mega Houndoom)
3,21516,885,611 / 38,772,901
Gastly (Retro)9519,825 / 30,068
Tentacool (Retro)724,188 / 19,711

•.¸♡ єrrσr ♡¸.•

★彡 αrtíst | σc crєαtσr | gαmєr 彡★

"I will shield you from the darkness
When the walls around us quake
I will hold back all the monsters
Until my bones begin to break

And when I've lost I'll have to leave you
And the tears they'll fall like rain
If I'm taken by the shadows
I will spare you from the pain"

.•♫•♬• "sσng σf thє αbчss" •♬•♫•.
вч αvíαtσrs

Profile Coded by: ~Sunshine~
Art is Official Art from Library of Ruina.

►─═ ~ѕídє nσtєѕ:~ ═─◄

-Feel free to contact me for a conversation! Surprisingly, I don't bite, though I may not respond to constant simple/dry replies.

-Please don't bother contacting me in an attempt to buy/sell things. I'm not interested unless I specifically ask.

-Do not contact me to ask why my friends may have blocked you or get others to ask why i've blocked you.

"Getting cyberstalked ain't a great experience, 0/10 don't recommend" -Error, 2022

Profile Theme
Kali/Gebura/The Red Mist from the games
Lobotomy Corporation & Library of Ruina

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #74872293
Registration: 06/03/2016 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 21/Aug/2023
Game Time: 4457:27 Hours
Total interactions: 542,375
Money: 52,875,068
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Congratulations! A shiny Skitty hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #28)!

Damn, i suppose Error is lucky.
27 Days ago
Kinda bored, want to work on a dancer's crystal pairing of sorts.

Specific Rules, since obviously this isn't done through the shop:
-One pairing offer per person.
-Not first come, first serve. I'll chose whatever interests me the most. Feel free to shoot an offer even if someone else has.
-There's not gonna be a set time period, it'll end when either one pairing really catches my eye, or there's no more offerings.
-You must own both rans cuz i only really wanna make one egg
-If you want to buy a rarity increase potion with PD [35k], you can, or if you already have one in your inventory you can use that. no crafting fresh ones just for this though
2 Months ago
Birthday Box Opening
These. Today.
3 Months ago
Don't mind me, just having my Lobotomy Corporation/Library of Ruina arc rn.
5 Months ago
[Ransolites | Giveaway Results]

And the winner of the Rare Ransolite Egg is:

Though, do stay tuned for the Halloween Event itself at some point in October and for potentially more Ransolite Giveaways in the future!
[Remember to subscribe to the Ransolites Forum if you want to be notified of when it kicks off, and for any future egg drops in the shop!]
Also Ransolites do still have a discord server, just message me or YourLocalGayOStar for the invite! Many giveaways are hosted there, too!
6 Months ago
[Ransolites | Giveaway]
Hey look because it's nearly Le Spoopy Month itself, I may have cooked up a lil Rare Ransolite Egg to giveaway!
The giveaway will end around the same time on the 24th September.
Like most other giveaways I do for rans, just comment to enter.

Also Here's the Ransolites Forum for anyone interested in learning more about the species n how it works n stuffs.
6 Months ago
[Ransolites | Giveaway Results]

White Starry Egg: Asmo
Blue Egg with Dark Red Patterns: Hunterz~Wolf

Congrats to the winners! Hopefully will be hosting more of these again in the future.
8 Months ago
[Ransolites | Giveaway]
Haha little giveaway for Two 4th July Ransolites
don't question the fact that I'm British, shhhh

Just comment to enter, first person picked gets first choice, then the second person picked gets the second one.
Ends: 5th July 18:00 [6 PM] Server Time
8 Months ago
[Ransolites | Giveaway Results]
As rolled:
1st Place: Relm~Arrowny [Rare Egg]
2nd Place: AHBEE [Uncommon Egg]
3rd Place: ~Torracat~ [Common Egg]

I hope to host more of these random lil giveaways in the future, though, so do keep an eye out for those! They'll of course be announced in the thread, as well, when I do decide to host another.
10 Months ago
[Ransolites | Giveaway]
So, as a lot of you who've followed the forum would know, me and Ostar have had many technical issues recently.
What are the odds that everything would break on both of us within about a day of each other?

Luckily I've gotten most things sorted out, sadly the layered files for all of the rans made previously are lost to the abyss, but I have recently made a couple of new rans just to test out my art tablet.
The three of which are here. and looking for new homes.
Yup. I'm giving away the first 3 "tester" rans that've been made on my new art tablet.
Comment to enter, results will be rolled on the 17th, to give people plenty of time to enter.
First person chosen gets first pick, second person gets to choose between the other two, and 3rd person gets the last egg.
10 Months ago
I mean c'mon, if you're gonna rant about my friend then come to try to pry information out of me, don't expect me to just willingly hand it over.
If you're gonna call all my and my friend's hard work a carbon copy [when it's obviously not] of something I didn't have any involvement in, and disregard any of my involvement in my own shop & work, don't waste your breath.
Don't try to twist things to suit your narrative and expect me not to catch on, because I'm not blind, and i'm not just gonna lay down and accept it.

Originally I wasn't gonna comment on this mess, as much as I was directly involved. But it's gotta stop. This stupid twisted narrative, and the cyberstalking. I'm not going to go into too much detail, because I have a feeling if i said the truth of what this has been doing to me i'd have people cheering. I've been pushed far past my mental limit. Far past it. And it needs to stop.
1 Year ago
Birthday Box Opening or W/e
Cba to do a forum with how long it'd take to set up given i like separate posts for each category for ease of calculating the totals n things.
1 Year ago
Hey, look, cool Cave of Ransolites thing I work on but have never mentioned. because nobody actually cares about what I post.

There's a lotta eggs looking for homes right now, and also adventures have been unlocked for those with adult rans which are the key to unlocking the next upgrade to the shop.
...I wonder what it is?
1 Year ago
Imagine having friends that actually give a damn about your existence, ha!

...Wait, some people actually have friends like that? More than 2-3? It's not just some strange myth I've heard?
Damn... must be some lucky people out there.
1 Year ago

Shiny Hunt

ErrorTheDragon is currently hunting Litten.
Hunt started: 28/03/2023

Chain: 42


"Those who have treated me with kindness, I shall repay that kindness tenfold. And those that treat me with injustice — that use me, that hunt me down, that hurt my friends — I shall repay that injustice a thousand times over!"
-The Blade [Technoblade]

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