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Trainerlevel: 69

Trainerpoints: 9,456/14,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Magikarp23 / 24

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Remember that I'm the coder of this website and want to focus on this task as much as possible 😊

Project Rock (Kanto)

6 / 35
Goal: 01/08/2024

#96 Drowzee ❌
#97 Hypno ❌
#102 Exeggcute ❌
#103 Exeggutor ❌
#108 Lickitung ❌
#114 Tangela ❌
#127 Pinsir ✔️
#127 Mega Pinsir ❌
#128 Tauros ✔️
#199 Slowking ✔️
#208 Steelix ❌
#208 Mega Steelix ❌
#462 Magnezone ❌
#463 Lickilicky ❌
#465 Tangrowth ❌
#979 Annihilape ❌
#23 Ekans ❌
#24 Arbok ✔️
#27 Sandshrew ❌
#28 Sandslash ❌
#46 Paras ❌
#47 Parasect ❌
#48 Venonat ❌
#49 Venomoth ❌
#56 Mankey ❌
#57 Primeape ❌
#69 Bellsprout ❌
#70 Weepinbell ❌
#71 Victreebel ❌
#79 Slowpoke ✔️
#80 Slowbro ✔️
#80 Mega Slowbro ❌
#81 Magnemite ❌
#81 Magneton ❌
#95 Onix ❌


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ShatteredDiamond 19 Hours ago
tord 8 Days ago
tord 8 Days ago
BeACat5414 9 Days ago

Game Records

Trainer ID: #201681867
Registration: 14/06/2013 (11 Years ago)
Game Time: 5155:16 Hours
Total interactions: 597,297
Money: 19,724,235
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Melting 🥵
In other news, where are the Ground-type eggs, Prof. Rowan?
3 Days ago
Lab go brrrr
10 Days ago
Anyone aiming for shiny Mew this year? 💪
20 Days ago
FYI: Just like with the most recent events/updates, tomorrow's anniversary post won't drop immediately at midnight. I want to be online/awake when things go live.

The Mew Plushie event starts at midnight, however, so you can or course already get some of these. But there's no rush
23 Days ago
I wonder what Greg the Gem Collector would look like as a plushie... 🤔
Show us in our Plushie Drawing Contest!
1 Month ago
Is PH really turning 11 in two weeks? 🫨
It's starting to become older than some of its members
1 Month ago
New event dropping today

Or should I say old event :hmm:
1 Month ago
What's everyone working towards right now?
I'm too lazy to shiny hunt 🤧
1 Month ago
I'll try to start the next event distribution sometime tomorrow :)
1 Month ago
When do you want the next event?
And should it be dingdong, boomboom or chhhhiiiaaaah-kkhhrrrr?
1 Month ago
100M interactions left before we reach our milestone of 10B total interactions!

What's your prediction - when are we going to achieve this goal?
2 Months ago
Was my prediction off?
If every active member does around 22k interactions today, tomorrow and on the 21st, we will reach the goal 🤡
2 Months ago
In our recent spriting contest, participants were tasked to create Emera/regional variant 'mons for future events. The staff has voted on these submissions and thus we now have a finalised ranking.

However: Some of these entries (of high quality) are slightly more Event'ish than Emeran/regional variant types. They are certainly good, but it feels weird labelling them "Emeran".

So we've got two options and you can decide via the poll on my profile:
Option A: We release the best four entries and some of them are labelled regular events instead of Emerans.
Option B: Sprites that are deemed not "Emeran/regional" enough are disqualified. This strongly reduces the pool of good-quality submissions and thus we have less 'mons to release/less winners.
2 Months ago
Let me know when you're ready for the next new Event Pokemon 😎
(And let me know what you think it'll be)
2 Months ago
Data-oriented analysis of the event (more thoughts in the comments):

- We've had 1,639 active members* during the event period

- 782 members collected at least 1 Gimmicoin, that's 48%
- 353 members collected at least 99 Gimmicoins, that's 22%
- 89 members collected at least 999 Gimmicoions, that's 5%
- 1,063 members found at least one Gimmighoul, that's 65%
In total, 323k coins have been found, that's 31-times enough to fully evolve shiny Gholdengo

To some this might sound like low numbers, but is actually quite high in comparison:
- 688 members obtained a Kubfu egg in its event distribution
- Approx. 500 members found Kyurem this year
- 542 members sent out a Valentine's card this year

In conclusion, I'd say the event didn't result in super activity spikes, nor was the activity lower than usual. In my opinion, this was a good start (see comments for future ideas)

* at least 30 minutes of cumulative game time during event period
3 Months ago
Some details on the event:
- Gimmicoins are tradeable.
- Gimmicoins do not expire when the event ends, so you can collect and accumulate them over multiple events if you are a more casual player.
- Gimmighoul itself does not break your chain as it's "obtained through event"; but getting gimmicoins requires hatching certain eggs that naturally affect your hunt. That's why you can pause your hunt for free.

As stated in the news post, this event features rather new concepts/elements and we'll first have to see how these things play out before considering possible adjustments/rebalancing for future events. I hope you enjoy this "new wind" the way it is for now :)
3 Months ago
Easter Event goes live in about an hour. Get ready
3 Months ago
I might be able to finish work on the Easter event tomorrow, though no promises can be made. I underestimated how much work this all would be lol

Anyway, here's a small spoiler: The event will feature 3 new Pokedex entries and a new evolutionary item. The item's icon was sprited by myself. Yup, this is (as far as I recall) the first sprite made by me on-site, if we don't consider the x4 icon I made as a joke.
3 Months ago
My main reasons behind changing this year's Easter egg hunt is because (A) once users started making site maps, the challenge was kinda gone for most people anyway and (B) the event effectively only lasted for a few hours for some, if you managed to find all eggs on day 1.

This year's event will still feature a familiar Easter egg hunt, but with additional challenges lasting for the entire event period :) And thus multiple rewards of course
3 Months ago
This year's "Easter Egg" hunt will be a completely reworked, new type of egg hunt 🐰🥚🐣
4 Months ago



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