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Trainerlevel: 48

Trainerpoints: 2,483/6,959


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
27606 / 2,269
Solorb281,053 / 2,437

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Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon.
Because Leafeon's cells are like a plant, it performs photosynthesis


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Vulpix, the Fox Pokémon.
Before evolving, Vulpix's six part tail can become as hot as a fiery blaze


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Kingdra, the Dragon Pokémon.
Normally rest on the ocean floor, but in periods of high activity, even a simple yawn has enough power to create whirlpools


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Sceptile, the Forest Pokémon.
Its arms are equipped with razor-sharp leaves, and it moves lightly through tree branches in order to attack its enemies


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Tyrantrum, the Despot Pokémon.
Using its jaw, Tyrantrum can rip through thick metal. In times past, it was considered unbeatable.


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Volcarona, the Sun Pokémon and the evolved form of Larvesta.
When ash from a volcanic eruption darkened the sky, it is said Volcarona's fire replaced the sun.

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2019 - Shiny Hunts

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Bulbasaur - = 1
Charmander - = 1
Squirtle -
Espurr Male - = 1
Espurr Female - = 1
Vulpix -
Mimikyu -
Seadra -
Kingdra -

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Trainer ID: #329629775
Registration: 13/11/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 588:26 Hours
Total interactions: 1,650,503
Money: 66,173
Starter Pokémon: Torterra


Do the shadow pokemon break your chain?? Or are they not eggs and just pokemon??
1 Month ago
It's over 20 degrees today, may not seem that hot to some but this is ENGLAND!! #sendhelp
1 Month ago
Today is my birthday!!
2 Months ago
It's my birthday tomorrow :3
2 Months ago
Looking for Unown I and Q - will pay :3
3 Months ago
Missing magby, elekid and hitmontop for my gen 2 dex
3 Months ago
Anyone have a female electabuzz I can borrow to breed an elekid please??
3 Months ago
3 Months ago
Urg, task 2 of the apricorn battle is taking me forever -_-
3 Months ago
25 days until my birthday
I'm also volunteering and running a writer's group on that day #justanotherday
3 Months ago
Of anyone hunting shiny combee or going to be in the near future??
3 Months ago
Fudge today!! Fudge everything!!
3 Months ago
Looking to buy water gems for 2.5k each, send me a trade
3 Months ago
By Iccywolf - 9 Minutes and 18 Seconds ago.
Sooo as most of you know me I do giveaways with nuggets im like a mini s0ap which means I’m nice and all but I think I’m being too friendly so what am I going to do.....*spills cup* I’m now a rebel and you can’t stop me for I,Stephanie,will do a #slightlyaggressivegiveaway prize just a little smaller than the last one 3500 nuggets good luck ends when I say so
3 Months ago

I love how friendly and generous everyone on here is
4 Months ago
Thank you to everyone who joined in with my mareep giveaway! I will be announcing the winners today :3
4 Months ago
By Iccywolf - 9 Minutes and 17 Seconds ago.
* breathes* hmmmmmm 500 hundred nuggets....that’s a lot of nuggets......but only 100 people entered the last one...... maybe 500 was not enough you know? So what’s better than 500 nuggets.....hehehe *whispers* 1000 nuggets that’s enough for a full month of premium!...... share #doubletheprice for a chance to win 1000 NUGGETS!!! That’s it bye
4 Months ago

Oooooh espion
4 Months ago
Anyone know how I can breed to get an elekid??
4 Months ago
time for a giveaway!

I have the full evolution line of autumn mareep AND spring mareep to give away!
To participate just share the hash tag #mareepinspring or #mareepinautumn depending which evolution line you'd like to be in for a chance of winning!

(please do not share both - pick your fav)

The event ends at reset on April 23rd where there will be a lucky draw for each evolution line.
Good luck guys and don't forget to share this post :3
4 Months ago


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