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Trainerlevel: 42

Trainerpoints: 3,990/5,333


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
True Love
36842,352 / 325,902
ooo Leafy ooo
417334,157 / 615,078
24444,238 / 179,341
Sasuke Uchiha
(Mega Typhlosion)
245165,834 / 209,708
Peaked in highschool
16421,624 / 101,476
Gengar at home: ...
20484,922 / 144,519

Shiny Hunt

Cuocuobacchaya is currently hunting Cherose (Unrequited).
Hunt started: 31/03/2023

Chain: 26

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4

to hunt

to hunt (part 2)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #16760432
Registration: 07/01/2021 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 692:33 Hours
Total interactions: 904,888
Money: 814,484
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Did the Tournament already start?
11 Months ago
me on Speed Click Saturday: easily does 2,000 clicks in 10 minutes.

me on a regular day: ugh 😑 how can we do 500 clicks in 1 hour??? It's too much 😩
11 Months ago
Battle requests open, current party. Wanna test them out before event.

I'm logging off for the night. But I'll be back tomorrow.
11 Months ago
So..... despite me having a terrible time on my last shiny hunt hunting Happiny.... I managed to eventually get a Happiny with amazing IV. 😁👍 Don't give up people! 😉 Sometimes there's good reason why a hunt is taking too long.
11 Months ago
if you could choose your own First Name,
would you rather have:

> a boring but common First Name that sounds typical of your area, and doesn't sound weird at all, suits your Last Name perfectly... but there's literally hundreds of people with the same name as yours (so your name doesn't stand out)?

-- an exotic foreign name that's kinda popular in your area now, but not really. So your name sounds cool, and you sound 'different', but it's not like super weird or strange or anything like that. People just might assume you have a foreign background.

- a really old name that is local but not really in-use anymore. Might sound a bit old fashioned, or "Retro", since you brought it back from the dead... This name was popular a hundred years ago but nobody names their kid that way now.

+ a really weird name that wasn't a name 5 years ago. Extremely unique and original, but maybe funny sounding, and you would stand out like a sore thumb.

Which one?
11 Months ago
The advantage to hunting Event Mon: you don't end up with a box full of hundreds of Pokemon of the same species. (I'm still giving away Happiny.... check Trade box...)
11 Months ago
Mom: we already have Gengar at home.

Gengar at home: ...
11 Months ago
How many SCS tokens do we normally get? I got like only 4 for 2486 interactions in one set of 10 minutes. Is that normal?
11 Months ago
Scrolling through Auction for Shiny Pokemon...... owwwww, most of the shiny Pokemon on my wish list are not there... 😂 (and the ones that are, I can't afford now.) Although it's probably cheaper to get on Auction than to go shiny hunting yourself. (Paying the daycare, and the gem collector for extra eggs, and buying event points with nuggets can get expensive. Not to mention the time and dedication it takes to shiny hunt.)
1 Year ago
Fun fact: you can raise your gardening level by just watering your berry plants, even if you don't harvest the berries. That way you can delay harvesting until a dream points task arises. And get double the gardening points for the same set of berries.
1 Year ago
Crobat or Jigglypuff?
1 Year ago
I have mixed feelings about someone..... They seem genuine and sort of awkward. While at the same time, .....I don't know. I don't think they would be that interested in me if they knew more about me. And I'm not sure if they're only interested because they have crushes on unavailable people. I have met other people who seem more mentally healthy. Then again, it is nice to be looked at like you put the sun in the sky. I don't think anyone has ever looked at me like that. And I don't want to devalue their feelings.
1 Year ago
I am so tired. Just want to sleep but can't yet. Too much to do.
1 Year ago
a breeding pair of Cherose Requited produce more Unrequited eggs than Requited (on average when you take a sample of like 10 event eggs produced, most will be Unrequited). I have a breeding pair of Cherose Requited. That's why I decided to hunt Unrequited first. The idea is to hunt Requited Cherose using my future shiny Unrequited Cherose breeding pair. (I already have one Unrequited Cherose from a different OT.) All I need is a Unrequited Cherose from my daycare or event shop. To start hunting Cherose Requited. So that's next after this hunt.
1 Year ago
if there is a black hole at the center of the milky way, .......will we ever get pulled into it? why? why not?
1 Year ago
Interesting fact I hadn't considered before: the Cherose Requited are Grass type Pokemon. While the Cherose Unrequited are dual type Grass Poison pokemon. Kinda funny when you think of it. That unrequited love is literally poison. Very symbolic.
1 Year ago
Awwe the Easter egg looks so cute 🥺
1 Year ago
Today I found out that a guy I liked is a complete (censored). Basically he's not a good person. Yes I already had my doubts about his character, but I didn't want to just assume things based on little information. So I gave him the opportunity to show me who he really is.

Can't say I'm surprised. But yeah a little disappointed. (Basically what happened is I caught him consistently negging another girl. If you don't know what negging is: insults and microagressions disguised as "jokes". He mocked a girl's medical condition. 😐
1 Year ago
Maybe i should do something productive today 🤔
1 Year ago
Ok I found all Easter eggs 🐣
1 Year ago

my art

Some of the art I've made. And I also write fiction. Currently working on an original Teen-rated comic.

Pikachu fam in a field of Eldelium.

a portrait of Holly Brown.

Dabi and Deku Midoriya (My Hero Academia fanart).


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radarless Shiny Hunt

Hunt started: 16 february 2022
New Hunt started: 31 march 2023

Breeding pair: two Cherose (Requited)


Cherose (Requited) Eggs: 3

Cherose (Unrequited) Eggs: 10

Shiny Cherose (Requited) hatched: 0

Shiny Cherose (Unrequited) hatched: 0


non-shinies: Auction (dex number 420), starting bid = 2,999 pd.


This will no longer be updated. (Busy schedule.) See widget for Shiny Hunt.

Event mon discussion thread: how it works, how to breed different types (Requited and Unrequited)

to shiny hunt: