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Posted: Wed, 31/01/2024 05:24 (24 Days ago)
Keep in mind the cost of those mega stones @ about 200k ea

Be kind. Be fair.

Have fun =]

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Posted: Tue, 12/09/2023 02:13 (5 Months ago)
Shaymin event has ended.

See everyone again next year!

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Posted: Fri, 01/09/2023 22:52 (5 Months ago)
Note to all: If you do not send a Sky Gift but receive you you are in violation of the rules.

Play fair.

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Posted: Tue, 29/08/2023 07:01 (5 Months ago)
A total of 18 entries were received

It was very close on a few of them but our winner of the Rowan's Diary Writing Contest is....


Riako will be sending prizes shortly.

Thank you everyone for your entries. Such a hoot to read!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Dear Diary,
Hello old friend, sorry I keep losing you. Seems my memory has been getting worse with age… Anyway enough of that, I saw Leah again today! Ahhh the way she makes my heart skip beats! That beautiful long, flowing blue hair… You know blue is my favorite color don't you? I've admired her from afar for so long. I'm just afraid she won't feel the same way. What would a beautiful mermaid want with an old Professor like me? *Sigh* I'm so jealous of that waiter! He gets to see her everyday from that restaurant on the beach. I don't make it to the beach that often, being busy helping trainers collect new Pokemon in the lab all day. Oh if only I had more time to go fishing, anything to see Leah more often! I wonder what her Pokemon collection is like? I talked to that old geezer who minds the Daycare and he told me I'm wasting my time! What does he know?! He can't even figure out how the eggs end up there in the first place! My dear friend, I'm scared out of my wits but I'm going to go down there with a special Pokemon I've been working on just for her! I hope I earn her heart... Wish me luck!

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Oh what a day it is today! Early in the morning, my pal Riako sent me lots of new information about the Paldea region. I rushed to the daycare and collected the new Paldea starters and hatch them for new trainers. Suddenly, I heard a loud 'bang' sound outside of my lab on the way back. "Oh Rowan, you better give me all the information about Paldea or watch this Emera town get destroyed by Shadow Mewtwo. Ahahahahaha!" The voice sounds like Giovanni’s.
I was frightened when I saw the Shadow Mewtwo so I gave up struggling. I raised both hands up. "Professor, don't give up! You always said that to me! Charizard, use hurricane!" "Alakazam, use psychic!" "Swampert, use surf!" I swear that I have never seen trainers in Emera town cooperated together that well. Turns out the Shadow Mewtwo was a machine made by Jessie and James, the Giovanni voice was James using a voice switcher saying that out. "Professor, remember me?" The Charizard trainer asked. I knew he was a trainer that I met the first day I have been a professor, but it's been more than twenty years ago. I had already forgotten his name. Oh how time flies by. " Professor, the master ball! I have completed my dream! I am the champion of Emera town! And before I forget, today's my son's tenth birthday, it’s time for him to choose a partner." Tears fell down from my eyes. A young trainer that day has grown. The dream that he promised that day, becoming the champion of Emera town has succeeded. "Professor, can I choose Charmander?" His son asked. “Don’t you want to look at all the starters before you choose Charmander?" “Professor, I am going to defeat daddy with it one day, and become the champion of Emera town!" This reminds me twenty years ago, his dad told me he will defeat all trainers in Emera town, and challenge the champion and defeat it with his starter and obtain master ball. His dream has came true, and now, it is time for his son. "Remember the promise you’ve just made!” His dad and I said to his son. We looked at each other and laughed. I wonder if I can live twenty years more to see his son succeed his dream. Watching new trainers grow and succeed their dream is always the happiest thing to see as a professor. I am glad that my dream has succeeded too – being a professor!  

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I recently visited the Los Seashellos Restaurant on my way to…well, the wheres and whys aren’t really important. The sun was setting, and just before I entered, the sky lit up with the beauty of an aurora. Somehow, I was able to get a seat at a window with a perfect view of the swirling lights, and I was mesmerized. Not even the hustle and bustle of the Pans and Simis as they went around waiting on the other patrons, was able to distract me. When I was finally able to tear my eyes away, I ordered my usual, but I was told they were trying something new: Different menu options for different weather conditions.

At first, I was disappointed, as I really wanted a Pika Deluxe Burger and a Bubbly Berry Beverage, but since the Simisage looked at me so cutely, I asked her to surprise me with one of the new options. Several minutes later, she came back with ice cream in a bowl shaped like Milcery’s head. The color was as vibrant and diverse as the aurora, and sprinkled on top of the five scoops was at least one of every Sweet.

As I had come in after the aurora began, I was the first to try this new dessert called “Sweet-Tooth Rainbow”. For this special occasion, the treat was on the house, but afterward, it would be 10,000 PD. At first, I couldn’t believe the price. Yet, when I took a taste, eagerly watched by not only Simisage, but the other employees as well, I understood why. So delicious! I savored every bite of that ice cream. A rare delicacy such as it was worth that much money.

Next time you look to the sky and see the colors of the rainbow, you simply must head to Los Seashellos and give it a try. I promise you won’t regret it! I’m a Professor, you can trust me!

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As he spaced out, staring outside, someone sat down in front of him, holding coffee.

The young man snapped back to reality as he smiled at the woman sitting in front of him. She smiled shyly and slid a cup to him.

As he took it, she began talking.

“Rowan? I’m a big fan of your work. You’re only 23 and you’ve been contributing heavily to this new town of Emera. I’m Lara. I’d love to get to know you and your work more.”

Rowan’s reaction was gratitude at being recognised for his work. But when she left after they exchanged information, his ears turned red. By the time he could walk straight, he was already halfway to his lab, a smile plastered on his face.

The next day, as Rowan and Lara sat at the beach, fishing, a mermaid swam up to the surface and did a gorgeous twirl, water droplets suspended in the air.

Rowan’s heartbeat quickened. His hands left the pole, letting it fly into the deep waters.

Lara and Rowan were in awe of the creature. In the early morning, just before the rays of the sun kissed the sky, he snuck down to the beach with a Magikarp. As he tossed it, glowing scales lit up the water.

The mermaid was gorgeous. She took the Magikarp and swam underneath a boulder. A heartbeat later, she had returned with a small sphere. Fishing bait.

Rowan laughed, delighted. It wasn’t until noon, when Rowan realized he was late for a meeting with Lara. He had wasted the whole morning, getting to know the mermaid and catching her things.

As he strode to the fountain, his hand was clasped around the Mega Stone he had received from Leah.

Lara frowned as Rowan sat next to her. He smiled awkwardly at her. She simply stood and left.

It wasn’t until the next day that he heard she had moved back to Sinnoh.

The very same day, a new type of Pumpkaboo was found. It was round and clear, like a fishbowl.

Rowan trudged to the beach with the Pumpkabowl, searching for a friend to talk with. When he saw Leah, he picked up the pace.

To his horror, the Pumpkabowl lunged at Leah, and before Rowan knew what was going on, the mermaid was trapped in it.

As Rowan wailed, he sobbed for the loss of two close friends.

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I look back at the egg. It should be hatched by now, I know it. "I don't know, I just don't know." Says my temporary helper Professor Oak. When he heard about the egg, Oak had come to Emera to do some further research with me.

"Hey, why do you have an egg in a tubey-thing?" I jumped at the voice. I turn around, and see a usual trainer coming for their next egg batch. "Ah, Claire. Yes, yes. come in." I say, trying to hide the egg. "You realize I've already seen the thing, right? Oh hi, Professor Oak!" She said. "Oh, hehe...yes." I say. Are my blocking skills that bad? "So, can I take a look?" "Yes." says Oak, before I could respond. And when Claire looked away, he mouthed, "Trust me".

"It's an egg that is taking abnormally long to hatch. We have it in this machine because, in theory, it should make it hatch faster." Said Oak. Claire reached out, touched the egg, and as soon as she did, it formed a glowing crack.

"Uhh, I did not do anything." Said Claire. Huh. she's as bad at lying as I am.

And as she said that, the egg smashed into pieces, revealing an Eevee. But with one minor detail. It had a crescent moon shape birthmark on it's forehead. Claire picked it up gently, stroked it, and then, the Eevee ran up her arm and onto her shoulder. "Can I keep it?"

