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I'm LucarioLover99, but you can call me Lucario, Luca, Lu, or anything else appropriate! I use she/her pronouns!

My palpad is always open, if you want to chat or need anything, don't be afraid to ask! I also accept random friend requests, so please, please, please don't be afraid to friend me or chat! I'm always up to meeting someone new on site!
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Out of curiosity:

Do y'all like musicals? Which ones?
Yesterday, 18:30
Audition packages for my school musical came out! I'm super excited!
2 Days ago
By PokéRadar - 29 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Cosmog hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #117)!

2 Days ago
It's been a while since I've had a choir class, nearly forgotten how much I enjoy it :D
4 Days ago
Just finished watching series I really really enjoyed...

On one hand, it was great!

On the other hand, I wish I wasn't done so there was more to watch XD
6 Days ago
Fallen into another addiction to a piece of media...

And so the cycle continues lol
6 Days ago
So I was daydreaming about having a conversation with my skeptical no-nonsense brother and saying how I tend to daydream a lot about everything, most of the time.

And so daydream brother asks what I daydream about, to give an example. And I can't think of anything in that second so for a moment I think "wait what if I'm exaggerating and actually don't have my head in the clouds as much as I think I do?"

And then I realized that the interaction itself was a daydream XD So yeah I guess I was right

Also, I was imagining the wording of this post which I was gonna make, then forgot to make it for a few days because I thought I already did because I imagined it in my head... yeah this is probably not a good thing lol
8 Days ago
Super excited to join the school musical!

I'm quite a shy person irl (or whatever you call anxious about talking to people) and joining the play last year was a great way to make friends, so hopefully I can meet some cool people this year :D

Hopefully I'm not too exhausted with 3 of my afternoons and early evenings being filled up with rehearsals lol (Plus 1 more from choir and sometimes saturdays)
9 Days ago
Big huggable plushies are the best!

I have a chonky seal one that's very nice
12 Days ago
Day 1 of grinding the Rasputin Just Dance

I've only done it once and I'm already tired and sweating a bit, def need to exercise more. I really tried to get all the actions correct, arms and legs both, even the knees, although I couldn't do it right all the time, especially at that one really low knees part

I think I'll try to do it twice a day or more, not a bad way to exercise at all!

... Well, I'm just gonna hope my brother or parents doesn't enter the room while I'm at it and judges me severely lol
15 Days ago
Most people at my school dont' like it much when they make us do Just Dance dances for events like sports day or PHE, with one strange exception: Rasputin

For some reason, everyone (including me) likes that one lol

So I was thinking, I need to get more exercise in.... and I think it would be really funny if I grinded the Rasputin Just Dance every day to get really good at it XD
15 Days ago
Ugh why is everything so exhausting
16 Days ago
Got yearbooks from last year today, and I rediscovered something I completely forgot about:

3 friends and I rickrolled the entire school in the yearbook lol

One of the prompts we were asked in a form to put in the yearbook was "What is one thing you would like to say to the entire school?" and we saw the opportunity, each putting in one line of the chorus of Never Gonna Give You Up.

Not only did the yearbook committee see that we put it in and let us, but they put them TOGETHER IN ORDER, strengthening the rickroll

So that definitely put a smile on my face lol
18 Days ago
Just finished my first day back at school. I'm exhausted! Perhaps partially because I walked home (about an hour)...
18 Days ago
I just looked at my schedule for school...

ALL of my STEM classes (4/8) are on the same flipping day 😰

I'm not bad at STEM or anything but that's gonna get tiring real quick... and on top of that 5/8 of my classes are for a higher grade in some way, shape or form (probably a horrible idea)...

19 Days ago
Anyone know if the type of ducklett (swablu too ig) you catch in the fair minigame does anything? I've so far gotten consistently low numbers like 3 for regular ducklett and high (I think?) numbers for the ducklett with pink cheeks (8, 11 & 12), but I don't know if its just random luck. Does the shiny ducklett do anything?
19 Days ago
Wondering if anyone else's strategy for the corn maze is to just hug either the left or right side for the entirety?

Not the fastest strategy out there for sure, but I'm never getting full on lost at least lol
19 Days ago
I love the traveling fair games! Maybe it's just because they're new and changing things up and all that, but I'm having fun with them. I hope they stick around in some way, but with the name traveling fair, I think that's just wishful thinking lol
20 Days ago
Close posts, sorry

Interacted for the first time in like months lol (been a bit busy), just 100 clicks, and shaymin came :0

Makes up for my last post lol
20 Days ago
I know many shiny hunts have gone way longer without shinies, but hunting this cosmog is taking me quite a while, hoping for one soon! (Before chain 100...?)
20 Days ago

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