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Trainerlevel: 64

Trainerpoints: 6,495/12,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Polestar695,294 / 18,114
533690,593 / 1,067,334
Tapu Koko
1645,832 / 101,476
292205,096 / 320,836
15185,157 / 86,071

Altreo`s Chamber of Commerce

Currently looking for:

* Dragon and Ghost Gems

*Constantly looking for mons with Mega Form with at least 3G IVs
(For SM hunting)
PP / PM please, thanks.

Behind every mon is the name
of that Epic Friend
who made a huge difference
to my PH journey

Special thanks to
Kimie for the art ^^

A Rare Encounter

Like how rare a blue moon appears across a cloudless night
Meeting a friend like you takes me to a wondrous height
With your personality that is oh so bright
You're a treasure, a diamond shedding its clear and pure light

Credits to the original creator of the art and to Nika~ for sharing the image ^_^

~Test of Luck~

Honey Tree

Shiny Celebi (0/1)

Shiny Munchlax (1/3)
- Munchlax

Shiny Wurmple (6/5)
- Wurmple
- Cascoon
- Silcoon
- Dustox
- Beautifly

Shiny Heracross (1/1)

Shiny Aipom (2/2)
- Aipom
- Ambipom

Shiny Combee (0/2)

Shiny Cherubi (0/3)

Shiny Burmy (Plant Cloak) (3/3)
- Burmy (Plant)
- Wormadam (Plant)

Shiny Hoppip (4/3)
- Hoppip
- Skiploom
- Jumpluff

Shiny Teddiursa (0/3)

Shiny Budew (4/3)
- Budew
- Roselia
- Roserade

Shiny Pachirisu (1/1)

Shiny Cubchoo (1/2)
- Cubchoo

Shiny Larvesta (0/2)

Shiny Applin (0/4)

Shiny Slowyore (0/3)

Honey Tree SM

SM Slowyore (1/1)
SM Heracross (0/1)

Get any SM from the Lab (0/1)

Get any SM from the Beach (0/1)

Rumble Area (Exclusive Shiny Mons)

Galar Map
- Galarian Mr Mime
- Galarian Weezing

Alola Map
- Alolan Raichu
- Alolan Marowak
- Alolan Exeggcutor

Yellow Forest (0/2)
- Retro Pikachu
- Spiky-eared Pichu

Current Goals

~2023 Goals~

Get 20 SMs (8/20)
- SM Steelix (x4)
- SM Absol
- SM Luxray
- SM Dunsparce
- SM Skarmory
- SM Slowyore
- SM Flygon
- SM Gengar

Get 3 Shiny Legends (4/3) DONE
- Mew
- Necrozma
- Cresselia (x2 - Collab Hunt w/ Aku)
- Shaymin

Complete the 4th Badge Set (8/8) DONE
- Left in the Dark
- The Perfect Berry
- Click Proffesor
- Shiny Chainer
- Event Collector
- Cooking Mama
- Puzzler
- Rowan`s Bestfriend

Collect the Shiny Cosmog Line (1/4)
- Cosmog

Earn another Year of Premium (0/1)


Lake Trio Count:
Uxie - 8
Mesprit- 5
Azelf - 3

Game Records

Trainer ID: #271833004
Registration: 09/06/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 2266:33 Hours
Total interactions: 5,631,223
Money: 1,986,760
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Use mobile support while fishing, its easier that way. The delay from fishing on a browser wont appear on mobile support.
4 Days ago
Buying tons of Psychic Gems, 1200pd each. Send tons and will offer asap. Thank you.
6 Days ago
27 Days ago
Run out of orbs, help hatch this egg please. Thank you
1 Month ago
A nearby volcano decided to be more active and started spewing thick smoke. The area is now covered by smog and classes are cancelled.

Nothing serious yet but hoping that it wont get worse overtime.
2 Months ago
Look! A wild Aipom (SHINY) is eating your honey!

2 Months ago
Shadow Radar says:
You found 180 in a row so far!
Keep searching!

Troll shadow hunting at its finest XD
2 Months ago
Look! A wild Burmy (Plant) (SHINY) is eating your honey!

