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Trainerlevel: 24

Trainerpoints: 1,011/1,751


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Buneary404,449 / 4,921
Seadra373,090 / 4,219
Buneary363,284 / 3,997
Buneary37583 / 4,219

Huggles and Plushies


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Nicoliole 4 Months ago
Nicoliole 5 Months ago
Sartor 5 Months ago
Zarkesh 6 Months ago

NoisyBoy’s Shiny Hunt Store

Hello everyone! Welcome to NoisyBoy’s Shiny Hunt store. There is a Grand Opening sale taking place. For a limited time all Pokémon are 50% off. Yeah you heard right. 50% OFF!


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1. All PH rules.

2. Be patient. Shiny Hunting can take a long time.

3. Please don’t request a gender or nature. I’m not in control of the gender or nature the shiny will be.


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Shiny Pokémon

Easy: 100,000 PD

Medium: 150,000 PD

Hard: 200,000 PD

Rare: 250,000 PD

Special: 300,000 PD

Fossils: 300,000 PD

Unown: 1,000,000 PD

Starters: 250,000 PD

Shiny Event Pokémon

Common: 300,000 PD

Uncommon: 500,000 PD

Rare: 700,000 PD

Special: 1,250,000 PD

There are some exceptions to these prices so please PM me to find out the price anyways.


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1. NoisyBoy

Shiny Hunt List

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I finally have a Ditto! Just PM or Palpad me to tell me if there is a Pokémon you would like me to Shiny Hunt and I’ll tell you if I can or can’t hunt it.

Made on 21/2/19


I accept tips/donations to help me buy items, Pokémon or pay for new batteries for my Pokéradar. To give me a tip you just need to send me PD and/or nuggets. I also accept all gems. Just send them to me as a gift and please leave me a message telling me it’s a tip or donation. Thank you.

Tipper/Donator Shoutout

XxToxicxX, Ayumu

Tips/Donations as of 13/2/19

PD: (110,000/10,000,000)

Nuggets: (0/8,000) Please help me get a year of Premium. I need all the help I can get.


Dragon Gems: (0/150) For Xerneas and Yveltal Eggs

Normal Gems: (1/10,000) for Ditto

Fire Gems: (0/10,000)

Grass Gems: (1/10,000)

Water Gems: (0/10,000)

Fighting Gems: (4/10,000)

Flying Gems: (0/10,000)

Poison Gems: (3/10,000)

Electric Gems: (50/10,000)

Ground Gems: (1/10,000)

Rock Gems: (1/10,000)

Psychic Gems: (1/10,000)

Ice Gems: (0/10,000)

Bug Gems: (0/10,000)

Ghost Gems: (1/10,000)

Dark Gems: (0/10,000)

Steel Gems: (1/10,000)

Fairy Gems: (0/10,000)


Star Pieces: (0/50)

Light Stones: (0/1)

Dark Stones: (0/1)


NoisyBoy hasn't collected any medals so far.

Badge Showcase

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #100925603
Registration: 13/08/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 165:24 Hours
Total interactions: 139,577
Money: 126,681
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Click exchange anyone?

5 Days ago
Please interact with Olivia. It’s Professor Rowan’s Pokémon and it’s for the Professor Challenge. I will be doing a giveaway if I beat Professor Oak so make sure to interact and show proof in the comment section below so I know who to enter into the future giveaway (I still need to ask a moderator for permission to do a giveaway though but won’t until I beat Professor Oak).

Also please give this post a like.
4 Months ago
By LucarioLover99 - 3 Minutes and 20 Seconds ago.

Wow, the generosity on pokeheroes is so amazing! I got so many gifts, and ended up with more that 1 million pd! Now, time to do a giveaway!

Share this ENTIRE post with my name on it, and also share the #millionpdforlucario and you will be entered into a draw!

1st place: 2 mystery items, 10k pd
2nd place: 1 mystery item, 5k pd
3rd place: 1 mystery item

The draw ends in a day, so post and share quick!
4 Months ago
If Olivia (Professor Rowan’s Venonat) gets enough interactions and I win the challenge then I might do a giveaway. So make sure to interact with Olivia as much as possible.
4 Months ago
4 Months ago
Please interact with the Venonat in my party. The Pokémon is from Professor Rowan and I need it to reach a high level so it beats Professor Oak’s Pokémon.
4 Months ago
By Argentis
If this hatches before reset, I’ll raffle out two prizes of 50k PD to anyone who interacts with it (comment or heart works).

Additional 25k PD will be raffled to anyone sharing my username #Ag
4 Months ago
4 Months ago
By MasterOfTheKey - 4 Minutes and 39 Seconds ago.

Hey everyone, I was gonna make a poll but I thought some backstory would help. So I rescued a dog last August and I love her to bits. Anyways the shelter that we got her from is having an adoption event this weekend and since I can't really afford to donate money (and they really need it right now they just rescued a bunch of dogs that needed medical attention and another one of the dogs they rescued just had a litter) my dog is making paintings to sell where 100% of the proceeds would go to the shelter. Anyways my question is, how much would you spend on a dog made painting if you knew that it was going to a really good cause?

