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Lesser_Dog e 19 Days ago
Kadse 1 Month ago
Beel Enjoy random Karp! ♥ 1 Month ago
Professor Rowan Hihihihihi. 2 Months ago
Sharktibolt 2 Months ago
Frozawolf101 2 Months ago
Shadowplay 2 Months ago
Alpharr 3 Months ago
hoopafreak54 3 Months ago
hoopafreak54 3 Months ago
Monkeyz34 3 Months ago
Honeyhungryslowyore 3 Months ago
monkrged 3 Months ago
GooBear 4 Months ago
~FiestaZoroark~ 4 Months ago
Gastrodon~ Random user. I hope you have a great year! Its also the year of the tiger :). Have a great day. 4 Months ago
Patyczak Hi 5 Months ago
BLEACHIchigo1 1 Year ago
SmolBeanRey He is scared will you take care of him please? 1 Year ago
Ephenia Have a wonderful day! :) 1 Year ago
~Fahrenheit~ 1 Year ago
Riako Advent Calendar 1 Year ago
Patyczak notiposto 1 Year ago
Okay #MagikarpLivesMatter 1 Year ago
Patyczak siema bracie 1 Year ago
LucarioLover99 Hope you enjoy, random user! :D 1 Year ago
aris Have a nice day! 1 Year ago
~Aoi 1 Year ago
Professor_Mac 1 Year ago