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Trainerlevel: 79

Trainerpoints: 9,666/18,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
1,9548,042,650 / 11,460,211

Shiny Hunt

BakugouKatsuki is currently hunting Summer Mareep.
Hunt started: 24/11/2023

Chain: 77
1 0 0


Hay una bomba en mi cabeza
Y ¡Explota!
Escuchá mi voz
Ahora explota
Solo escucha mi voz
Mi mente hace exploción

Art © Tesoro
Icon art © Shapooda

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #869116695
Registration: 15/07/2013 (10 Years ago)
Premium member until 30/Mar/2024
Game Time: 3915:45 Hours
Total interactions: 1,031,697
Money: 22,113,520
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Thanks to everyone for the sweet words and plushies. Being artist for PH was one of the best things that came into my life. It definitely wasn't an easy decision to step back from the artist team but during the past months my life went a bit wild. You might have already noticed that I went into an absence abyss but I promise I'll be back as a regular player once I can breathe more again. For now I need to focus on everything that awaits me in the nearest future. I wanna build up a new life with a new partner on my side - and this life takes place in Belgium. Moving to another country was something I was thinking about quite a lot but now that I really have the chance I'm going to take the risk. Life is very short and we should try to make the most out of it! 💪

Big thanks to Riako, my artist colleagues and the whole staff team for many great years working together to make this site a better place. You're doing a great job and I'm proud I was part of it. 🤗🤎
7 Days ago
Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes and the plushie spam. You made an already perfect day even more perfect and I really appreciate that so much. 🙏😊

As you might have noticed I've been not that much around here these days. That applies not only to PH but also to any other Internet platform. I don't wanna explain any details since it feels too personal but I just wanted you to know that I need time. I've been in therapy for almost a year now and I'm very positive that my therapist is the one person that can help me with all these things I'm dealing with on a daily basis. I'm in good hands and there is nothing to worry about. I hope to be back to my old self soon again - once the day arrives I'm looking forward to spend time with you guys again. Please take care of yourself! ♥
8 Months ago
Merry Christmas everyone! May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year. 🎄🎅❤️
1 Year ago

My spring bby Kuroo has gifted me 8 years ago. I remember how happy I was when I got her. ♡

Along with very other sheep and of course Swinub I own, obviously. 🙌
1 Year ago
Dear anon, thank you for your lovely sky gift message! I just want to let you know that it really made my day. ♥
1 Year ago
I hope that was the last funeral for this year or like... the next 100 years. 😞
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
Today is Redfieldy's (my sisters' like... rl sister!) birthday! Please send her a plushie if you can. I bet she'll be happy about that. ♥
1 Year ago
Thank you so much for all your sweet and kind birthday wishes and let me drown in so many plushies. I feel so overwhelmed and if I cannot thank you all in person, I'm super sorry. Please take all my gratitude and love from this feed - you are wonderful and amazing people. I hope your day is going to be as great as mine. 🤎

And don't forget to send Ravenswing a birthday plushie and warm greetings, too. It's such a lovely coincidence to have a birthday twin whose also a staff member. 😊
1 Year ago
It still feels surreal. I've been listening to Depeche Mode ever since I was a little child, saw them life three times, their music have comforted me during my toughest moments in life and they are the source of my inspiration for almost every art piece I've created.

Rip Andy Fletcher. You'll be missed dearly. 🌹
1 Year ago
I hate to sound like a broken record but... if it takes a while for me to resonse, please don't be mad at me. I have to deal with lots of disappointments lately. One is the death of a family member and the funeral is holding this friday and I'm just heavily exhausted to manage the bit of free time I have...
1 Year ago
Congratulations! A shiny mega Rufflet hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #271)!

Oh my...!!!!
1 Year ago
Gotta love how I'm trying to be nice and comply to the shift planning and all they do is to kick me with disrespect. Like, they asked me if I can start 45 min. earlier to lead a training session. In return they have offered me to pack up work earlier, so of course I said yes. I hate those 10pm shifts anyway. Now I'm taking a closer look to my shift schedule and I still have to work until 9.45pm which are only 15 min. earlier than before. Thanks... I guess?
1 Year ago
Just came home from the concert and for the first time after so many months I've never felt so alive. Both the bands and fans were radiating so much energy - it was truely a blast! Rip to my voice and my feet but it was definitely worth it. ♡
1 Year ago
Just ordered tickets for a concert in two weeks and that's all how I feel right now.
1 Year ago
Still at work until 10pm (what else? 🥲) but at least this angry boy is keeping me company. I wasn't expecting to get my package this soon but I'm not complaining though.

Also close-up of his face. I love his winter costume but this one is even better. The hood!!! <3
1 Year ago
Finally picked up Mr. Boombastic from the post office this morning. 💥

The next figure I've ordered should arrive in a couple of days, too. <3
1 Year ago
Oink Oink! 🐗
1 Year ago
Thank you so much for your lovely V-day cards. 😭❤ I don't think I'll manage to collect enough sweet hearts to send each of you one back. But I'm tyring as good as I can. 💪

You might have also noticed that I rarely post anything here. I'm not doing fairly good right now, dealing with back pain due to an infection and taking antibiotics (and hope they will work because I'm not fond of the idea going to a hospital... haha), still struggeling with my ungrateful and nerve wrecking job and if I have at least 1-2 hours of free time per day, I rather spend it miserably in bed or playing some PLA. It's February and I'm already done with 2022. :')

But I hope that all of you are doing fine at least. ♥
2 Years ago
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you! 🎄🎁🎅
2 Years ago

💥 💥 💥

Bakugou / Liffy • artist • introverted • tea & coffee addict •
autumn lover • obsessed with Capybaras • music = life-essence

formerly known as Inosuke


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