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Suggesting Event Pokemon

Forum-Index Help Guides Suggesting Event Pokemon
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Posted: Sat, 20/02/2021 06:45 (2 Years ago)

This guide is to explain how to suggest your event ideas to the Spriters in an organized and cohesive manner.

What your suggestion should include.

Your suggestion should contain, at minimum, two pieces of information:
1. A base Pokemon. [While choosing a base Pokemon, keep in mind that we want as little repeated Pokemon as possible. Try picking a Pokemon that doesn't already have an event!]

2. A theme, a character, or some other concept that makes the Pokemon into an actual event. [We are not looking for fusions or recolors].

While not necessary, it would be beneficial to include sketches / drawings of your idea(s). This is the easiest way to get your ideas across to the team. [Note that any idea(s) submitted will most likely receive alterations to the design.]

Please do not submit already made sprites. If you'd like to submit sprites you've already made, please wait until our official Event Spriting Contest rolls around and/or, if you're really in to it, submit a spriter application here in the panel.

Publicly sharing event ideas.

It is important to keep your event ideas as secret! as possible. Please refrain from:

1. Sharing your event suggestions with friends.
2. Posting your event suggestions in the forums.
3. Posting your event suggestions in feeds.

It is also important to remember when uploading sketches/drawings of your suggestion, that all of these are uploaded and stored privately as well. No one should have access to them but yourself and the Spriter team.

Suggested upload sites are imgur.com (with privacy on), DeviantArt sta.sh, or any other site that allows private uploading and viewing.

Any event suggestion that is found to have been shared openly or posted publicly will unfortunately have to be declined.

Where to submit your event suggestions.

All of your event suggestions should be sent directly to one of the current Spriter* staff, via Pal Pad or PM.
*not artist staff (spriters and artists do different jobs on site).

Look for the blue banners that have "Spriter" in them on the Staff list to see who the current Spriters are.

Feel free to send any of your suggestions - I promise no one's going to bite!

Quote from Example (sent in a PM) Hi Furret! I'd like to suggest an event. My idea is: A Hoothoot that is an alarm clock, and a Noctowl that's a grandfather clock. The Hoothoot has a clock face with its face feathers that act like clock hands. It has a wind up key in the back like an old alarm clock. The Noctowl is really fancy, its head feathers turn into a wooden crest, and its wings are decorated with gold. It has a small clock face on its chest and in the stomach, it's a cavity containing a swinging pendulum.

This is an example of what a straightforward and clear event suggestion looks like.

The more information you give us, the better the chance of your suggestion becoming a reality. :)

That's all! Thank you for reading. 💕