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Trainerlevel: 55

Trainerpoints: 391/9,129


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
180118,924 / 122,176

Shiny Hunt

tord is currently hunting Gastly.
Hunt started: 24/12/2023

Chain: 272
0 2 0

Send me plushies!! (clickable)

*unless given permission (only with what i make)

*meowths made by SilverShinyBirdizard

me when plushie:

(i made the little tbh creature, used fire from clipart library!)

THE ABOVE IS MADE BY MeepTheMareep02!!!

will add more later!! :3

future goals!(+daycare)

currently breeding/hunting: Gengar!

save up enough for a ditto eventually (impossible challenge /j)

get enough umbreons to fill up a box and call it the army of darkness
updated ^ FILL BOXES WITH ALL THE EEVEELUTIONS,,, 100 of each !!!!
hoard pokemon :)

hoard lycanroc (dusk)

hoard box of shadow gastly specifically

get a shiny shaymin and name it wwwwww

shiny hunt yveltal and zygarde 50% forme!!

go for a shiny saturneon, a shiny plaguekrow, uhh. shiny sneasel, SM absol SM gengar, shiny haunter,,, lots of shinies :o

hall of fame:

part 2

blessed at chain #68!!




reminders for myself
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save up pd by gifting yourself 100k every time you can
save up electric gems (maybe by gifting every 50?)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #718637242
Registration: 24/10/2015 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 1667:17 Hours
Total interactions: 1,062,184
Money: 550,991
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


funfair incident, pictured (silly)
Yesterday, 06:30
fun fair page works again YIPPPEEE
Yesterday, 06:07
hello hello ! bumping up TomatoSoup's feed by repeating what was said ! (go give her some appreciation)

funfair links are available, just the main page is broken :33

the new minigame
apple bobbing
prize booth
Yesterday, 05:02
Yesterday, 04:55
Popping in again to give a little reminder that it's very important to take care of yourself. If you need help, don't be afraid to seek it out. It's important you get yourself taken care of to be able to function properly offsite.

Drink some water, touch some grass, take a moment to rest and relax in reality. Forget about anything you have due for just a little bit, give yourself a tiny break because you deserve it.
1 Day ago
Spriting contest

My time has come (again) 👀
9 Days ago
what have you been doing lately that youd feel like sharing? :3

recently ive been trying to learn how to 3D model. i use blockbench and its like a watered down version of blender, its really easy for me to get the hang of things!

two things ive made with it so far: one , two
12 Days ago
giveaway, ends at reset (3 hours)
24 Days ago
adding my two cents, i think its always good to stand up for what you believe in but youve gotta really do self reflection if you end up believing in the wrong thing.

(also sorry but like im pretty sure a fair amount of pokeheroes members are lgbtq if someone is going to upset one group ofc everyones going 2 come together idk what people are expecting)
24 Days ago
check out ball's giveaway !! ends real soon :3
25 Days ago
check TomatoSoup's feed for a chance to win a lot of nuggets!
1 Month ago
hello hello! ive opened my Adoptable Shop! give it a look if you'd like, limited amount of customs r available right off the bat :3
2 Months ago
Shame on those trying to extort others trying to complete their Advent task
2 Months ago
you do not need to pay for the advent mon!!

many pokemon are going around free, and although i wont be available the entire day, im also giving away a lot free myself! :) if theres any youre missing, contact me or the other people offering theirs!
2 Months ago
we do a little tomfoolery
2 Months ago
[Advent Calendar Egg Hatching Tasks]

Historically, calendar day 21 and 24 tasks ask you to hatch 3 or 4 eggs. If you're stuck on a slow hunt (events or legendaries), how can you prepare for this task?

Where to get eggs?
- Store eggs in egg storage to hatch during the task
- Game Center eggs don't break your chain, including Concentration, Retro Starter Vouchers, Dratini, Mewton, Lugia to name a few.
- Save Game Chips: Mewton hatches much faster but is more expensive
- Rumble eggs from special areas (E.g. Burned Tower, Galar, Route 102) don't break your chain
- Advent Calendar eggs, if you still have them, don't break your chain

Not sure? Check here!

How to hatch eggs?
- Keep high EHP eggs in your party a few days before to accumulate interactions
- Interact! Save powerorbs to hatch eggs on the day!

[Code here, spread the word!]
2 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 2 Hours and 11 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Sneasel (Hisuian) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #44)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

now for the tall one >:3
2 Months ago
bumping the questions in my last feed as i have been heavily considering opening an adoptable shop of my own and want to get ranges of what i should price my stuff at etc
still may be a while before i fully decide but i would plan on having both pokemon related adopts + non pokemon adopts if i do go thru w/ making one
2 Months ago
people of pokeheroes: some questions for yall

1. whats the absolute minimum youd be okay with paying for off-base adoptables?

2. how often would you expect to see batches from a shop?

3. would you prefer seeing things of all types and genres, or would you only care about adopts aligning with your own interests/aesthetics?
2 Months ago

About me

credit for above!

made by Orca~
certified challenge beast

I'm neurodivergent, trans, and nonbinary (he/they or catgender pronouns), and have social anxiety (please be patient when it comes to pms or palpad, its difficult for me to respond sometimes). Sometimes I have trouble understanding things so I apologize if I ask about things that might be common knowledge.

I enjoy pokemon a lot and even though I'm not always active I like helping out when I can :)

My most favorite pokemon: , , , , , (m&f), , , , , and !
Favorite event pokemon: Saturneon/solar eevee , plaguekrow , dark ponyta


SKARIGAMI!!! (friendship ended with motherzone evo line skarigami my new best friend)

Enjoy your day!

MADE BY MeepTheMareep02!!! (+ the flags too)

pride litten made by Orca~

things that go brrrrr (favs)

PFP by: me!!

comfort characters (first listed in each series = most comfort, kins r in bold):
tord/bing - eddsworld
Idia - Twisted Wonderland
licorice cookie/candy diver cookie/clotted cream cookie - cookie run kingdom
luca balsa/edgar valden - identity v
funtime foxy!!!/glamrock freddy/springtrap - fnaf
wrench - watch dogs 2
umbreon/silver/sneasel/gladion/mimikyu - pokemon
049/860-2/939 - scp
bloody painter - creepypasta
fang/skye/rover/kabuki - animal crossing
jake park/the legion- dead by daylight

games (bolded are currently special interests!!): shadows of doubt, cookie run, idv, fnaf, watch dogs (all), pokemon, party hard (1+2), little big planet (all!!!), welcome to the game (1+2), minecraft, rune factory 4/5

series (bolded = same as above): eddsworld, creepypasta

i will chew ur ear off (/pos) if you ask me about my eddsworld headcannons/au ideas or if youd like to chat about any of my interests or even my ocs


Other sites (+art for me!)

I am on pokefarm! Would greatly appreciate if you give these babies some love <3


vv MADE BY HisuianZorua!!! commission him (info on his profile!!!)

vv MADE BY Cardboard_Spaghetti - CHECK OUT HER ART SHOP!! :)

vv MADE BY orcaa~!! Check out their profile!!! :D

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