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About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is LucarioLover99, and you can call me Lucario, Luca, Lu, or pretty much whatever is appropriate.

Im a female and I use the she/her pronouns.

I have a lot of hobbies, including drawing, art stuff, origami, writing, reading, learning magic tricks/cool new things, basketball and more!

I am also part of a lot of fandoms, and like many books and musicals, like Warrior Cats, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, Harry Potter, Wolves of the Beyond, Guardians of Ga'hoole, Foxcraft, Wings of Fire, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Pokemon (of course) and more!

I am a decent person (or at least I like to think so ). I can be funny and kind, but sometimes a little angsty. Most of the time, I am optimistic and can be an introvert or extravert depending on my mood.

Feel free to chat anytime!



Shiny Hunts:

Ponyta - 1
Roggenrola - 3
Turtwig - 3




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Trainer ID: #830352178
Registration: 05/02/2019 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 426:18 Hours
Total interactions: 562,299
Money: 767,906
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By RileyImsong - 19 Hours and 19 Minutes ago.

#Xmasholidays In my four years stay in pokeheroes. I've never done any giveaways, so I would like to do one this Christmas ^^

So to enter spread the hashtag, and heart this owo on 24th December I'll send each and every one of you do who does this a Christmas gift ^^°

Gifts include maps, stones, gems, shinies, mega ables, boxes and keys I've collected over the years. I know my giveaway isn't big like others but it's Christmas! The season of giving!

Good luck everyone!

P.S. I wouldn't mind if you added me to your friendlist
Today, 00:36
Hey y'all, as i said earlier, today was meme day at my school a lot of people kept saying ok, boomer to everyone and i just pulled out my uno reverse card and everyone laughed and the look on their face was just so defeated lol :3
Today, 00:35
By best92 - 24 Minutes and 22 Seconds ago.

Since Christmas is only two weeks away, I feel like right now would be the perfect time to start my annual Christmas giveaway! All you have to do to enter is like the original post, share the hashtag, and comment your favorite Christmas tradition!

Here are the prizes:

1 Ultra Saddle

5 sets of 15 Dragon Gems each

2 sets of 5 Retro Starter Vouchers each

1 Free Slot in my Future Wooloo Hunt (1st Hunt when Galar come out!)

1 Free Slot in my Future Scorbunny Hunt (2nd hunt, unless it's breedable before the rest of Galar comes out)

A bunch of Fossils

1 set of 500 Nuggets

and 3 sets of 100 Nuggets each

For a total of 15 winners as of now. 1st winner gets first choice, 2nd gets second choice, etc. Ends Christmas Day reset!

"Best" of luck and Happy Holidays to all!
Yesterday, 18:29
So tomorrow is meme day at my school and i dint know until now so you bet that I'm sticking an uno reverse card in my pocket and taking it out whenever i hear an insult or a compliment.
Yesterday, 04:31
whoa my hunt for a shiny ponyta is already over 300, not to mention that it is now less valuable because it is a sm and now I also have less of a chance of getting a shiny.... oh well, only 1 more and i can move on to my next hunt!
1 Day ago
The winner is... HT_Beta_Bruh! They were the first to like my previous feed, 1 mystery key going to them!
1 Day ago
Time for a secret giveaway... first person to do something that i wont tell you what it is wins a mystery key! I'll announce the winner in another feed, and I bet it will happen really fast.
1 Day ago
By Flashfire - 2 Hours and 57 Minutes ago.
It's almost my birthday so let's do a giveaway

2:Pikachu art
3: 1 Plushie

To enter like the original post & share this comment and like this comment
Ends on the 19th
2 Days ago
By EmiiMay - 1 Hour and 3 Minutes ago.
So y'all, christmas is on its way so i've decided to do my first giveaway!

1st place: 10 golden boxes
2nd place: 2 golden boxes
3rd place: 15 flying gems

Share this giveaway with the hashstag #EmiiGiveaway and leave a like and comment on the original post! Thanks for participating! <3

Giveaway will finish on Sunday at 3pm UK time!
2 Days ago
By galaxyrazor - 10 Hours and 4 Minutes ago.
soo, err, I have decided to do a give away, so
post the entire feed, comment and heart on the
original feed to be in to win, the prize will be a
choice between all of the Pokemon in my

1st gets to get 3 pokes of their choice
2nd gets 2 after 1st has chosen
3rd gets 1 after 1st and 2nd have chosen


this is so that we can keep the Christmas spirit
alive in every one of ur hearts =)
3 Days ago
Follow up on my post about DND: Doing a warrior cats themed game
3 Days ago
plz interact? I need a free slot in my party!
4 Days ago
Umm... what do y'all think the new event pokemon is based one? Like something from the 12 days of christmas maybe? Idk, it looks cool , but just so random to me.
4 Days ago
So i was playing with google hangouts and hound a tool that lets you roll as many any sided dice as you want and add a number to it and i told my firends and now we all want to play dnd even though none of us have esver done it before and they dont even really know what it is so yeah maybe ill try being a dungeon master (we will simplify the rules by a lot)
4 Days ago
Would anyone care to buy some of my berries for 20pd each? Thats half price! If you want to buy a specific type, ask me, but no guarantees I have it.
5 Days ago
wow, idk if i will get one (saving up) , but check out arahkan's adorable christmas avis! They are amazing!
6 Days ago
By ~Moonstar~ - 6 Hours and 40 Minutes ago.
hi guys! as some of you guys might know I recently opened a Sprite shop. I've decided to do a giveaway, advertising my New shop!
Here's how to enter:
1. like MY feed
2. share this whole feed
3. check out the shop.

1. 50 nuggets
2. star member (look in the shop to find details)
3. 2 sets of mystery items

ends December 8, Sunday at reset
6 Days ago
Storytime: Im in house council in my school (theres about 25 of us) and we havent really done anything significant yet in the school year so... we are doing a pep rally christmas dance for the winter games event... I suck at dancing... but oh well oof guess ima embarras myself infront of the school if I dont practice it a lot before monday
6 Days ago
ok srry for close posts, but apparently, i already have another shiny ponyta? what? huh? when did i get this? apparently at some point because my pokeradar says so too... so 1 more i guess
7 Days ago
Once all my eggs hatch, my day 5 advent calendar challenge will be done! :3 it would also be nice if I got another shiny in this batch... still need 2 more
7 Days ago

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Please interact with all these Pokémon! They are my battle team, their names are Ember, Ryu, Wisp, Stormy, King Karp and Angel.

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LucarioLover99 is currently hunting Ponyta.
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Cool Art!

This art was made by Zera-chan, I highly reccomend getting their art! The art is of my warrior cats OC named Hawkflight, from windclan. Please check out Zera-chan's Toyhouse account!


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