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For when Milcery/Alcremie gets added to site

Forum-Index Suggestions Implemented For when Milcery/Alcremie gets added to site
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Posted: Mon, 18/11/2019 01:12 (3 Years ago)
So when Milcery gets added to Pokeheroes, how shall it evolve?
Should she... evolve just by holding a sweet?
In the game, giving her a sweet and spinning around in a circle evolves Milcery into Alcremie
Well I personally think this is a good idea and here is the process I just came up with:
give a sweet to Milcery
go onto her profile and then it says something (like how Mr. Moody is formed).
Something like Milcery is overjoyed and wants to spin around. Spin is a hyperclick like how Jolly Jr and Sad Jr form Mr. Moody
so when clicking on the spin hyperclick, she evolves into Alcremie.

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Posted: Tue, 26/11/2019 01:13 (3 Years ago)
And as I am learning more about Milcery into Alcremie evolution works, it seems like spinning in a different direction gets different forms as well as a certain amount of time (mostly 5 or 10 seconds)
Sooo maybe having an addition how long to spin and the direction of the spin. (clockwise as example)

And I mean...there are ALOT of different forms :P

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Posted: Tue, 26/11/2019 01:44 (3 Years ago)
personally, i feel like this would be a ton of work. i’d prefer if you just had them use a certain item, like a new item called a top (one of those spin toys).

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Posted: Tue, 26/11/2019 01:49 (3 Years ago)
While this sounds like a great idea, what about those who are mobile users only? How would they be able to "spin"?

I am not down voting your idea as this will be something to consider when the time comes. You might have more ideas!
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Posted: Tue, 26/11/2019 01:52 (3 Years ago)
... Hence why it is a *suggestion*
Who knows what Riako is going to do when the Galar pokemon come out onto Pokeheroes.

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Posted: Tue, 26/11/2019 02:03 (3 Years ago)
You know what should happen?
Sending Milcery to the playground rumble
have like two drop down menus
One being the direction of the spin and one being for how long
Then have the Milcery hold onto the sweet
And of course since of the forms are time base, just look at the time on the town tab
Though.. the ones that evolve in the dusk time.. might be harder to get the forms of.

I mean that's only if Riako actually adds all the forms, he might just add the strawberry default one lol
But... I guess we will find out.
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Posted: Thu, 24/06/2021 10:29 (2 Years ago)
I also thought of an interesting way to get Alcremie through a shop and even wrote a suggestion for it, but the suggestion for Alcremie was already present.
And in my opinion, this suggestion is not quite understandable. What I understood a little bit, was the suggestion is saying that the Milcery will evolve through hyperlink process after giving sweet? No, it would make the process boring. In SW/SH games, its quite more interesting. (And if variants are not added, then sweets would not be added).
So, No support.

Btw, here's my suggestion... ^^'
Quote from MeAlcremie, from Generation 8th SW/SH Pokémon, evolution of Milcery, has not been added to this game yet, so, C0FFee and I thought of an interesting way to get it.
The most interesting fact of this Pokémon is that its having about 9 forms.
These are,
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- Vanila Cream
- Caramel Swirl
- Lemon Cream
- Matcha Cream
- Mint Cream
- Rainbow Swirl
- Ruby Cream
- Ruby Swirl
- Salted Cream

Milcery, and the idea/way of evolution

So, starting with its Pre-evolution, Milcery. Milcery would be found at the Lab or from some other places just like normal ‘mons.
Now, to evolve Milcery into its respective Alcremie form, there will be a Special Shop in Emera Mall (or somewhere else) where Milcery will be placed on/in a machine (after payment of a small amount of PD) and when this machine will be started, it will start to spin, and then, Milcery will evolve into Alcremie.

But, how will it evolve into its specific Alcremie form?

The evolution of Milcery into its specific Alcremie form would depend on,
- Time of the day (Server Time)
- The direction in which Milcery is spun, and on
- for how much time machine spins.

How will the Milcery-evolution Shop work?

