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Trainerlevel: 58

Trainerpoints: 3,439/10,149


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
The Soul of Meep
2,1934,583,717 / 17,255,487
Nocturnia (12OS)
611531,361 / 1,121,797
553687,037 / 1,086,399
Equinox (1OS)
285404 / 305,664

About Meep

Meep | She/Her | 20 |

Hello! I like cats, Pokémon and Genshin! My Palpad is open, but no unsolicited advertisements please!

All art here, including my avatar, pixel dividers and flags, is made by me!

Shiny Hunt

MeepTheMareep02 is currently hunting Skarigami.
Hunt started: 06/03/2023

Chain: 29
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #261526904
Registration: 11/05/2015 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Dec/2023
Game Time: 2316:44 Hours
Total interactions: 1,665,050
Money: 145,175
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


bidding on a MA skarmory with me as the breeder OT from AH

i've never even owned a MA skarmory at all (tried to buy one a few months back but was quoted 40k)

another funny detail: my skarigami have really messed up family trees because I've been giving my friends starred skarigamis to breed
Yesterday, 18:05
People who buy a user's legends/spare shinies/megas (from a legend/SM hunt) to resell them, while said hunt is still ongoing, boggle me

There's already an existing source for the Pokémon you're selling. Morality aside it doesn't make much practical sense

Bonus points if said Pokémon is overhunted.
Yesterday, 17:38
*struggling to get out of bed*

life cold and hard, bed warm and soft

i already conked out for 10h last night
Yesterday, 04:45
flute ending in around 10 days, hope I can hit max chance by then

or hatch a mega

Yesterday, 01:18
i like that theres a mass FL cleaning session recently

i have around 70 people, around... 20-30 of which are inactive but i kept them around since my hiatus :>

miss yall, honestly
Yesterday, 00:47
Please tell me this "less than 1 egg every 24 hours" isn't going to be a permanent thing.

Sorry I just cannot see myself on this hunt for 2 years, counting cost of premium, black flutes and mega cuffs and still probably not seeing a SM at all

(Context: Yesterday it took 36 hours for me to get another event egg, today I'm on 25 hours and counting)
6 Days ago
My birds havent given me a paper egg for 34 hours now. What gives??
7 Days ago
Minor PSA: if you put up a MA pokemon in GTS, please state in the description that its mega able!

You can only see the MA status when you open the trade so you might get fewer offers because people don't realise. I tend to tap into trades that seem to be asking too much to check if theyre MA but not everyone notices!
7 Days ago
In other news I made pixel art for my about me!

actually haven't touched large scale pixel art in years (this is my third time trying) so im happy it worked out!
9 Days ago
some tl;drs

Not that Riako handled this poorly but in the future, there are ways to manage conflict and encourage discussion without having to make hasty decisions...? I think most people did moderate their arguments, they just were persistent/had strong opinions, and honestly any decision should have taken more time to look over all the opinions, because ultimately we're on this site because we like it and want to have fun

i think a more extended discussion/decision making process would cool things down reducing tension on both sides, because even after the resolution people are making jabs at each other? (people are allowed to be passionate about something they like)

This is just how public discourse works... tone policing doesnt help anyone unless people are attacking each other (also doesn't help anyone or the argument)

maybe an accelerated suggestion for opinions on new updates?

ah, the banes of social media
9 Days ago
greatest feature of PH: it is a social media site with pokemon adoptables on the side

worst feature of PH: it is a social media site with pokemon adoptables on the side
9 Days ago
Put my favourite berrygarden suggestions on my profile. Go check them out?

I'd appreciate letting me know about any suggestions I might have missed!
9 Days ago
controversy aside, personal opinion on a compromise: full dex + either40% OT dex or 40% of the eggdex for that region

i used to lab hunt quite a bit but i traded away my OT mons, so it feels a bit weird starting from zero :v
10 Days ago
oh my god it EXISTS. HO OH???
10 Days ago
put a new skarigami in 20 hours ago and all they've been producing is skarmory eggs

i was so excited to see if i got better offspring but...
11 Days ago
found an album of my old sprites

wow, that was probably around 2015-2016, cant imagine i've been spriting for 8 years now

also a good reminder that practice does make perfect!
12 Days ago
today i learnt that the first ever shiny i hatched (a mareep i gave away in a giveaway) probably got released


pls, my child
12 Days ago
You know I had an actual night of sleep because I have 8 eggs to scan
13 Days ago
sorry that quantum skarigami-foldable papers are only available in emera town </3

wonder if i can figure out a template to make it work though....
16 Days ago
decided to hatch the guaranteed shiny egg today

hello Equinox!
16 Days ago

Plu(sheep) Hoard!

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I prioritise Mareep (and Wooloo) plushies over missing ones!

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