"Well, since you hatched it...sure." I said. Claire looked back at the Eevee, and said, "Luna. Yeah. That's what I'll call you, if you're okay with that." Eevee nodded her head agreeing, and with that, the Eevee got a name.

Claire hung out for a while. But once she left, I had a realization.

I say to Oak "Wait, is that why you let her look at it?"

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Hello there!
What is one of your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?
For me it is to research about Pokémon Evolutions and how they are connected with one another. I especially love to know about the theories other professors or people come up with of how Pokémon evolve. It simply fascinates me how they came up with their idea or how their solution ended up that way. What made them think that way? Young people's minds especially. Their minds are still full of energy! They even reach places us old folks might have never thought about in the first place.

At least once or twice a year I travel around the world and participate in international study sessions and watch how specific or newly discovered Pokémon evolve. If I am too sick, I go to Bill’s house, with the best internet connection in the whole town, and watch it live. With the knowledge I have and the urge to share it with others I also hold lectures at the university. Everyone can come and listen - you don’t need to be a student from the university!

That’s the reason I’m studying Pokémon Evolutions. It’s a very broad subject and everyday there’s something new to discover. I simply love my job. Hihihi~

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In the mystical region of Lumina, a tale of ancient legends and powerful Pokémon unfolds. Long ago, Lumina was guarded by a mythical creature known as Celestria, a majestic Pokémon capable of harnessing the power of the stars.

In present times, the balance of Lumina is disrupted when a sinister group known as the Dark Nexus seeks to harness Celestria's power for their nefarious ambitions. They plan to plunge the region into darkness, leaving no room for hope or dreams.

Amidst this impending crisis, a young Pokémon Trainer named Aiden embarks on a life-changing journey. Aiden dreams of becoming a Pokémon Champion and wishes to protect Lumina from the encroaching darkness. As fate would have it, he discovers an ancient artifact - the "Starlight Stone," said to hold the key to awakening Celestria.

Guided by a wise elder named Professor Aurora, Aiden sets off with his loyal Pokémon companions - a brave Charizard, a playful Pikachu, and a wise Alakazam. Together, they venture through enchanting forests, scale treacherous mountains, and navigate mystical caves.

Throughout his journey, Aiden encounters other Trainers and forms unbreakable bonds of friendship. They share the common goal of stopping the Dark Nexus and restoring Lumina's harmony.

As Aiden's team grows stronger, so does the darkness. The Dark Nexus relentlessly pursues the Starlight Stone, sending powerful Pokémon to thwart Aiden's progress. Battles intensify, and Aiden faces challenging decisions about the true meaning of being a Pokémon Trainer.

In a climactic showdown, Aiden confronts the enigmatic leader of the Dark Nexus, known only as "Eclipse." Their battle unfolds under the night sky, with Celestria's power as the ultimate prize.

With courage and determination, Aiden's Pokémon team fights valiantly. Each Pokémon's unique abilities contribute to their success, emphasizing the importance of unity and friendship.

At the peak of the battle, Celestria is awakened by Aiden's unwavering belief in the goodness of Pokémon and humanity. As the Legendary Guardian, Celestria bathes Lumina in a radiant light, driving back the darkness of the Dark Nexus.

In the end, Lumina is restored to its former glory, and Aiden becomes a symbol of hope and courage for all. He is crowned the Pokémon Champion of Lumina, not just for his strength in battles but for his unwavering heart.

"The Legendary Guardian" is a tale of bravery, friendship, and the power of believing in oneself. It highlights the bond between Pokémon and their Trainers, emphasizing the importance of protecting the world from darkness with the light of hope and unity.

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Finally I found my diary! You are a good kid so I will read it to you. Have you heard of world war 2 I would tell you it but it is not for someone your age. There was a legendary Pokémon that found me but it was weird looking. Can you find it dear trainer. If you do I will give you a reward.

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Dear Diary,

What. Have I. Done!?!

I didn’t mean to do it! I swear!! How could I have possibly done something like this to someone so sweet intentionally or accidentally!?!

