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"Chain #2", 7th On Site Shiny Mega Gyarados. :D

Chain #45, 1st On Site Shiny Unown H. :D

5th On Site Shiny Vivillon (River).

4th On Site Shiny Raitoshi.


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Oh snap, I am pleasantly surprised and very happy about the Advent reward today. Something I still needed!
2 Days ago
The Safari Zone just tried to make me rage quit PH.

First of all, I've been lazily Shiny hunting Pinsir there for a good long while. For reference, this started BEFORE my Arceus hunt, and THAT was two whole years ago. I know it started before that hunt because my Mega Pinsir was acquired from claiming the Pinsir I caught chaining in the Safari Zone, and that was 2 years and 7 months ago.

I basically find the Safari Zone dull and a drag to do, so I've pretty much avoided playing it, and even when I do it's like at most a couple plays. But I've had this chain going there for years now, obviously I do NOT want it broken until I have the Shiny.

So tonight I did two games. The first, when trying to catch a regular Pinsir, a random Scyther just sped into the ball from off screen, which THANKFULLY it broke out of. I do not understand the point of even coding it so Pokemon can move faster than you can even move the camera (WITH Shift), but that's another issue.

More in comments.
4 Days ago
I legitimately believe I have never done the Safari Zone while it was daytime PH time cause HOLY MOLY I was not prepared for that brightness difference.
12 Days ago
The Eevee outbreak event has just started and I've already gotten a Shiny Eevee. Not marked, but it was from the first outbreak I went to and before I hit max chance so definitely happy with it.
18 Days ago
Me: *makes random sandwich in Scarlet before new day outbreak reset*

Scarlet: Ok, here's a Slaking outbreak.

Me: o_o I didn't even know that one was an option. Random sandwiches it is from now on.
24 Days ago
Anyways, - I did not just say that - will you take care of it? You're one of my best customers and I think I can trust you.

It has FINALLY been another 500 eggs, so I may once again hope for a Shiny Retro Togepi.
1 Month ago
What is this LUCK today? I've just caught ANOTHER Shiny Alpha, a Psyduck! Unfortunately I already had one but I'm not mad, I'll probably just keep the Alpha and put the original as the duplicate.
1 Month ago

My first one was my very first Shiny in the game, a Shiny Alpha Mothim back on March 17th 2022, literally only about a month and a half after the game released.

Just now I got a Shiny Alpha Basculegion randomly from a Basculin Massive Mass Outbreak. I still needed a Shiny Basculegion too so it's even better!
1 Month ago
So I've been doing something nice and just surprise trading extra Shinies I've been finding in Scarlet (ID is Jesse 990585 if anyone ever gets one from me, it's legit). I got a second Shiny Sylveon from an outbreak and sent it through, got back a Shiny Level 100 Basculegion holding a Master Ball!

Of course it's 'genned'. Deleted it and used the Master Ball on some random Pokemon and released it. I'm just sad that Shiny Sylveon was wasted on a bot thing. =/
1 Month ago
FINALLY! After 3 years I have finally caught a Retro Gengar!
1 Month ago

I didn't even NOTICE there were two, I thought the first one broke out and I had to recatch it! I get back to base and go to check the box and there's just TWO. 😲
1 Month ago
So I'm playing Legends Arceus and I am completely unsure of how to describe my intuition. I go to the first map for a Shinx outbreak (still need 2 Shinies for the line) and whiff on a Shiny. But something in my brain went 'I bet I might still find something if I fly around the map this time'. I go RIGHT and fly ALLLLLLL the way around and then some, and find nothing. But THEN, as I'm coming back up to the spot where the Shinx outbreak was, DING! A Shiny Wurmple! Just to the LEFT of where the Shinx outbreak was!

So my intuition told me there was a Shiny somewhere on the map, but then made me go the exact WRONG way for it. 🤣 But I at least got a Shiny I needed!
1 Month ago
It's probably been at least 2 years since I hatched a random Mega Able cause of the Arceus hunt. Was a little weird to say the least to see that little bubble next to Ponyta. 😆
1 Month ago
Me: *rereads Pokeheroes wiki page for Milcery evolutions*

..........wait, the SPINNING Pokemon has to meet the gender and speed stat requirements? As in, NOT NECESSARILY Milcery?! Dang it, I've been trying to get a male Milcery for the Alcremie forms that need a male for the wheel. 🤣 I just looked up Milcery's gender rate to see how rare a male was and learned it is JUST female, so I had to go reread the wiki on how the evos work on here.

A big D'OH moment for me for sure.
1 Month ago
958 eggs later, I have my first Shiny I've ever gotten from hatching eggs in any official Pokemon game. A Shiny Fuecoco!

I did use the Masuda Method for Shiny hunting eggs (foreign Ditto) cause no way I was going to make this more difficult than it had to be. 😂
2 Months ago
Ok, so now that my Arceus hunt has ended I've been trying to focus on filling out the missing Pokemon in my Pokedex. Tonight I turned my attention to Landorus, the literal last Unova Pokemon I need to complete the Unova Dex.

Before I can catch Landorus though I have a Pinsir hunt in the Safari Zone I need to finish. It's been over 2 years since I started that as my Mega was from this hunt and that was 2 years and a few months ago. This is mainly me just ignoring the Safari Zone because I find it dull to zoom around for 5 minutes for, at best, maybe one or two of the Pokemon I need.

So I jumped in the Safari Zone for Pinsir for the first time since my Arceus hunt ended, and who shows up? Well, no Pinsirs first of all. But LANDORUS shows up. Because of COURSE he would when I'm not ready to grab him. 😫
2 Months ago
I swear hatching that last Arceus just broke the flood gates on my luck.

I just randomly hatched a Shiny Solar Eevee. Not a chain or anything, just a one off egg hatch trying to get the missing evolutions now that I can breed for other things again.
2 Months ago
There is no greater feeling than getting multiple Shinies in Scarlet with a single sandwich. Wanted to get another Shiny Sandygast to finish the line and made a ghost sandwich. Found it in about 10 minutes so with the remaining time I jumped down into Area Zero to search for Flutter Mane. And in total I ended up with:

Shiny Sandygast
Shiny Greavard x2
Shiny Sableye
Shiny Flutter Mane

5 Shinies in total. Definitely have never gotten that lucky from one sandwich, don't expect I will again. 😁
2 Months ago
2 Months ago
For anyone curious, my mystery egg was a Togepi, adopted from the lab a year and four months ago. 😆
2 Months ago

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