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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 788/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
214101,222 / 138,031
Chikorita (Retro)10226,198 / 34,848

I'm LucarioLover99, but feel free to call me Lucario, Luca, Lu, or anything else appropriate! I identify as a female and use she and her pronouns!

My palpad is always open, if you want to chat or need anything, don't be afraid to ask!
Nice, you found a secret message! Congrats, and have a great day!

8k Nugget Goal - 3655 - 45.6875%

10k GGC Goal - 2400 - 24%

"Rise up, when you're living on your knees you rise up..."

Some art of my OC Aaron, done by chocolateshiro on artfight!

My PokeHeroes Family!

Here are some cool people you should meet!

Ace_Trainer_Max - Bro and self proclaimed Snom King

Friendly Bro :D - Filip

SilverBoi - My Weird Son
Guy in the corner - Hipsterpotamus

xiaored228 - Weeb Friend
KAAARP - Lukesky

Kamini - Trashcan, but prized and loved
The OwO - Godfaking

ChikoritaMining - Supportive Older Sister
The Chill Dude at School - ShadeUmbreon

PoliticalPopplio - DEH Bro, sincerely me
Friendly Neighbourhood Lucario - YungRover

LordSamton - The Vibe Check
The Annoying Fox - Drago17

MeAgainstTheWorld - My Psychic Friend Fredbear
That One Random Guy - DrHeinzDoofenshmirt

God~ - Uncle who randomly appears
Nerdy Cousin - LukeArch87

RoyalGecko - The Godfather Who's Also My Mother
Fellow Fangirl - Alpentre_Sage

The_metal_lord - Pokemon Fanboy Cousin
The Hardcore Rival Friend - 41hrva

lycanwolf - Wholesome 'Lil Bro
Local Furry Who Lives Across The Street - ThePhantomWolf

And many, many more people; if you aren't on here and you're one of my friends, sorry!


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #830352178
Registration: 05/02/2019 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 05/May/2021
Game Time: 1006:44 Hours
Total interactions: 1,253,951
Money: 289
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Following a trend, I guess XD

I changed every question to make the answer harder (it wont just be the one that was randomly added), so it might be quite challenging, though I'm sure you can get them all right if you really tried!

Please try this took me like 20 minutes of my time XD
Today, 15:09
Theres all of you, already buying dynamax crystals with your scs tokens and having almost comleted galar dexes, and then theres me here sitting with 400 trying to get the shiny victini and tapus and really doesn't care too much about dexes at the moment XD
Today, 14:42
By Badges Report - Now.
You obtained a new badge (Shiny Chainer)!

Oh, sweet! I've been having great shiny luck with all the scs!
Today, 14:15
I just learned what all for one and one for all means; I hear the phrase all the time but I only thought to see what it meant now.

Apparently its some original three musketeer oath where all the members of a group pledge to support each individual, and each individual pledges to support the group.

Seems a bit more obvious than I thought now that I think about it XD
Today, 13:31
This person on Art Fight called chocolateshiro sent me an attack


Such an amazing artist!
Today, 05:32
...remember how I said I got shiny twin riolus in my last post?

Turns out its actually TRIPLETS with the third being a mega able!!! :0

If only they'd overlapped...
Today, 03:45
By PokéRadar - 1 Hour and 13 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Riolu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #992)!

By PokéRadar - 37 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Riolu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #993)!

Oh, twins, nice!
Today, 03:22
By GTS - 38 Seconds ago.
******* has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Transferred Pokémon:
Riolu <=> Azumarill
Riolu <=> Grumpig

Received items:
1x Dragon Gem
1x Mystery Box (Brown)
1x Mystery Key (Green)
1x Mystery Key (Light Blue)
20x Poison Gem
10x Rock Gem
60x Steel Gem

Sent items:
14000x PD

Stonks :D All of the pokemon in the trade were shiny, too! (Except for one of the riolus, but that was mega able)
Today, 03:02

Working on leveling the chikorita; umbreon's there though
Today, 02:25
Global interaction goal:
313,829 /
250,000 interactions ✓

Your interactions:

Nice, y'all! We beat the goal; once again "passionately smashin every expectation" (hamilton reference XD); and I think I set a new record for myself! I only have one device to use; so I think thats pretty good.

Also, the riolu that hatched during scs happened to be a shiny, so I got that going for me :D
Today, 02:19
Sparking water with a so called 'hint of fruit' is like regular water but filled with hatred and sadness and bitterness

Like: "Oh, it tastes like fruit and it's fizzy? So its sort of like Fanta or sprite?" And it lures you in, making you out to be a fool and a buffoon

And then you taste it


Who agrees

(If you like it thats ok I just severely disagree with your taste in water)
Today, 00:42
I hear my parents listening to Hamilton downstairs and I'm smiling cause they listened to my suggestion :D

Heres to hoping they don't judge me severely for liking it if they don't
Today, 00:03
So apparently you can have your ashes turned into a playable vinyl record when you die.

Me when I die maybe:
Yesterday, 22:53
Ah, a beautiful 4x multiplier with a masterpiece drawing of blipbug XD
Yesterday, 21:53
*Goes on youtube*
*Finds my Hamilton playlist*
*Gets a Hamilton on Disney + ad*

I'm not even mad XD
Yesterday, 18:39

Good job, gang!

Also... new words!
Yesterday, 16:17
Fun Hamilton fact I recently realized:

Take a Break has more swear words than Guns and Ships! You wouldn't expect that XD

Sorry if you have no idea what I'm talking about XD
Yesterday, 14:06

Yesterday, 13:48
Yesterday, 13:38
Yesterday, 12:18

About Me

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Truth is, I have no idea XD I'm super bad at reflecting apon my own personality. Even personality tests I take can't agree! I'll get one personality the first time, and another the next!

I like to think I'm friendly, and I hope we can be friends! I'm an ambivert, I think, it really depends on the day and such.

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Warrior Cats
Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan
Dear Evan Hansen

They're Absol-utely amazing! Love them a ton. A skeleton. They make me satisfied, good for you if you like them too! They really are so dam paw-some!

There's more fandoms I'm forgetting and/or not mentioning (cause the word limit), come and fangirl/boy/person about them with me if you want!

Favourite Things:
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Food: Sushi!

Colour: Blue-Greens and Dark, Vibrant Blues!

Animal Canines and Felines, though I love them all!

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Listening to Music, Binging Youtube and Playing PH!

Book Series: Warrior cats is good, but Heroes of Olympus is my favourite!

Musical: Hamilton, though Dear Evan Hansen, In the Heights and Hadestown are close contenders!

Movie: The Lion King is my favourite! The musical is good, too.

Favourite Pokemon:
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~ ~
Lucario Line
~ ~ ~
Lycanroc Line
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . ~
Eevee Line

Feel free to chat anytime, and know I'm here if you need me!


2020 PH Oscars Award

Most Dramatic Scene Award - Souls Adrift, LucarioLover99
Award made by Lupine!

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LucarioLover99 is currently hunting Riolu.
Hunt started: 05/05/2020

Chain: 999
20 9 0


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