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Kingdalli 1 Hour ago
CaptainParisStarr 3 Days ago
-carter- 11 Days ago
CaptainParisStarr 20 Days ago
zelbi 21 Days ago
Shadowplay 27 Days ago
MeepTheMareep02 :) 1 Month ago
Excalibur322 1 Month ago
Rogers random plushie :3 1 Month ago
Rogers Random plushie 1 Month ago
Rogers Random plushie 1 Month ago
CheesyKuriboh Have a nice day/night! 1 Month ago
Rogers Have a nice day random user 👀 1 Month ago
EpicChicken 1 Month ago
parakitty25 1 Month ago
Valkyrr 1 Month ago
RainWingThing Have a great day! 1 Month ago
Boots 1 Month ago
PuppyToast 1 Month ago
Shel 1 Month ago
ShayDuck24 2 Months ago
drackie :) 2 Months ago
drackie :) 2 Months ago
Saella94 Event Distribution 2 Months ago
EpicChicken Sending Wobbuffets to random people! 2 Months ago
Picklesthegreatest 2 Months ago
ShayDuck24 No prob! Here you go :) 2 Months ago
Homework_sis Yeah thanks for the plushie! Gonna send this white dog your way too, it's gnawing it's teeth out. Dangerous but a precious addition to the collection! 2 Months ago
AtlasBarelyAnimates 2 Months ago
nahikainen 3 Months ago
ShayDuck24 3 Months ago
ShayDuck24 Torchic :) 3 Months ago
Riako Advent Calendar 3 Months ago
Homework_sis Yup! Gosh Christmas is so close already! Here's an ice cream for the occasion, providing that additional sweetness and flavors for your Christmas dinner! Merry Christmas!:) 3 Months ago
Homework_sis Thanks for the gift! Here's a gem lover for you! It'll help you find the glistering gems in the royal tunnel and soon you'll be rich! Muhaha 3 Months ago
Saella94 Event Distribution 3 Months ago
Saella94 Special reward for spending 1,000 Dream Points at the DW Shop. 3 Months ago
hizuto 3 Months ago
otacon 3 Months ago
Riako Advent Calendar 3 Months ago
Dark_lord 3 Months ago
Zukana Random plushie gift ^_^ 3 Months ago
ShayDuck24 3 Months ago
ellen1987 3 Months ago
Chezetta Enjoy! 4 Months ago
Greenery 4 Months ago
Saella94 Event Distribution 4 Months ago
FrenchiFrench Thank you for the plushie! ^.^ 4 Months ago
Gojirath 4 Months ago
Homework_sis Lol hi long time no see! After joining my friendly pokemon, your lil morpeko has rested well and warmed up with everyone. It especially loves my fluffy mega altaria, like a pillow, it says:) 4 Months ago
Usako 🌺 have a great day 🌺 4 Months ago
Saella94 Halloween Event 4 Months ago
HostilePeach Have a nice day! :) 4 Months ago
Cress :) 4 Months ago
cloakedschemer Hope you enjoy the random plushie! ^•^ 5 Months ago
SatoSugu 5 Months ago
Saella94 Fun Fair - Apple Bobbing 6 Months ago
Homework_sis You hear a childs cry and a soft snicker. Turning around you find a mismagius cursing everything it touches. Desperate to not get it's curse, you duck and it finds out that it actually just wants to envelope you in it's fine cloak. Who knew you were so good with ghosts👻 6 Months ago
Homework_sis Which one is it, you wonder, suddenly the room has this unpleasant stench and decrease in temperature... You look around and find your vision coming to a blur, a dark coloured gas covers the room... Spooky but look like this Gastly loves you!(too bad you can't even hug it-its all gas:/) 6 Months ago
Homework_sis Ooh it's so cold and it's fur is so smooth. You feel and instant drop in temperature compared to when with the fire foxes... It eats your snack and jumps into your hand, the gentle breeze it breathes, looks like you've got a new best friend! 6 Months ago