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Slugua693 / 127

I'm LucarioLover99, but you can call me Lucario, Luca, Lu, or anything else appropriate! I identify as a female and use she and her pronouns!

My palpad is always open, if you want to chat or need anything, don't be afraid to ask! I also accept random friend requests, so please, please, please don't be afraid to friend me or chat! I'm always up to meeting someone new on site!
Nice, you found a secret message! Congrats, and have a great day!

"Rise up, when you're living on your knees you rise up..."

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If I ever get a really big box in the future, I'm making a little sleeping hole in it that I can just curl up in on my own with a few pillows and blankets, and close the flaps and you can't stop me

Night, y'all, do your best to have a great day :D
Today, 03:24
Okay, decided to try making the story thing in my previous post! I'm going to make a pal pad group, and I'll just a put a few basic rules.

If you haven't seen my previous post, its going to be a one word each story chain, where we try to take it seriously and make an interesting story.

Comment if you want to join, and... lets have a maximum of 7 people. If you do decide to join, thank you, and I hope this will be fun and interesting for all of us!
Yesterday, 22:45
Y'know what?

Every time I've done one of those one word each story chains, no one takes it seriously, and don't get me wrong, I love it like that. I think it's hilarious and really amusing...

But I wonder what would happen if a group of people decided to try making a story that made sense, one word at a time? I feel like the results might be very interesting
Yesterday, 22:34
Morning y'all! How are you doing?

Just had a thought: When you go to alola, how exactly does a pokemon recruit an egg? Does your pokemon steal the egg? Does the egg somehow agree to be recruited? I doubt I'll ever know XD
Yesterday, 16:06
My gosh musical songs are starting to have lots of nostalgic value for me, and I only got interested in my first one maybe 1.5 years ago

I guess a lot of things must have happened to remember? Idk XD Even getting distinct vibes from March 2020 from listening to a certain few musicals I found at the time
Yesterday, 03:49
My friend got me into a fandom today, and I'm getting her into one of mine >:3 Its been great
Yesterday, 02:56
Yesterday, 02:14
Me taking about my characters: Oh so this is Snap and he's very angsty and smol and he's an appletun... *Proceeds to tell his entire life story and more about him*

Me talking about myself: Umm.... ok... So I was born at a very young age, and ever since then I have been alive. Is that good enough
1 Day ago
So I was watching The Lion King, aka my favourite movie (I think, well its at least one of my favourites) and here are a few cool things right at the start:

1. When Simba's bothering Mufasa who's sleeping, he says to Sarabi "Before sunrise, he's your son" and later says "Everything the light touches is our kingdom", and before sunrise, theres NO SUN, SO HE'S NOT HIS YET XD What a great hidden joke, I hope I didn't interpret that wrong.

2. I heard a few puns when Zazu was giving the morning report, then it faded out and got harder to hear, and I was feeling curious, so I went and searched up the entire bit of dialogue:

"Well the buzz from the bees is that the leopards are in a bit of a spot. And the baboons are going ape over this. Of course, the giraffes are acting like they're above it all... The tick birds are pecking on the elephants. I told the elephants to forget it, but they can't. The cheetahs are hard up, but I always say, cheetahs never prosper..."

1 Day ago
Kakuna Ratata, what a wonderful phrase
Kakuna Ratata, ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's out problem free philosophy

Kakuna Ratata
1 Day ago
Decided to make 20 pokemon bios for my pokemon world town thing, including backstories which I usually make 300-400 words long... this might take a while XD

Well, I'm done 3 designs and about 4 full bios, and I have time, so I'll get there eventually :D Gonna share Snap's Backstory in the comments, because wynaut!
1 Day ago
Someone's asked if you're an early bird or a night owl? Well, why pick just one? Mess up your sleep schedule enough and you can be both at the same time!
1 Day ago
New random forum to keep track of my characters, check it out if you're bored :D
2 Days ago
Cane the Vaporeon, another character in my pokemon world I'm making!

If you haven't guessed already based on the designs in my previous feed, in this world, there's no 'regular' or 'shiny' pokemon! All pokemon have a base species, but each individual might have some different patterns, colours and features, which translate into other patterns when they evolve. No two pokemon look exactly alike, just how no two people look exactly alike (except for identical twins and such, but eh, that's fine XD)
2 Days ago
Drawings I did of Jasper the Rockruff and Snap the Appletun, some new ocs for my pokemon world/town/thing in the making!
2 Days ago

I'm done my first character backstory :D

Gonna put it in the comments, its a little long XD
2 Days ago
Ok, since I can't come up with names by myself, I'm gonna need some help... XD

If you can think of any good names for the following, commenting them would be rlly appreciated, thx!

A rainforest town, the name preferably having something to do with the word 'perigrinate'

A name for the rainforest having something to do with pokemon, as well as a river name

A male, carefree, does as he pleases, traveling zeraora

A female, thoughtful noivern who lives in the rainforest

A male, introverted, short tempered, bad with people appletun who wishes he was a flapple and collects machine parts

A bunch of kecleons with similar names

A female corvisquire who goes out of her way to make friends with those who don't seem to have any
2 Days ago
Thinking up oc names that work with the story and fit the character is so hard... XD
2 Days ago
Ight Ima head out

Night y'all

You better have a good day- or else *Stares into your soul*

Jk, just do your best to have a good one, y'all, see ya *Tips cowboy hat and rides away on an oversized roomba*
3 Days ago

About Me

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Truth is, I have no idea XD I'm super bad at reflecting apon my own personality. Even personality tests I take can't agree! I'll get one personality the first time, and another the next!

I like to think I'm friendly, and I hope we can be friends! I'm an ambivert, I think, it really depends on the day and such.

Favourite Things:
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Food: Sushi!

Colour: Blue-Greens and Dark, Vibrant Blues!

Animal Canines and Felines, though I love them all!

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Listening to Music, Binging Youtube and Playing PH!

Book Series: Warrior cats is good, but Heroes of Olympus is my favourite!

Musical: Hamilton, though Dear Evan Hansen and In the Heights are close contenders!

Movie: The Lion King is my favourite! The musical is good, too. Actually... might be Hamilton now XD

Favourite Pokemon:
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~ ~
Lucario Line
~ ~ ~
Lycanroc Line
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Eevee Line

Feel free to chat anytime, and know I'm here if you need me!


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