It all began with a new pokemon recently discovered in Emera, Pumpkabowl. It looks so similar to the pokemon native to the Kalos region: Pumpkaboo thus why their names are so similar. I noted that its sweet scented water seems to attract prey which it swallows and evolves into Aguageist...another pokemon that seemed to bear another resemblance unsurprisingly to Pumpkaboo’s evolution Gourgeist. I have noted that this evolution works with three pokemon: Goldeen, Luvdisc and Magikarp. The pokemon weren’t consumed, they’re still alive but seem to be permanently trapped within the pokemon’s fish-bowl like body.

There is a mermaid at Emera Beach, a very kind one named Leah with whom I get along with. I had the idea to show this pokemon to her. I had believed she would be amused by it. Along the way to where she lives, I decided to go fishing. I wanted to catch one of the three pokemon I mentioned earlier so she could see its evolution but instead I caught a bottled message. I knew Leah always requests the trainers in Emera to bring her some...they hold some form of sentimental value with her. I thought it would be cute to give Pumpkabowl the bottled message so when Leah would examine it, she would find the item and smile. The moment she leaned in to take a closer look at Pumpkabowl...she vanished. Naturally I panicked and searched for her. I found her...eventually...inside Aguageist. The pokemon EVOLVED USING LEAH! I’m researching how I can undo this...IF I can undo this! Can a pokemon’s evolution be reversed!? Has that ever been done before!? I just hope this poor girl isn’t trapped forever! And I hope she can forgive me for this!

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Oh....hello [username removed],I didn't see you there,come closer I want to share with you about my recent tragedy at the Kanto Region.You see.....I was on a normal Pokémon researching trip with my friend Professor Oak.As we were venturing at the Viridian Forest,we were attacked by some wild Zarude's!.Two thought's crossed my mind,firstly why is a Zarude doing at Kanto region,shouldn't they be at the Galar region?.Secondly,why does the Zarude's seem sick and sad?.We tried to get pass the Zarude's but they just keep provoking us and even scratched Oak's arm.As you know Oak,he blindly attacked the Zarude's out of anger and chose a weedle to fight with,I was like 'are you serious?' and being the great Professor I chose a Excavalier since it has a type advantage.After a fierce battle we finally tire the Zarude's.We then try to came closer to the alpha to show that we mean no harm. After we calmed the alpha we were attacked again but this time with the one and only......you guessed it,Team Rocket.They explained that they're going to use the Zarude's as a Team Rocket loyal minion by brainwashing them,but they have escaped from the lab before they could do anything.We knew we should stop them but we have no more Pokémon to battle since our pokemon are too exhausted.Oak quickly contacted Ash..Yes the famous champion Ash!.After about a minute he then came with his Pikachu and sent Team Rocket "blasting off".Team Rocket may have been defeated.However,the Zarude's are still stuck here.So we sent the Zarude's to it's home region together with Ash.After saying our goodbyes we departed back to Kanto to finish my research.This adventures has taught me that pokemon should be preserved and protect them if not it can result to extinction.Finally,it is time to go home to Emera region,I said my goodbyes to Professor Oak and thank him for giving me a wonderful stay.So.....thats all about my adventure,Oh!..you asking about my other stories and secrets?.No can do,I'm too tired and I need a rest after that journey,but I can tell you this,there's a secret pokemon lurking at the Galar region while I was there,so be sure to discover more about the pokemon.Noe I need to go back to my lab to rest,be sure to come by at my lab tommorow,I have some interesting stories to tell.Bye for now............Oh! Wait,one last thing,could you send me home ? I kinda used all my pokedollars at the money changer.Hehe thanks..

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Dear Diary,

Today some more Pokémon trainers came to my lab. I just love to see those lively people - I feel that my eggs are going in good hands. It's nice to know that the next generation of people are growing kind and helpful. Now that I'm getting old and staying at the lab, it's nice that many of them travel and help me collect new pokedex entries! A few almost have the whole pokedex filled! Ah, to be young and strong like them. Anyway, I saw my old competitor, Oak, again. He's always claimed to have better Pokémon than me! At least those young trainers help me. If I weren't busy with all my lab research, maybe I'd do it myself one of these days...nevertheless, my Pokémon always win! I always knew that I have strong Pokémon...and a little help from the trainers who level them up. Ah, nothing like a good victory to lift your spirits!

