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Posted: Thu, 26/10/2023 02:33 (6 Months ago)

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Posted: Mon, 13/02/2023 20:33 (1 Year ago)
@Rexatron and @Nerys
trades complete

your trade is waiting for offer

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 18:23 (1 Year ago)
Trades are up, so sorry for delay

sent you a message about yours due to there being no male milcery

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Posted: Mon, 30/01/2023 19:43 (1 Year ago)
All new offers: Completed
Also, 207 Milcerys still waiting for new homes xD

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Posted: Mon, 21/11/2022 18:29 (1 Year ago)
all ready in trade

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Posted: Sat, 19/11/2022 00:41 (1 Year ago)
Orders all done

*Also Update*
Only have 219 more Milcerys left

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2022 13:27 (1 Year ago)

I put up the trade for you

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2022 03:03 (1 Year ago)
Oh, sure

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2022 02:58 (1 Year ago)
Sure, trade has been set

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Posted: Thu, 17/11/2022 23:22 (1 Year ago)
unfortunately, Milcery is 100% female, so there really can't be a breeding pair

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Posted: Thu, 20/10/2022 17:17 (1 Year ago)
yes they are ready in trade for you

Offbrand_Kit: Done

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Posted: Mon, 17/10/2022 15:08 (1 Year ago)
Nectario: Done
Bouquet: Done
Yu-Gi-Oh: Done

UPDATE: 250 more Milcerys waiting for new homes lol

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Posted: Sat, 15/10/2022 13:42 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Wed, 12/10/2022 13:47 (1 Year ago)
I have like 364 Milcerys in my trade box. Need a little help getting rid of them. Lol
I was just going to release them but I want to see if anyone is in a need for Milcerys before doing that.

PM or just post in this forum if you want some

Oh, best part, they will all be free. (Just want to get rid of them honestly lol)

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Posted: Fri, 20/11/2020 04:16 (3 Years ago)
I submitted my piece too 🐱 (x)

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Posted: Tue, 26/11/2019 01:52 (4 Years ago)
... Hence why it is a *suggestion*
Who knows what Riako is going to do when the Galar pokemon come out onto Pokeheroes.

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Posted: Tue, 26/11/2019 01:13 (4 Years ago)
And as I am learning more about Milcery into Alcremie evolution works, it seems like spinning in a different direction gets different forms as well as a certain amount of time (mostly 5 or 10 seconds)
Sooo maybe having an addition how long to spin and the direction of the spin. (clockwise as example)

And I mean...there are ALOT of different forms :P

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Posted: Mon, 18/11/2019 01:12 (4 Years ago)
So when Milcery gets added to Pokeheroes, how shall it evolve?
Should she... evolve just by holding a sweet?
In the game, giving her a sweet and spinning around in a circle evolves Milcery into Alcremie
Well I personally think this is a good idea and here is the process I just came up with:
give a sweet to Milcery
go onto her profile and then it says something (like how Mr. Moody is formed).
Something like Milcery is overjoyed and wants to spin around. Spin is a hyperclick like how Jolly Jr and Sad Jr form Mr. Moody
so when clicking on the spin hyperclick, she evolves into Alcremie.

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Posted: Mon, 14/10/2019 04:40 (4 Years ago)
yeah that's understandable
I can tell mega events are pretty hard to get
my brother is trying to get me a festival ralts mega while my friend is working towards a mega able autumn abra

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Posted: Mon, 14/10/2019 04:36 (4 Years ago)
would a normal mega able Zompett be 300k?
if so, I'll take that when you do it

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