I want this to reach as many people as possible so place copy and paste this whole post along with the hashtag #DogPaintings4aGoodCost
4 Months ago
By Lucky_LOL789 - 16 Hours and 48 Minutes ago.

First of all, if you did my last giveaway and did not receive the prize, please comment down below. (Check your gifts) Also, I am doing another giveaway:
Step 1- Like this feed and comment with proof
Step 2- Share the hashtag- #Foundmy1stSprite
Step 3- Interact with my Sprite egg
If you do these things, a prize may just be waiting for you at the GTS (Expires when my sprite hatches)
4 Months ago
By: RastaPastaPanda
Well guys, the time has finally come! I would like to introduce to you...
The Shiny Shop Of Horrors! The newest discount shiny shop to hit the forums ❤️
In honor of our grand opening, we will be hosting a giveaway. All you need to do is like the OG post and share this whole post to be entered to win one of 3 wonderful prizes!
Our prizes include a FREE shiny slot from our breeders’ starting hunts: Koffing, Bagon, Rockruff, Spiritomb or Zorua
First Place: 1 shiny of your choice from the list above
Second Place: 1 of the last 4 remaining shinies
Third Place: 1 of the last 3 remaining shinies
Good luck everyone and we look forward to starting this new adventure with you! ❤ #ShinyShopOfHorrors
[Share It!]
4 Months ago
I’m looking to get a Ditto. Please PM me if you have one and you’re interested in selling it.
4 Months ago
By magikarp98 - 5 Hours and 26 Minutes ago.

I am giving away 50 sets of mystery boxes+keys of their color. And I will give them away in a couple days, exact end date will be revealed tomorrow. Share #mysteriousmagikarp to be entered to win(also more prizes revealed tomorrow too.
4 Months ago
By CuppyTheArtist
My Dragonite is far behind Rowan’s *sweats*
I’m feeling generous, why not do a giveaway?
All you have to do is share this, as well as feed Dominic a berry and comment with proof.
The prizes are:
1st: 5x dragon gem
2nd place: 1x light rock, 1x cold rock
3rd: 2x star piece, 50k PD
4th: 1x relic gold
5th: Shiny Charmander
Ends tomorrow at reset.
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5 Months ago
By Kidkalamity
Giveaway time~♡
I managed to get several shinies from my hunt so here you go~

Just share #kalamityborfborf for your chance at a Shiny Houndoom
Ends next reset~♡
5 Months ago
Yay! X2! Let’s make use of it. Everyone please interact/feed my Starter Pokémon and the Pokémon in my Party. And thank you in advance.
5 Months ago
By TomKayANZane - 5 Hours and 3 Minutes ago.

Because I’m losing ! I need everyone’s help!!! We need to beat prof oak!!! Finn the wailord needs to level up by a lot so if you can please feed him a berry!!

#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest

If we win, 3 lucky people who helped will receive a gift
1) 100,000 PD
2) mega available Pokémon
3) and random gift.. from berries to PD

(If we lose 3 lucky people will still win)

All you have to do is like and share this after feeding Fin the wailord and help the others on the checklist to complete their request!!

This ends after Fin is collect back to prof Rowan !!!
5 Months ago
By Hacked~Project4 - 2 Days and 5 Hours ago.

Share the hashtag #QuitStealingMyHoney for a chance to win :
1.Combee or any Pokemon you want
3.A special something
Also, sorry that this giveaway is bad
5 Months ago
By UnfathomableShadow - 8 Hours and 27 Minutes ago.

I need contest ideas, and I figured.... many people have enjoyed my surprise visits, perhaps the dark magic wizard darkrai will stay awhile


I couldn’t figure out a contest idea... I wanted something grand, like a storyline where you followed clues from other people on this site and stuff, but time screws us over, so I figured it out

I am an UnfathomableShadow, the way I affect others is by giving... I’ll be looking around this site for other users... and they will be seeing something from me... I suggest you all start posting a want/need, I’ll be everywhere, hopefully able to give to many, but SHARE THIS *ENTIRE* HASHTAG AND you’ll be noticed in my list (of hashtags lol)

... the giftmaster is coming, make me seen everywhere, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol
5 Months ago
By The*Milky*Way - 11 Hours and 8 Minutes ago.

And were at it with another giveaway
#1 shiny event Rokkyu
#2 mega able event Rokkyu
#3 mega flygon
#4 300k pd
Winners announced tuesday love y'all
Heart this to enter [ no one saw that lol]
5 Months ago



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2019 Goals

I want to complete all these goals before 2020 so everyone please help me reach them.

[ ]Reach level 30

[ ]Do 300,000+ interaction

[ ]Get 1,000 Huggles

[ ]Have a total of 10 Pokémon boxes and increase all of the storages to 250 Pokémon each

[ ]Upgrade egg storage capacity to at least 6 eggs (really hoping to get to 10 eggs)

[ ]Get a Xerneas and Yveltal egg from the Gem Collecter

[ ]Get my Starter Pokémon (Empoleon) to level 300

[ ]Collect all the shiny plushies (non-event)

[ ]Shiny Hunt at least one legendary Pokémon

[ ]Get a shiny Eevee and the whole shiny eeveelution line

[ ]Get 2 Dittos


Eevee: (Complete) Shinies Hatched: 1