In the afternoon, I made a phenomenal discovery! Pokeball likes Watmel Berries! Oh, I forgot to explain about Pokeball. It's the ditto who always holds a pokeball! It's my jolly assitant. Everything happened during my break, when I was making Watmel Lemonade. One of the berries fell on the floor, and Pokeball ate it! Now I have decided to give him some Watmel Berries every time I'm making Watmel Lemonade. Looks like Pokeball likes Watmel berries as much as I do! Speaking of Watmel Berries, the nice clerk at the Item Shop gave me some for free today! Really pays to be the only professor in Emera Town, I'm practically a celebrity! Not like that Oak in his town... anyways, Pokeball really earned those Watmel Berries! I don't know what I'd do without my trusty assistant. Though one of these days I should find a human assistant. Pokeball said he wants to go sightseeing. Maybe we'll go together during my next vacation! Perhaps to the mountains, or maybe at a beach. Emera Town's mines also seem like a great vacation spot. I heard there was a unique version of a Diancie found there. Can you believe it? I have never heard of a pokemon adapting to its enviorment like that! A truly fantastical phenomenon. I would like to witness it for myself, but alas, my work holds me. I must help all those young, aspiring trainers! For now, I must go to bed. It's so late that Pokeball is complaining!

Good night!

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It's day 1,786.

I don't know how long I can wait for these parts, or how many more battles I have left in me. This is the eighteenth battle - eighteenth! - lost this week. I knew Oak to be stingy but this is next level!

I'm close to winning though, I feel it. This MewTwo will be the chosen one, and will be my champion! I just need to figure out who I should give him to. I need someone dependable. Someone who won't shy away from a challenge. Someone like...

Yes! That's the answer! When will I see them next? I'm curious if they'll pop by on Sunday... I can convince them to do this in exchange for a Golden Pokeball. I'll mention it next time they stop into the lab looking for more eggs. Maybe that will entice them to come back on Sunday!

Just wait Oak! Just wait! My victory is coming!

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Diary Entry 22: Mastering the Art of Scams

Dear Diary,

Oh, what a glorious day it has been in this quaint little town of Emera! The daycare owner and I have officially mastered the art of money-grab scams, and it's simply exhilarating to watch the foolish trainers fall for our devious ploys.

Our first stroke of genius was the brilliant idea of selling "rare" Pokemon eggs at jaw-dropping prices. We spun tales of mythical creatures, whispered legends, and untold power, enticing the trainers with the promise of owning the most extraordinary Pokemon to grace the planet. Little did they know, these eggs were as common as dirt! The irony of it all.

And yet, these naive trainers threw their hard-earned Pokedollars at us without a second thought, believing they had struck gold. The thrill of watching them fall for our illusions, their eyes gleaming with excitement, is almost too much to bear. We're practically swimming in Pokedollars, and it's all thanks to their blissful ignorance.

As if that wasn't enough, the daycare owner concocted "miracle" potions that promise to unlock a Pokemon's hidden potential and grant unparalleled strength. The potions are nothing but colored water with a sprinkle of glitter for effect. And yet, the trainers gulp down these potions as if they've stumbled upon the fountain of youth. The gullibility of these folks never ceases to amuse me.

Meanwhile, Greg, Keshi, and Leah are starting to get suspicious. But we're playing this game carefully, leaving no breadcrumbs for them to follow. We can't have them ruin this golden ticket we've stumbled upon.

Emera Town, with its picture-perfect facade of unity and compassion, is nothing but a breeding ground for our scams. I can't remember the last time I lost to Professor Oak in one of his challenges; the trainers do it all for me. And the Daycare Owner barely needs to pay attention to the pokemon in his care.

Of course, if the truth ever got out, we'd be doomed. My reputation as a Pokemon professor would go up in smoke, and the daycare owner would be left with nothing but a tarnished reputation. But for now, we revel in our ill-gotten gains, basking in the glory of our deceptive success.

We're riding high on this tidal wave of profits. There's no turning back now, my dear diary. The art of scams is now our masterpiece, and the pursuit of monetary gain is the fuel that keeps us going. For now, we'll continue to play the game, rolling in Pokedollars, and taking advantage of the foolish trainers of Emera Town.

