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I'm LucarioLover99, but you can call me Lucario, Luca, Lu, or anything else appropriate! I identify as a female and use she and her pronouns!

My palpad is always open, if you want to chat or need anything, don't be afraid to ask! I also accept random friend requests, so please, please, please don't be afraid to friend me or chat! I'm always up to meeting someone new on site!
Nice, you found a secret message! Congrats, and have a great day!

Nugget Count: I currently have 1,133 Nuggets!

Nebula Stone Tracker: 53/400 Nebula Stones, 13%


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Trainer ID: #830352178
Registration: 05/02/2019 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 05/May/2022
Game Time: 1491:34 Hours
Total interactions: 1,584,179
Money: 59,026
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


Arranged an among us round between friends, and I'm so flipping excited :D Also, even more people are playing it at school, so we can play at lunch break!

Vry exciting!!! In the mean time though, I need to stop procrastinating and do work XD If you see me on ph in the next half hour please... idk, just do what you want if you do XD
Today, 02:28
My among us feeds are pretty high on trending, I guess the community is just as obsessed with the game as I am XD
Today, 00:51
You're listening to your playlist and enjoying it: :)
You find a hidden gem you forgot about: :0
You somehow still remember the whole thing: :D
Yesterday, 23:56
Amons Us pet idea idk I rushed this drawing

No I'm not obsessed with Among Us stuff
Yesterday, 03:07
I feel like the "Always has been" meme predicted among us's rise to fame

Yesterday, 02:49
Me: *Stares at wall*
Me: *Stares at wall*
Me: *Stares at wall*
Friend: What are u doing bro
Me: Oh y'know just doing my tasks
Friend: Understandable, have a great day
Yesterday, 02:01
Help me I'm rlly rlly rlly dumb

What does it mean when someone puts a word between these things --> : :
Yesterday, 00:57
Remember that kahoot I told y'all about where there were 30 questions and I drew a drawing for every question and it was for my advisory?

Well, we played it today! Went well lol, people liked the drawings and the questions. One person got the final question wrong, and people jokingly said to kick her out of the advisory, this is what the question was:

Finish the vine: Road work ahead?

And I know y'all know the answer XD
1 Day ago
My awesome math teacher just asked us what "Big Brain" and "Small Brain" are, and them proceeded to use them correctly lol XD
1 Day ago
Srry that I'm not talking with y'all as much if y'all care, school's just making me super busy lol

Anyhoo, hope y'all have an amazing day
1 Day ago
Me: *Has breeding fountain boost and black flute*
Me: *Goes to sleep*
Me: *Wakes up*
Daycare Man: 1 Egg. Take it or leave it.
Me: Am I a joke to you?
1 Day ago
Hello y'all!

During this brief meeting in the sea of hashtags and giveaways today, I want to wish you all an amazing day :D Stay safe out there!
2 Days ago
I've resigned to my fate of never getting a magearna and I'm saving up for a shiny legendary beast XD
2 Days ago
What if there was a short story where it's set in medival fantasy and a group of knights go off to a 'villain's lair' to find and defeat him and when they get there, its decorated in skulls and spooky stuff and whatnot but when they enter, they find out its just a rlly rich guy who likes the aesthetic
2 Days ago
You finish hunting a pokemon: :D
That pokemon immediately gets a mega form on ph: D:

This literally happened to me with rapidash XD Fortunately, I was able to sell the shinies at a regular price, before they went rlly downhill... lol
2 Days ago
Actually, before I go...

Some Fanart

I don't have to draw any facial details or accurate human proportions and its absolutely amazing

Yeah, I'm way too invested in this game already, why do you ask?
2 Days ago
Among Us: Body Reported!
Entire Crew: *Deep Breath* Where? Where? Where?
Among Us: Emergency Meeting!
Entire Crew: "Deep Breath* Why? Why? Why?

Anyhoo, g'night y'all! Have a great day! :D
3 Days ago
Dear Me,


Sincerely, Me
3 Days ago
Two rlly good categories of cat names I think are names that sound like very human names and names that are just random objects

Like imagine having a cat named "apple" or "jerry" or "chair" or "larry" or "egg"

It just sounds both hillarious and amazing to me for no reason XD
3 Days ago

About Me

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Truth is, I have no idea XD I'm super bad at reflecting apon my own personality. Even personality tests I take can't agree! I'll get one personality the first time, and another the next!

I like to think I'm friendly, and I hope we can be friends! I'm an ambivert, I think, it really depends on the day and such.

Favourite Things:
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Food: Sushi!

Colour: Blue-Greens and Dark, Vibrant Blues!

Animal Canines and Felines, though I love them all!

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Listening to Music, Binging Youtube and Playing PH!

Book Series: Warrior cats is good, but Heroes of Olympus is my favourite!

Musical: Hamilton, though Dear Evan Hansen and In the Heights are close contenders!

Movie: The Lion King is my favourite! The musical is good, too. Actually... might be Hamilton now XD

Favourite Pokemon:
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~ ~
Lucario Line
~ ~ ~
Lycanroc Line
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Eevee Line

Feel free to chat anytime, and know I'm here if you need me!


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