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18 ⭐︎ Canadian ⭐︎ Of Chinese Descent ⭐︎ Moderator ⭐︎ Kpop ⭐︎ Anime/Manga ⭐︎ Danmei Novels ⭐︎ Rising Sophomore in a US uni ⭐︎ Triple Majoring in History, Political Science and International Studies

I'm always happy to answer questions about the game (but keep in mind that I'm a moderator and NOT a game developer :p) or chat (so long as you're polite) ^^ Just PM or palpad me~ I can talk to you in English or Chinese. You can try French as well but I'm not very good at it xD

Cookie~ - *~-~* - DarkChoco - hanbrooklyn

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•The custom panel gif below comes from the anime 'The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation'/ 'Founder of Diabolism' / '魔道祖师'~

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I just read that Riz Ahmed became the first man of Asian descent to win an Emmy last year and I'm kind of disgusted. I thought that milestone passed a long time ago... it really should have.

To make things worse, I saw that in the comments under the article, people were explaining it using culture. Yes, culture. Apparently there's no problem with the lack of Asian representation. Apparently it's cause Asian culture is different and values different things.

I cannot express how done I am with the culture argument. Do people understand what they mean when they use the world 'culture'? Are they truly trying to say that an entire continent acts in the same manner, to the extent that even their descendants who grew up in Western countries are somehow ingrained with this 'culture'?
15 Days ago
I finally re-dyed my hair (highkey did not want to do it in USA where it's expensive in a salon and risky if I do it in my dorm room) and it's been a week but I kept forgetting to post a photo xD So um here.
1 Month ago
Manga/novel/anime rec

I'm currently obsessed with Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation/Founder of Diabolism and I just have to shout it out xD Please please consider looking it up if you're looking for a new obsession. It's now in (translated) novel form, manga form and anime form. There's also an audio drama but a hard sub for that probably isn't as interesting. Oh, and also a live-action adaption I think?

Lan Xichen is the love of my life right now urgh.
1 Month ago
Privilege isn't just about money in your bank account :p While socioeconomic privilege is definitely a thing, so is racial, gender etc. Also, just because you're oppressed in one way, does not mean you are not also possibly the oppressor in another way. You don't have to act on it to be the oppressor either. Intersectionality exists people... Instead of denying your privilege, how about using it to aid others?
3 Months ago
I don't know how to feel about the new event. I'm sure it's adorable and I have nothing against it in that sense... but Chinese new year? A symbol of Japanese culture?
5 Months ago
Dear America, please explain to me why it doesn't make sense to outlaw 3D printed and high caliber guns? Your 2nd Amendment rights? You do know that quite a lot of weapons are already banned for citizens right? It's not like the amendment literally says "guns". I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather not get shot like the numerous people who do each year by what's "keeping us safe". >.>
5 Months ago

Happy birthday! Have a great day and eat lots of cake ^^
6 Months ago
I’m in USA now! Hello faster internet speed and goodbye censorship xD
10 Months ago
I'm so confused... what's a roadshow? Some people in the comments said it was season two... others say it's a prequel movie. So confusedddd xD
1 Year ago
I’m going to my graduation dinner right now! High school is over for me~
1 Year ago

Happy birthday! ^^ I hope you have a great day and eat lots of cake :3
1 Year ago
Take some time off and enjoy your day ^^ Thank you for creating this amazing site~
1 Year ago

Happy birthday ^^ *showers you with virtual confetti* I hope you have fun baking~
1 Year ago
Have a sharktastic day! ♥︎
1 Year ago

I'm sorry, please ignore me for the next few hours while I laugh myself to a stomachache xD (Not an insult, I swear ^^ Wish English was this funny :'D)
1 Year ago
I'm a bit late oops :'D But have a great day! ^^ Take some time to just rest and enjoy~
1 Year ago
I said yesterday that I would share the good news I got yesterday so here I am:

I got accepted into The Johns Hopkins University!

JHU is my dream school so I was pretty ecstatic when I saw the acceptance decision ^^ No more uni applications for me! *throws confetti*
1 Year ago
To be honest, I'm kind of obscenely happy right now so literally nothing Just that what has happened today isn't a dream.
1 Year ago
I just signed up for TOEFL Thanks American universities, for ignoring my ACT scores and my SAT2 Literature scores. Apparently passing those isn't enough to prove I can speak English -.- So yeah, I now have to take TOEFL just cause I was forced to define my first language as Chinese (spoiler: I suck at it). "The language you first learnt when learning to speak" isn't always your best language...
1 Year ago
I wrote H2CO3 down as nitric acid in a test... I love my chemistry teacher for putting up with my sporadic stupidity :'D
1 Year ago

Plushies I Hoard

All dratini/dragonair (including shiny) plushies will be returned (with plushies you're missing/hoarding)! However, keep in mind that that's likely to happen when a plushie event is happening as I like to hoard dp for them. Don't worry, I won't forget your plush! They're saved in the first post of my diary under "notes to self" ^^

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