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Trainerlevel: 37

Trainerpoints: 2,708/4,143


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mareanie10 / 8

Shiny Hunt

Cuocuobacchaya is currently hunting Mareanie.
Hunt started: 26/05/2022

Chain: 13

radarless Shiny Hunt

Hunt started: 16 february 2022

Breeding pair: two Cherose (Requited)


Cherose (Requited) Eggs: 3

Cherose (Unrequited) Eggs: 9

Shiny Cherose (Requited) hatched: 0

Shiny Cherose (Unrequited) hatched: 0


non-shinies: Auction (dex number 420), starting bid = 2,999 pd.


Event mon discussion thread: how it works, how to breed different types (Requited and Unrequited)

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #16760432
Registration: 07/01/2021 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 467:32 Hours
Total interactions: 660,506
Money: 141,640
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


one of my favorite things to watch on youtube lately.

OvO (warning for owls) OvO
23 Days ago
Has anyone tried to Shiny Hunt Cherose? (with PokéRadar)

If I hunt Unrequited Cherose, ...will Requited Cherose break my shiny chain?

Or does PokéRadar see both Cherose as one species?
24 Days ago
When i had finally given up hope, and used Power Orbs on an Egg to speed up the hatching, and was about to release this baby to the wild... this cuteness hatched.

24 Days ago
you need a Stardust for each Solar Eevee you want to evolve. Stardust can only be found in a special Rumble Area called Space. this Rumble area can only be explored by a Deoxys. and you can only unlock this area *after* you complete your Hoenn dex.

:( .....Stardust can also be purchased at Item Market. but there's only like 24 available at the moment, starting price 50,000 pd. cause it's a rare item, and few have their Hoenn dex complete.
1 Month ago
Can the Dratini eggs from Game Center be Shiny?

the ones for 15,000 game chips.

i'm asking because there is no "Shiny Dratini egg" listed in the table.
1 Month ago
yep. having Premium *does help* with shiny hunts.
1 Month ago
ok so this is partly my fault.....(i really wanted that pokemon.... but for this price, doesn't make much sense)

i'mma stop bidding on this pokemon now. guess i'll just have to wait till my Chikorita shiny hunt ends, and then i can start breeding Dragonite in Daycare.
1 Month ago
Huh. so the Golden Pokemon balls now have some purpose??


Literally Rowan:

There's something in the wind

I made another Golden Poké Ball - and not only that. I finally found a purpose for them! In the past few weeks, I've been working on a special machine with the help of Bill, the Tech-Nerd. He helped me code this "portal" as he calls it.

The Golden Poké Balls are partly made out of Yellow Orthoclase, which is the last missing material that we need for this machine. Using all four Golden Poké Balls plus the one that I am giving you now should be enough to generate the necessary energy!

The machine should be ready in the next few days. Until then, please protect this last Golden Poké Ball with your life! This portal could be the next big invention that changes the world as we know it.
1 Month ago
''The Daycare Owner is ignoring you.
Come back later again.''

LOL :-)
1 Month ago
How can a Retro be Mega-able??? ....this pokemon on Auction... but.... Retros can't evolve.... so.... how do they Mega evolve?
1 Month ago
XD LOL at the April Fools Event Plushie. the Fragrance is very nice!
1 Month ago
why do people give their pokemon random items to hold? a crobat holding a gracidea... what's the point of that? ...random pokemon holding random gems... why is this a thing?
1 Month ago
o__O .....interactions made today: 22,000 ......

ok. time for a break ^^; lol
2 Months ago
Heart this feed if you want to be Mass Clicked.

(im participating in Speed Click Saturday... looking for people to Mass Click)
2 Months ago
LOL :D the one time i put an Event Mon in Daycare with a different species, hoping to get a Non Event Egg (for Dex Entry)........... :D lmao, the first Egg is an Event Egg. XD
2 Months ago
Theory about Breeding Event Mon:

The Category mentioned in the Event Shop shows how easy it is to breed the Event Pokemon.

When you have a Breeding Pair of that Event Mon from different Original Trainers...

Common Event Mon are relatively easy to breed (you get a lot of Event Eggs in Daycare: a lot of the Eggs you get are Event Eggs, and very few are Non-Event Eggs).

Uncommon Event Mon are more difficult to breed (you get a lot more Non-Event Eggs in Daycare).

Rare Event Mon are difficult to breed (you get very few Event Eggs in Daycare).

Event Mon that only exist in 1 Gender can be difficult to breed for another reason: you have to pair it with a different species. This greatly reduces the number of Eggs you get of this species, and you'll get very few Event Eggs.

Legendary or Genderless Event Mon can be only bred with Ditto. So you can't breed them in Daycare until you get Ditto.
2 Months ago
ayyyy New Plushies got added to Dream World Shop <3
2 Months ago
XD dang. i tried boiling a Mega Stone, and got a Mystery Key instead....
2 Months ago
finally unlocked Mega Stone at Gem Cauldron! <3
2 Months ago

offering Art commissions

Send me a private message if you want me to draw for you.

Been actively drawing for about 6 years. I specialize in digital art: manga style and semi-realism.


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