Professor Rowan

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30/08/2022 - 8:00AM
Dear Diary,
You would never believe what happened today. I met some lovely new trainers. Oh, yeah, there was this bright one that was introduced to me by HashiraSobble~, her name was ALz_! They were all so bright!
That's not important though, because I had 2 lucky trainers who hatched a ditto, and happily reported back to me about it, many completed quests from me.
But… my heart has developed a… you know…?
Everytime I see her, my heart jumps out of my chest, it’s like my dreams came to reality, until she leaves…. How do I describe this? Is it love?
Yes diary, this is pure, true love. But courage to express this love? – I do not have – you know her berry farms? They smell of her beautiful fragrance, I could fall asleep among the thousands of berries she plants. Lorelei, how I could never get the name out of my brain, it echoes, round and around my head.

But… I could never tell her such, the Mermaid Leah would always tell me to not let go of my dreams. So I grab this hope of her realisation of my love. And– Oh! Look at the time, I must go visit the Gem Collector, he has some eggs that I acquire.

30/08/2022 - 2:23PM
Dear Diary,
Remember the bright girl I had mentioned this morning? ALz_? Yeah, she is progressing real fast, and has made many new friends as well!
I hope she grows under my guide into a great Pokemon trainer!
My visit to the Gem Collector was a special one indeed, why? Because Loreli was there, with her freshest berries! Oh my… I couldn’t approach her… So I waited outside till she left. And when she left, she SMILED at me!!! I can’t believe it, is this what the fulfilment of one’s long desire feels like?? Because my mood has been brilliant ever since. But got to go eat lunch now, so later Diary!

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Dear Diary,

Today has been an enchanting day filled with wonder and awe as I ventured into the heart of Petalburg Woods to study the captivating evolution of Wurmple. The gentle rustling of leaves and the sweet melodies of Pokémon filled the air, welcoming our research team to this ethereal haven.

As we proceeded further into the woods, we were greeted by a breathtaking sight - dozens of Beautifly and Dustox gracefully dancing through the sky. Their wings shimmered with hues of iridescent blues, purples, and pinks, leaving trails of magic in their wake. It was a mesmerizing display of nature's beauty, and for a moment, I was spellbound, unable to tear my gaze away from the enchanting scene. The harmony between Beautifly and Dustox was awe-inspiring, as if they were performing an intricate ballet just for us. Their synchronized flight patterns and graceful movements seemed to convey a profound connection between the two evolutions, uniting them in a delicate balance of existence. The sunlight filtering through the dense foliage created a kaleidoscope of colors, illuminating the wings of the Pokémon as they fluttered like delicate petals in the wind. Their soft buzzing filled the air like a harmonious symphony, an ode to the beauty and resilience of life.

I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of respect for the complexities of evolution, which had shaped these magnificent creatures into the epitome of beauty and grace. Amidst this breathtaking spectacle, I observed how Wurmple interacted with their evolved forms. The camaraderie and mutual respect among them were evident as they fluttered together in perfect harmony, as if celebrating their evolution and embracing their unique destinies with grace and dignity. As the sun began to set, casting a warm glow across the sky, the Beautifly and Dustox slowly dispersed, leaving me with a sense of gratitude for being able to witness such a magical moment. The memory of their enchanting flight will forever be etched in my heart, reminding me of the profound mysteries that lie within the Pokémon world.

This journey into the evolution of Wurmple has opened my eyes to the boundless beauty and complexity of nature's design. Tomorrow, we will continue our exploration, delving deeper into the enigmatic connection between Pokémon and their environment, hoping to shed more light on the secrets that lie within Petalburg Woods.

Signing off,

Professor Rowan

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My usual breakfast of scrambled eggs was taken to the heavens beyond when I finally found the onion powder blend I had been looking for since last year. It was behind the salt, can you believe it? How would I have ever known? But ignoring the hypocrisy of it all, when I bit into the yellow, spongey paste in its new form, its spice collecting on the bottom of my moustache, the amniotic flavor slathering my tongue...
It was the best meal I had EVER eaten!!
I felt so enlightened, I had a spring in my step I hadn't felt since I was a boy, but the amazing news was just beginning. George - the George - was coming to MY LAB for... I don't remember. The point is, my old friend and I would reunite. I'm getting emotional just writing about it...
Words cannot describe how I felt when I heard the twang in his voice calling to me from behind the doors. And yet, I tried to remain dignified.
He asked me what the egg he was holding was. I told him it was a Torchic egg. He left, but I knew he didn't really want to say goodbye.
My heart is pounding in my chest just thinking about this - perhaps I'll pay a visit to his daycare next time. You never know when things like this can happen.