First, we will enter the shop, (after payment of some PD) we will select the Milcery which we want to evolve. (Image support gives an idea about it)

After selection, a spinning machine will appear on which the Milcery will be placed. Then, there will be three options, of 'Start spinning the machine clockwise', 'Start spinning anti-clockwise' and 'Stop spinning'. Clicking on 'Start spinning' (either clockwise or anti-clockwise) will trigger the machine to spin and after clicking on 'Stop' will stop it.

Here's the list, for evolving Milcery into its specific Alcremie form depending on time of the day, the time for machine spins and the direction of the spin:
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Spinning on Daytime:-
- Vanila Cream (Spin Clockwise for less than 5 seconds)
- Ruby Cream (Spin Anti-Clockwise for less than 5 seconds)
- Ruby Swirl (Spin Anti-Clockwise for more than 5 seconds)
- Caramel Swirl (Spin Clockwise for more than 5 seconds)

Spinning on Night-time:-
- Matcha Cream (Spin Clockwise for less than 5 seconds)
- Mint Cream (Spin Anti-Clockwise for more than 5 seconds)
- Lemon Cream (Spin Clockwise for more than 5 seconds)
- Salted Cream (Spin Anti-Clockwise for less than 5 seconds)

Spinning on Dusk-time:-
- Rainbow Swirl (Spin Anti-Clockwise for more than 5 seconds)

For example, if you want any one of the Alcremie form in which Milcery will evolve, you would need to be first sure about the time of the day (Server time), if its Day, Night or Dusk.
Then, you need to specific of in which direction you will spin the machine. (Anti-Clockwise or Clockwise)
And at last be sure about for how much time you are spinning the machine, as some forms need spin for more than 5 seconds and some need less than 5 seconds.
This process and the shop would just be like that of the Furfrou shop in Salon, but here would be a fun challenging activity in addition.

Alcremie Variants:

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In-addition to Alcremie's 9 forms, there are 7 variants of each Alcremie Form! Means total 63 Variants of Alcremie! They may or may not be added.
First, we need to understand the difference between Variants and Forms. Forms of a Pokémon are just different Pokémon of that Species.
» Different forms have different sprites and also different Dex entries!
» But Variants don't have different Dex entries. They only have different sprites. For example, there are different Sprites for some Male and Female ‘mons. These are called variants.
Just like that, each Alcremie form have 7 different variants depending on the Topping it is having on its head. You can check all these variants from here. Variants will not count towards Dex entries. The difference between the variants is just the different topping on their head. (They may or may not be added, depending on Admin as these variants of just one ‘mon will have 63 forms and will give serious pain to all the variant collectors)
Anyways, if somehow variant are also added, then, in order to get a specific variant of a specific Alcremie, just before putting the Milcery onto the machine, give it a ‘sweet’ topping to hold through ‘Give item’ in bag and then, spin to evolve it.
There are 7 Sweets topping for Alcremie variants,
- Strawberry Sweet
- Berry Sweet
- Love Sweet
- Clover Sweet
- Flower Sweet
- Star Sweet
- Ribbon Sweet
Depending on which Topping the Milcery is holding, it will evolve into that Alcremie Variant.

For example, if Milcery is given a 'Strawberry Sweet' to hold and is spinned less than 5 seconds during day, then it will look like,

Similarly, for all Alcremie(s) the topping on their head will depend on which sweet they held before they evolved.

If the variants aren't added the default 'Strawberry' will stay in all the 9 forms.

Thanks for reading and giving your precious time! ^^

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Posted: Wed, 07/07/2021 16:33 (2 Years ago)
Like people said, it seems like a lot of work to make something like that, it would probably easier to just add multiple items that would evolve milcery into its multiple forms
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Posted: Wed, 07/07/2021 16:34 (2 Years ago)
Or why nor use the cooking pot?
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Posted: Wed, 07/07/2021 19:10 (2 Years ago)
something like the interactions on here, like this? (you press spin 1-10 times for it to work, then stop spinning button, along with two selection buttons)
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Posted: Tue, 07/09/2021 07:56 (2 Years ago)
So, Milcery and Alcremie is released . . . :] Suggestion implemented?
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Posted: Fri, 14/01/2022 01:59 (1 Year ago)
What Sparks said, this is implemented ^^