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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 879/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
44683,406 / 747,609
Pidgeotto30517 / 2,534
Pidgeotto301,964 / 2,534
Igglybath351,527 / 3,024

About Meeee


I'm Berrypass but you can call me Berry. I have not been on PokeHeroes for an incredibly long time, so I still have a lot to do. If you want to talk about anything at all just go ahead and pm me, I like chatting about pointless things.

I accept random friend requests and will add you to my friendlist back, though I'd prefer it if I knew you first.
Plushies are gifted as gifts of gratitude or to friends during legend plushie events. Plushie spams are welcome and greatly appreciated. Missing plushies will be accepted with gratitude :)

I always return clicks.

I am friendly and willing to talk to people unless provoked. Intentional rudeness will NOT be tolerated and I'm not afraid to fight back. Any claims that you have been intentionally cruel to an animal of any kind (without regret) and you will IMMEDIATELY become my enemy. No exceptions.


Need help finding harvest sprites? Don't be afraid to ask! I adore these little hatted Victini and will willingly participate in anything having to do with them XD

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Shiny Hunt

berrypass is currently hunting Pidgey.
Hunt started: 20/05/2020

Chain: 26
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #538646948
Registration: 29/08/2019 (10 Months ago)
Game Time: 240:21 Hours
Total interactions: 351,619
Money: 2,253,151
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Alright, I'm gonna be honest, I'm probably not going to be logging in at all for a while. How long, I'm not sure. I wish you all the best. Maybe I'll check in every once in a while, but that's it.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not one of those people. I'm not pretending to leave just to get sympathy.

who am I kidding nobody cares

Anyway, bye for now
28 Days ago
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that my activity might be growing a bit more spotty around here. Just a note so you know why I'm not responding to things as much.
29 Days ago
I just got another event egg on accident... I wasn't even trying to get another
30 Days ago
By BlazeZet - 1 Hour and 25 Minutes ago.
Choose Your Clan !

I have decided to open up 'Three Clans' all over PH. So, basically you get to choose to become a member of any one of the three major types, Fire-Water-Grass, and any starter.(I choose Froakie). I don't mean to divide people into groups or start a fight, it is just for fun. Okay, all you have to do is, share the hashtag, #ChooseYourClan and Choose a type and A Starter (Share this with the hashtag feed). After sufficient people join, I will choose a person to become the leader of each clan. Now, only the first 15 people, get to sign up for being a leader. I will choose any one of them randomly and make them the leader. Then the Leader will choose a vice leader.

Friendly Reminder : This is JUST FOR FUN. I don't mean to start a fight. Only for Fun.

Friendly Warning : I just wish that nobody should copy this idea

30 Days ago
(Close feeds sorry)
The Animal Crossing animals are hurting me now... I would take a break from it if I wasn't so fish-obsessed
1 Month ago
Woah woah woah... what is this army nonsense? Don't get me wrong, I'd join #SPIDERARMY in an instant, but I feel this is missing something.

Frogs for life. The world would crumble without frogs.
1 Month ago
Question of the day -

Did anyone actually notice that I have a small Pokemon of the Day thing on my profile and that I change it every day I log in?
1 Month ago
Venting below - Don't read if you don't want to.

So I log on to PH to do my normal stuff, hatch a few Pidgey, get some points for the new event... and what are my notifications being bombarded by? Guilt-tripping and pictures of animal abuse! Well there was only one animal abuse picture but still, that's too many. Also, SO. MUCH. GUILT-TRIPPING. This doesn't make me feel sympathy! It makes me mad! Call me "selfish" all you want but I think spouting public sob-stories for attention and whatnot is selfish. Why can't people just keep things PRIVATE? That's what PP is for!

Sorry, I felt like I had to get that out there. Thank you for understanding.
1 Month ago
Remember that feed I posted about the clay Sable I made?

Well here's a picture!
I know it's not as good as you may have hoped but A) I'm not Michelangelo and B) it's the first clay thing I've made.
1 Month ago
By CornySnail - 3 Hours and 5 Minutes ago.
Since im dealing with mass anxiety issues due to burning myself out, why not do a giveaway! since giving away things will t o t a l l y solve all my problems

First:Wollow, the Miniature Ho-Oh, 1 Green Orb and 100 Nuggets
Second: 1 Strange Ornament, 50 Nuggets, and 50k PD

Third place is for losers!

Just share the hashtag #BurntChicken to enter (dont question the nature of the hashtag) and i will determine the winners on June 7th.
1 Month ago
By Rat_Overlord - 25 Minutes and 14 Seconds ago.
how about.. to stop people from being scammed.. we do an ACTUAL hashtag giveaway.

what are reasonable prizes..
oh, i know!

1: shiny absol
2: 100 nuggets
3: 100k pd

when does this end:
when yall stop harassing raiko.

share hashtag #LeaveRaikoAlone and comment your favourite pokemon to be entered. this counts as ONE ENTRY.
anyone that has joined in the "RaikoAintPlaying" hashtag is not allowed to join mine. you will not be eligible for prizes.

This is ingenious
1 Month ago
Random Animal Crossing Opinion:

Blathers and Celeste are eastern screech owls and Celeste is a red morph.
Just a thing I noticed
1 Month ago
By Under_Cipher - 36 Minutes and 50 Seconds ago.
Heya guys! Let's do a giveaway! Share the hashtag: #UnderCipher
and you might get:
1st Place: Shiny + 5,000 PD
2nd Place: Retro Pokemon + 3,000 PD
3rd Place: Breeding Pair
Good luck guys! It will end tomorrow at 3:30 EST.
1 Month ago
I give up, I'm not gonna get enough Light Balls for this event. I'm fine with just the map, the map is cool
1 Month ago
By FezzyDragon - 52 Minutes and 42 Seconds ago.
I haven't made a contest yet so here we go...

This contest will be done once I hatch a shiny Eevee <3

For the winner they get to pick an Eeveelution and a different typing for the Eeveelution for me to draw and I'll give the character to you ^^


To join the contest heart the post and share the tag!! I love you guys <3
1 Month ago
Okay so...
I've been wanting to make things out of clay for a while and know someone who's really, really good at it so I asked them to teach me and I made Sable Able (one of the Animal Crossing hedgehogs) with a bit of help and she turned out so beautiful and I love her and just seeing the result made my whole day ;w;

I don't have a picture right now unfortunately but I'm sure I'll be able to show it soon OwO
1 Month ago
By TheCrystal98765 - 11 Hours and 51 Minutes ago.
Time for a giveaway! If you want to join, then share #tcgiveaway for an entry!
Prizes are:
1st: 2 Star Pieces
2nd: 1 Star Piece/50 Nuggets
3rd: Dragon Gem/Sala De Menci
4th: 1 Rare Candy/Mega-Able Beedrill
5th: 2 Random Mystery Items
6th or lower: 1 Prize of Gratitude (Hahaha)

Ends on 28th May 2020 or 25 or more participants, Good Luck!
1 Month ago
Your Egg Radar can't find any further Pidgey-Eggs!

1 Month ago
By Clown - 53 Minutes and 26 Seconds ago.
some of you losers are giving out rookie numbers for your giveaways (and lotteries but whatever)

so ya know what, im gonna host a giveaway. nothing special though

i literally don't know what to tag it as, so just uh
just share that tag, ends on the 15th PH time

eh what about...
1st prize be 1m pd? sounds cool
2nd prize an enigma stone, an ultra saddle, and a nebula stone
3rd idk 5 dragon gems

i really dont do giveaways so yeah idk whats good
1 Month ago



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