Until next time,

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Dear diary,

I have been doing a little research on Hoopa. More specifically, how all these trainers seem to know about it being released from where I contain it. And they’ve come to me, multiple times. I find it odd that they seem to treat this like it’s no big deal, with one of them joking about it.

I’ve also noticed that the more they come in regards to Hoopa, the faster they seem to get the job done. Some even get it done uncannily fast, like they’re a robot. Surely no one here’s a robot, right?

Wait, I’m getting off track.

At first, I assumed it was Team Galactic releasing Hoopa, but they’ve long since been disbanded. Then I assumed Team Rocket, who have also supposedly disbanded. No other team has shown interest in Hoopa, only these trainers.

I should also note that I’ve been barred from reading certain information regarding Hoopa, most of them titled ‘Hoopa Quest’ or something. Every time I tried to read it, one of Riako’s staff showed up and told me that it’s for the trainers only. Are they in on it?

I’ve tried asking one of the trainers if they know who’s releasing Hoopa, and all I got was, “I dunno. I came by because Hoopa took all the honey off the tree.” I swore I could tell they were lying, but I wouldn’t be able to get anything else from them, so I let it slide.

Now that I think about it… whenever I go on my Hoopa rant and say “some idiot,” a majority of these trainers flinch. And it’s always when I say that. I know most of the trainers play that Treasure Hunt game at the Game Center, and sometimes come directly from there to my lab when Hoopa shows up.

Are these trainers the ones releasing Hoopa? Is that why I keep seeing so many Hoopa at the same time? Do I need to have a talk with Mewton M. Meowth?

On second thought, I don’t think the trainers or Mewton would be the ones releasing Hoopa. Maybe it’s Professor Oak who’s releasing Hoopa. He does seem to jump ahead whenever we compete in raising our Pokemon’s levels, forcing me to give the Pokemon to these trainers. There’s too many Hoopa for me to deal with, and so little time leveling up Pokemon.

Yeah, it’s Professor Oak’s fault.

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July 1st, 2013

Arrived in Emera Town. I heard there were rare species that are only found here, known as Emera Pokemon. I am old, though. I will send trainers to collect pokemon for me to research instead.
Yes, I am a curious old man.

May 2nd, 2015

Lara is the most beautiful women I've ever met.
I am a happy old man now.

June 14th, 2015

I met some old dude who calls himself Professor Oak. He challenged me to a competition on leveling up pokemon. I accepted, of course, but how am I supposed to beat him when I have no experience in pokemon training?!
I know! I'll make my assistant do it! That Oak will never suspect a thing... and if I win, I will impress Lara!
I am a very smart old man.

July 19th, 2018

Lara found out I was cheating and left me to be with Oak. That Oak... How dare he!
I am an angry old man.

September 21st, 2020

I will never forget her beautiful brown hair and marvelous fragrance.
I am a sad old man.
Wait... ! I could keep challenging Oak, in hopes of impressing Lara and winning her back! And... I could tell my assistant that Oak was the one who challenged me, so that they will help me!
I am a very intelligent old man!

January 1st, 2021

And it's a new year. I have finally accepted that Lara will always choose Oak over me, and I'll admit- I cheated on all the contests, and now Oak wants to challenge my assistant instead of me! Oh well, less trouble for me, I guess.
I am an old man. Just an old man.

September 24th, 2022

Today, I met a mermaid named Leah while I was at the beach. She was so beautiful...! We chatted for a bit, and it was the happiest I have felt since Lara left me.
I am a very happy old man.

January 20th, 2023

I can't find her anywhere! Leah is gone. She has left me like Lara did. Why would she do that? We were so happy together...
I am a very sad old man.

