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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 3,462/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Absol14 / 9

Hello there

you are now reading the profile of a battle addicted(and slightly insane)skitty
-Pretty much 100% introverted
-Has terrible memory...wait what was i about to say
-pretty much only listens to EDM (avicii was and still is a legend)
-Favourite Pokémon are Skitty, Marshadow, Absol, Milotic, Salamence, Gardevoir, Garchomp, Dragapult and Ceruledge
-Favourite region is Alola (this is solely because of the anime, I haven't played them before XD)
-Has successfully climbed the Pokemon Showdown Ladder in Doubles OU (in 2 accounts :D) and Metronome (RL u better work harder if u wanna be the true metronome master >:))
-Enjoys Pokeheroes, Roblox, a bit of Minecraft, a lot of Pokemon Showdown, building teams on Pokemon Showdown, battling on Pokemon Showdown, Pokemon Go (friends can ask me for my trainer code via pp/pm), pokemon anime (specifically sun and moon), clean pokemon memes, dodgeball/dodgebee, a bit of narrow.one, questioning the reason of existence (if there even is one), watching WolfeyVGC on Youtube and (last but most importantly) trolling RL

This is my IRL friend and battle team test subject in showdown and ph:

Some personal achievements that nobody knows or cares about:
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Volcarona here was Rank 10 in March 2023 BHC
Top 4 in time zone 63 in PokéHeroes’ first battle tournament
Volcarona here was Rank 13 in Sept 2023 BHC
Volcarona here was Rank 7 in Oct 2023 BHC

my pride and joy

Shiny Hunt

mystiskit is currently hunting Absol.
Hunt started: 17/02/2024

Chain: 42
0 0 0


mystiskit hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #830789201
Registration: 12/01/2023 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 442:21 Hours
Total interactions: 1,138,875
Money: 3,379,344
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


The amount of rage i have for myself being able to either only finish the maze or get all the stickers is unsurpassable
Yesterday, 08:39
me realizing i forgot to pay a visit to Prof Rowan on my bday so i couldnt see the wholesome dialogue

ehh...i slept through half of it anyway
10 Days ago
Daycare when I’m busy with other things: 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚
Daycare when I’m chronically online:
19 Days ago
I swear, there’s been at least one shiny or mega or shiny mega in the eggs I leave unadopted

On a completely unrelated note, happy lunar new year
23 Days ago
A wild Kyurem appeared!

The Kyurem seems to have noticed that you're a kind-hearted person who interacts with many Pokémon.

Oh, it seems to want to make you a gift!

Please select a Gift:

Kyurem Egg
Shiny Chance: 0.01% Kyurem Plushie
Raises Kyurem's shiny chance

And in only 2031 interacts, thanks kyurem now I can go to bed

Goodnight everyone
1 Month ago
It’s too late for me to do another scs…guess I’m just gonna interact a bit
1 Month ago
Yeahhh, I kinda completely forgot I wanted to get at least one kubfu for the event….
1 Month ago
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 1 Year now!

→ Claim your gift
and i never even noticed
1 Month ago
Your head hurts too much, you want to sleep but cannot fall asleep, and exam results aren't helping.

Typical monday

at this point i dont even want answers, i need sleep
1 Month ago
Oh, so it’s SCS today, cool

2 Months ago
Merry Christmas and have a happy new year guys :)
see you guys in 2024
2 Months ago

Interactions made 5,068
finally, 5k interacts...
2 Months ago
You push the black key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x New Moon Island (Map) found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.
2 Months ago

PH-wise, to finally get the motivation to complete my favourite region's dex and to get this sm hunt over with

Non-PH-wise, to build a VGC team on pokemon showdown and get onto the ladder (maybe even climb to the top, but i seriously doubt my skills) and maybe even try it on the in-game ladder after i get the team (which will require all my patience)
oh yeah and to finally get my grades together :P
2 Months ago
4 Months ago
Hi I’m bored can somebody give me a Pokémon from the scarlet and violet dex or Kitakami dex so I can spend an hour or so building a team
wait I have a humongous test on Thursday another on Friday and a Guzzlord-sized test on Monday I should study
ignore that
4 Months ago
The heck should I choose if Im not scared of those stuff…
4 Months ago
Yooo a shiny from rumbling
Galvantula you might be one of my newest rumbling bugs but you have officially achieved greatness o7
4 Months ago
(kinda late but)
1st: Pikachow
2nd: Nekoplant
Congrats to the winners, will send prizes later :)
With all that done, time to work on a new, unfamiliar Doubles OU team (or maybe its usable in VGC Reg D or E) to climb higher up the ladder
4 Months ago

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