2 Months ago
Pawmo, im stumped. How do I evolve you?!
2 Months ago
You obtained a new badge (Event Collector)

Took more than a year but I finally got it. All the badges are now completed!!

Now can somebody tell me where is the way to Victory Road? Elite four, I'm coming XD
2 Months ago
Feeling nostalgic after hearing Eyes on Me and Suteki Dane.

Should watch Spirits Within later 😄
2 Months ago
Shiny Poliwhirl caught!

2 Months ago
I rarely visit the famous DB but it always surprise me when I do XD

You do something good for the community and you'll be branded as a scammer and fyi, I don't rig my giveaways.

So I've decided not to make another such giveaway. For my peace of mind ^_^
2 Months ago
Heads up for the last #AnonSkyGifts2 Update:

All prizes are finally sent out and here is the proof of what items are behind each number. Please refer to my previous feed for the total prizes and kindly check the trades I sent before receiving them. (If ever theres a missing item/pokemon, kindly point it out and dont accept the trade. Accepting the trade means all of the items/pokemons are complete and I no longer held any responsibility for any missing stuffs.)

Without further ado, here are our winners!!

Number 1:
Number 2:
Number 3:
Number 4:
Number 5:

Congrats guys ^_^
2 Months ago
Heads up for another #AnonSkyGifts2 Update:

And the long wait is finally over!!! Or has it been that long XD

The lots are finally drawn, courtesy of Ravenswing.

First five (5) names that appear in this list will get to choose his/her own prize surprise. All of them will get a PP/PM from me in a moment.

Congratulations to all the winners and I would like to once again thank everyone who joined, donated and supported our giveaway.

Would also like to call on to Superducky100 who originally thought of this giveaway. I may have to pass the mantle to him and hopefully he`ll do the giveaway next year.

#AnonSkyGifts2 is now officially close, see you guys again next year ^_^
2 Months ago
Heads up for another #AnonSkyGifts2 Update:

To increase the excitement of our giveaway result, here are the stuffs you might get for winning. (See comments)

Now that the anticipation is rising, keep your fingers crossed. Someone is about to get rich for winning XD

Good luck everyone ^_^
2 Months ago
Heads up for another #AnonSkyGifts2 Update:

The lots are in and prizes are sorted out. I am now closing this giveaway and hiding far away where no one can find me, jk XD

We have over 150 participants and I hope that although not everyone will win, you guys would atleast be satisfied on how our giveaway turned out.

I would like to express my never ending gratitude to all of you guys who supported and joined this giveaway. To all the donors, thank you so so much.

From four (4), lets increase our winners to five (5) instead. The winners will then get to choose one (1) from five (5) of our Mystery Prizes. Just like how you get items from a mystery box with the same catch, you wont know whats inside till you open them. Opening them though is a sure win cause they dont have a single but ton of stuffs inside and every winner will get 360kpd and 400 Nuggets guaranteed.

I hope that you guys are excited cause I am XD
2 Months ago
Buying Super Honey @ 2k each, send PT.
2 Months ago
Heads up for another #AnonSkyGifts2 Update:

Will now be tallying up the total pot to be given away to 4 lucky winners of our giveaway. But before that, here are the last donations I`ve received this past few days (which will be posted in the comments).

After reset, list of names who joined will be forwarded to Ravenswing and she will be drawing the lots.

Please be reminded that this is the last day to join our giveaway. Kindly like the original feed and you`re set. Hope that the RNG god will shine upon you XD
2 Months ago
A saddening moment when a good friend bids you farewell.

Good luck on your endeavors and thank you so so much for all the good memories we shared while youre still here. Go out there head held high and proud.

Till next time.

Moments like this with senti music playing on the background XD
2 Months ago


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Shiny Hunt

Altreo is currently hunting Necrozma.
Hunt started: 06/07/2023

Chain: 158

In the loving memory of my bestfriend

Let us not forget the people we spent our time with. Those people who chose to stay and those who went forward.

Some memories may tear you up but they would always warm you up inside.

Badge Showcase

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