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Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 1,542/4,369


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Snivy16 / 9

About Me

Hi everyone!

My name is LucarioLover99, and you can call me Lucario, Luca, Lu, or pretty much whatever is appropriate.

Im a female and I use the she/her pronouns.

I have a lot of hobbies, including drawing, art, origami, writing, reading, learning cool new things, and more!

I am also part of a lot of fandoms of many books, games and musicals, like Warrior Cats, Percy Jackson, Undertale, Deltarune, Legend of Zelda, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, Harry Potter, Wolves of the Beyond, Guardians of Ga'hoole, Foxcraft, Wings of Fire, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, In the Heights, Six, Come from Away, Pokemon (of course) and more!

My favourite pokemon are eevee and the eeveelutions, lucario, rockruff and the lycanrocs, zeraora, zorua and zoruark, vulpix and ninetales, growlithe and arcanine, and lots more!

I am a decent person (or at least I like to think so ). I can be funny and kind, but sometimes a little angsty. Most of the time, I am optimistic and can be an introvert or extravert depending on my mood.

Feel free to chat anytime!



Shiny Hunts:

Snivy - 1
Tepig - 2
Oshawott - 3




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Trainer ID: #830352178
Registration: 05/02/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 498:18 Hours
Total interactions: 573,711
Money: 201,623
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


By ShadeUmbreon - 2 Hours and 10 Minutes ago.
I'm gonna do my 7th giveaway!

1. Moltres

How to Enter:
Share #PeskyBirds
Like the original post
Comment your favorite Grain Quote
Today, 02:37

I just finished english class, and apparently, we have a project that starts today, along with another 2 smaller assignments. That would be okay... except for the fact that this somewhat big project is due in 2 DAYS. That means theres not even an english class between it and the class that just happened. Our english teacher gave us a project with almost no instruction for HOMEWORK.

My friends and I are all freaking out and saying that if English was a Hamilton song because the lyrics go: "You're on your own." "AWESOME, WOW." "Do you have a clue what happens now?" And none of us know what the heck we're doing.

Sorry for my rant, I'm just really annoyed.
Yesterday, 21:21
I just remembered a random memory. Don't know what triggered it, but anyway, I was in grade 2 or 3 (I forget), and I had recently gotten into warrior cats and was really excitedly explaining it to my friends. Half of them were really into it, and the other half was like: Please shut up now, we get it, you like warriors.

Warrior cat's was the fandom that triggered the chain of events that got me into so many other fandoms. I remembered the same thing happened in grade 5 with undertale, and then again in grade 7 with hamilton.

I haven't changed a bit from grade 2/3 me, to be honest. I'll get into a new fandom and wont stop talking about it until my friends at least try it lol.
Yesterday, 02:38
Was bored, so I listened to Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief: The Musical, and got inspiration to draw Percy as a cat! What do you think?
1 Day ago
Check out the newest edition of the PH times, a community newspaper!

There are articles, puzzles, art and more! Subscribe to the feed for a weekly newspaper!
1 Day ago
Oh, I got a good drawing idea! Drawing pokemon as DnD classes! Something like a rogue greninja or ranger decidueye (those are obvious ones). Any other ideas for classes for pokemon?
1 Day ago
Hey Everyone!

My friend ShadeUmbreon would like to borrow the legendary bird trio so they can start their Mewtwo hunt! Does anyone have that avaliable to borrow?

Also, if anyone has anything to promote, make a post and if I see it, I'll probably share it. If I don't and you want to have it shared, just pal pad me :3
2 Days ago
Man... It's been ages since I tried to make a drawing online (something finished, not simple sketches). Any ideas?
2 Days ago
Hey! Heres a scratch project I made.

Its pretty simple so far, sorry! But I will be adding more options. What do you think of the concept?
2 Days ago
Is anyone buying mystery items? I have some for sale!
2 Days ago
Random question of the day: Any favourite musical(s)? Any reccomendations?

My top six are Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, In the Heights, Come from Away, Six, and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.
3 Days ago
18/20 eggs... just like last year. T^T
3 Days ago
LucarioLover99 and LucarioLover99:
The two seem to get along.

Seems legit.
3 Days ago
Hey, LucarioLover99! Are you alright?
Sorry, I don't have much time to talk - I'm getting ready for my nephew's birthday party!
Ah, I just love such occasions. Meeting with the whole family is always great and much fun. Hearing all their stories while eating cake and drinking a cup of tea. I will surely tell them about you, my good friend!

I've never seen this before... Im wondering... reference to riakos birthday being soon, or completely random?
3 Days ago
So my english teacher just gave us, like, 4 projects on out first english online class which makes me really annoyed at her cause she acts like its nothing but thats not the part that makes me the most mad

No, that award goes to the part where she's making us choose a song to describe our mood about the quarrantine. For her demonstration, she chose you will be found from dear evan hansen. Normally, this would be the opposite of a problem because thats one of my top 3 fav musicals. The issue? For her image, she put a picture of WAVING THROUGH A WINDOW. She did the wrong song, and also described it wrong. I refuse to see this musical go through this injustice.

Ok, sorry for my rant but im sort of annoyed today.
4 Days ago
By Melodrqmatic - 3 Hours and 22 Minutes ago.
Hope ya'll had a Happy April Fools' Day - a specific someone lost 1.3M followers yesterday. Anyway as promised, here's my giveaway!

1st Place - 200kPD
2nd Place - 1 Nebula Stone (sells for 90k+)
3rd Place - 50kPD

To enter heart this post and share the hashtag #FoolsDayPranks please note you have to do both or I won't enter you in the giveaway.

To get extra entries, you can gift me 1 of any box. (1 Box = 1 Extra Entry)

Giveaway ends in 2 weeks on April 16, good luck~
4 Days ago
By ShadeUmbreon - 10 Hours ago.
Since I have a ditto I can get it from gem exhange so... I'm going to start trading dittos for the gems needed to more get ditto eggs... Heck I might start a Ditto shop!

So I'm doing a giveaway!

Ditto, Shiny Ponyta, And Shiny Feebas

How to enter:
Share #DittoShop
Like the 1st post
Gift Normal Gems for Extra Entries

Giveaway Ends when I get 2 ditto eggs

(This will be long)
4 Days ago


Hey everyone, check out this cool newspaper!

The PH Times

It's a great way to learn more about the community! There are articles about the current events on the site, horoscopes, art, quizzes, puzzles, and so much more to see! Check it out!

I'm currently an artist for the PH Times. It you're interested in joining, talk to Hipsterpotamus.

The Dream Team

Please interact with all these Pokémon! They are my battle team, their names are Ember, Ryu, Wisp, Stormy, King Karp and Angel.

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If you would like to send me a plushie, these are my favourites that I am hoarding. Please tap them to send them!

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