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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 282/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
MissingNo.1173 / 222
Palkia11411 / 496
13813,999 / 57,547
Rayquaza1215 / 586
Groudon635 / 159
Magikarp9315 / 339

Pokeheroes Family! 😍

Mom! Munmun
Big Sis! BuddhaBamboo
Bigger Sis!Libby40

Big Brother! 😊 Urras

Dog😑 Bretty

Tricks, Debts, and About Me!

Quote from -XYZ-

pkdx = pokedex number
add m after for mega
add g after for giga

Quote from Mustardkippokeheroes.com/stonks?i=item name
pokeheroes.com/stonks?p=pokemon name
Just put the pokemon's name or item's name

Quote from ~razpberry
This is a link for a small shiny pkmn icon. Just change the name of the pkmn in the link to the name of the pkmn that u want.


Quote from MustardkipOwes me "~40" normal gems

Quote from RAIDENhuhOwes me "~11" normal gems

I was born on February 19 but I just go by a Pisces....


Oh, wow! The "What Pokemon Are You" personality test was more accurate than I expected....:O

"Ghost-types are energetic, witty, think outside the box, and tend to be the life of the party. They thrive on attention, whether positive or negative, and love to surprise people and make them laugh." The "What Type Are You" test says that i am a ghost type! LOL!

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #345930574
Registration: 05/09/2022 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 365:53 Hours
Total interactions: 239,805
Money: 445,598
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


guys, what was the "sold out" in the festival rewards shop?
2 Days ago
2 Days ago
8 Days ago
Is there anyway to see past trades? Im lookijg for trade #1897195....😅🥲😋
8 Days ago
New poll! Vote, plz! ☺️😋
8 Days ago

Poll #1Question: Is your favorite type fire?Absolutely! It's it obvious?!

24 (37.5 %)

Burn! You're on my next witch hunt! Hahahaha!

18 (28.1 %)

This isn't a funny joke! STOOOP!

22 (34.4 %)

Total Votes: 64

Im gonna make a new one i think! Im planning to delete it, it was fun tho!
8 Days ago
Sat, February 24th
10:00PM - 10:10PM
6 Minutes ago

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8 Days ago
Good night!
9 Days ago
Sat, February 24th
06:00AM - 06:10AM
59 Seconds ago

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9 Days ago
Why is it scs when i have a volleyball game? I barely convinced my mom to let me go! 😅🤣🥲🤪
9 Days ago
i need a kint for the missingno. i am extremely lost and dont know where to start after changing my box name.
11 Days ago
so, im level 30, almost 31...how can i find the secret method for finding missing no.?
11 Days ago
Good morning!
12 Days ago
who has litwick evolution line? i need the sprites and i cant find them. XD
13 Days ago
guys, my mom just said that she is going over my school work tmr...i havent really been doing school much recently...help! ima die! if i dont come back for a while, no need to wonder what happened...just place flowers over my account and pray i havent been thrown out the window....;.;
13 Days ago
My cupifly is named foxyd0pe12! 🤣😅😋
13 Days ago
Yay! My grandma gave me a walmart gift card and im probably going to buy nuggets with it! 😍☺️
15 Days ago
Hi, im looking for someone to do the battling for my maps and send back the summoning items, plz. Ill pay with a sky pillar map and marine cave map. You dont even have to be a good battler, im just very lazy an dbusy and sruff and bad at it and all that. I would like someone else to do it for me so if you are willing you can pp me or comment below. ☺️ i woyld prefer if you had been on the site for at least 2-6 months but it doesnt matter too much...if possible, you can share the feed. I have 4 maps needibg to be cleared. 😅
17 Days ago
The shiny chance for the valentines event is so tiny! Please dont say that every card only gives you .01% chance! Please tell me it gets better! 😫😩😣😖
17 Days ago

My favorite Pokemon!

I own the trainable ones and the icons are Pokemon I want to get.
More to come!

Shiny! In the order of the Pokedex numbers.
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I own 12 shiny Pokemon! Here they are:

Shiny Pokemon I want:
There are so many shinies, I haven't seen them all....

Mega/Mega-able/Giga! In the same order.
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I own 3:

Pokemon I want: IDK why some of the sprites look kinda lame.


Last Action
At the Fun Fair (3 Hours ago)

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4


MimiPallas hasn't collected any medals so far.

Goals and Inventory


● Get atleast 5 badges
● Finish badge set #2
● Get atleast 50 unique plushies (omg, I made it! Thanks so much, to everyone!)
● Spend atleast 100 DP
● Save atleast 300 DP (saved and spent)
● Get atleast one rumble map to lvl 10
● Get a berry to atleast lvl 25
● Save 200k pd once
● Save 2k powerorbs
● Have 100 combees at one time


○ Get 200 Nebula stones for shiny hunt (I have 6)
○ Get ditto (1,435 of 10,000 normal gems)

Inventory More to come! (Hopefully)

I am always willing to trade for normal gems! But I dont trade dragon gems. I am not willing to trade normal gems, either.
Normal gems: 1,435
Grass gems: 102
Flying gems: 18
Ground gems: 42
Bug gems: 69
Electric gems: 51
Poison gems: 25
Dark gems: 25
Ghost gems: 41
Fire gems: 13
Psychic gems: 43
Dragon gems: 3
Steel gems: 17
Water gems: 34
Ice gems: 17
Fairy gems: 19
Fighting gems: 40
Rock gems: 73


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