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Suggestion Guide [v. 2.0]

Forum-Index Suggestions Suggestion Guide [v. 2.0]
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Posted: Wed, 04/11/2020 16:29 (2 Years ago)
Hello there! So you have an idea that could possibly improve PokéHeroes? Great! We appreciate everyone who puts in time and effort to help make PokéHeroes a better place. However, there are a few things you'll need to check, before hitting the 'post' button.

Make sure the content of your suggestion is clear from the title. You can still elaborate through the actual post, of course, but we need to know what we're getting into from the title first.

v "Higher pay-out for milestone numbers in Hangman"
x "I have an idea!"

Content - the new idea
Make sure your idea is explained clearly and concisely. While visuals can help, they have no effect on the decision itself.
Two important questions can be asked and at least one of them should also be answered; Why and/or How. If neither question can be answered, you're not suggesting something, you're demanding something.

"Basically the title" is also not a suggestion. Have actual content/information in your post.

v "Hangman is a game that can be very frustrating and a lot of users don't see the use of it. This is because it caps at 2500 Game Chips after 100 in a row. This is why I'd like to suggest a one-time increase of Game Chips whenever a milestone is reached. The increase can be calculated through the chain [1000 => x10 reward] and go back to 2500 for the remaining words until the next Milestone [2000]."

x "I want more Game Chips, because I'm the best at Hangman and I deserve a reward for it!!!!"

Content - several ideas
Make sure that each suggestion gets its own thread, so we can vote for each suggestion separately. Being based on the same feature does not mean they should be one suggestion. If one can be implemented without the other, it should get its own thread.

v "The "milestones" could happen every 500 words, but if that's too often/OP, it could also happen every 1000 words."

x "You should get bonus Game Chips from every chain of x words in Hangman. You should also get some of your Game Chips back if the Treasure Hunt doesn't give you a prize 10 times in a row. Concentration should flip the cards for a second before the game begins."

Content - the duplicate
Make sure that no one else has already made a suggestion that is similar [if not identical] to yours. Posting a duplicate will not only lead to an immediate rejection, it will also get you a strike. If you make too many duplicates, you will be temporarily barred from making a suggestion.

Do the research, Mods are not your personal search engine.

Content - the expansion
Did Riako recently implement a new feature or update an already-existing one? Wait at least a week for the update to normalise on PokéHeroes.

It's normal for users to excessively use something new, which might lead to frustrations. However, this does not mean it will stay that way forever. Give the website [and the users] some time [1 week] to get used to the new addition, before suggesting anything related to it.

The decision
Make sure you are subscribed to your suggestion, as soon as you posted it. You will not be personally notified, so if you wish to know the decision, you will have to be subscribed.
There will always be a message posted; either showing that it has been approved [and made public] or an explanation why it has been rejected.

The decision does not reflect the personal views of the Moderator. It either did or did not follow the guidelines outlined in this post.

Rejected suggestions are removed after 2 weeks, so if you don't subscribe, you might miss the message/explanation.

The discussion
Remember that other users might have a different opinion than yours. It is important that you accept their opinion and remain civil. The goal is getting the suggestion ready for implementation, so giving critique feedback is important and should be done with respect, both towards the user and the suggestion itself.

v "Personally, I think a bonus every 500 words is a bit much. Maybe it could happen every 1000 words. It would still be a reward, but it wouldn't make Game Chips a lot easier to get."

x "You suck, this suggestion sucks. It should never happen!"
x "Great suggestion! Should definitely be implemented soon! You always have the best ideas!"

Event suggestions should not be done through the forum, but to the Staff-member(s) involved.
PokéHeroes Event => Riako
PokéHeroes Art => Artists (BakugouKatsuki; Hime-Nyan; Koushi)
Pokémon Event [sprites] => Spriters (Furret; Giltine13; Temy - guide)
PokéHeroes Contest => CatLady

The end
If you still have questions about suggestions or suggestions about this guide, you can contact CatLady and she will answer to the best of her abilities :3
Credits for avatar to ~Cookie~

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