August 28th, 2023

Haha, I finally found my old diary. Oh, what's this?
Ah, the old days when I challenged Oak. HA! Glad I don't do that anymore. It was so troublesome.

I will never forget neither Leah nor Lara.
I hope to see them again someday, and say some things that I didn't get to say before.

Now, it's time to continue with my research...

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Posted: Sat, 19/08/2023 00:35 (6 Months ago)
Contest has ended. No more entries accepted at this time.

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Posted: Sat, 22/07/2023 22:33 (7 Months ago)

Now where did I leave my dia...

Oh.. hihihi!!!

I didn't expect to see you today but welcome. 

Have you seen my diary? I seem to have misplaced it... again...

Tell you what.. If you help me find it I'll share an entry or two so you can get a peek into my daily Pokemon life!

By the way, what do you think I write about in my spare time? I know! Let's have a contest to see who can come up with my next diary entry!!  Perhaps it involves my battles with Professor Oak, travelling to new regions to find evolutions for all these new Pokemon, all the interesting young trainers I meet along the way, hopes, dreams; all the important things in life!

Be creative and have fun!

- First place will receive a Flute Combo Pack (blue + black) 
- Every qualifying entrant will also receive 500 Event Points 

- You may submit 1 story only
- Your story can be up to 400 words
- Keep the stories appropriate for all ages - no excessive blood, guts, gore, language, ect. Your story will be disqualified if it does (See Rule 1.1 )
- Stories must be original and created by you.  Original = Yours only

- The deadline to submit your story is August 18th 2023
- Staff will then read the submissions and cast their vote

- How do I submit my story to you?
A. You can create your story in a separate program like Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it as a PM message and send it directly to me (Ravenswing) with the headline of "Rowan's Diary Writing Contest"

- What if we are a few words over the word limited from the Requirements?
A. We do allow submissions that may be a few words over but if you have a story that is over 450 words  then try to trim it down more

- What if my story doesn't fit in one PM when I send it to you?
A. Your story should be able to fit in one PM when you send it but if by some chance it doesn't then let me know in the first pm that the story continues to a second one and then send it

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Posted: Sat, 10/06/2023 21:57 (8 Months ago)
The average price of a normal gem is currently 1150PD each

8287*1150 = 9530050 pd

**could be more or less depending on what price you pay

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Posted: Fri, 02/06/2023 16:47 (8 Months ago)
If you look on the front page where the Bulbasaur is there is a link to all the information you are wanting:

List of Pokemon & dex numbers

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Posted: Wed, 15/02/2023 04:20 (1 Year ago)
Hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day this year and the new event Pokemon - Enamorus.

Closing thread as the event has ended.

See you all again next year ♥

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Posted: Wed, 15/02/2023 00:48 (1 Year ago)
That is correct.

Locked permanently means they can no longer participate onsite in any way.

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Posted: Sat, 11/02/2023 20:12 (1 Year ago)
You're welcome =]

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Posted: Sat, 11/02/2023 20:09 (1 Year ago)
Not enough Shiny Raitoshi have been sold to formulate a price so it owuld be whatever buyer & seller agreed upon

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Posted: Sat, 11/02/2023 19:54 (1 Year ago)
Black Augurite is about 500k

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Posted: Fri, 10/02/2023 19:38 (1 Year ago)
Star Pieces are about 19k each and Dynamax Crystals are about 10k ea

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 00:05 (1 Year ago)
Please remember that if you join, you MUST send a Valentine or else you will be subject to PH rules for scamming as well as banned from further participation in the game.

Please take into consideration how much it takes to earn those 50 hearts before committing.

Have fun!

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Posted: Thu, 05/01/2023 23:25 (1 Year ago)
No posts since November 2022 - locking for now. Contact me to have it opened again

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Posted: Thu, 05/01/2023 23:21 (1 Year ago)
No posts in over a month - locking for now

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Posted: Sat, 31/12/2022 04:11 (1 Year ago)


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Posted: Sat, 31/12/2022 01:20 (1 Year ago)
The Price Check thread is obsolete and the info it contains is very out of date.

Shiny Absol is worth around 20k

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Posted: Sun, 25/12/2022 05:03 (1 Year ago)
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Please start a new thread next year for easier tracking =]

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