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Trainerlevel: 31

Trainerpoints: 2,701/2,913


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
668819,162 / 1,675,846
Luxray48965 / 7,113
Grapploct46377 / 6,489
Lilyfleur587 / 91
Furret465,144 / 6,487
Talonflame59623 / 11,061

About Meeee


I'm Berrypass but you can call me Berry. If you want to talk about anything at all just go ahead and pm me, I like chatting about pointless things.

I accept random friend requests and will add you to my friendlist back, though I'd prefer it if I knew you first.

I always return clicks when I can.

I am friendly and willing to talk to people unless provoked. Intentional rudeness will NOT be tolerated and I'm not afraid to fight back. Any claims that you have been intentionally cruel to an animal of any kind (without regret) and you will IMMEDIATELY become my enemy. No exceptions. If I blocked you, that means a) you were being rude to me, b) I saw you being rude to one of my friends, or c) you admitted to hurting animals. I will accept a sincere apology as long as you do not fall under C.


Need help finding harvest sprites? Don't be afraid to ask! I adore these little hatted Victini and will willingly participate in anything having to do with them XD

Pokemon of the day:

I'm off and on throughout the day, so don't be surprised if I don't answer questions immediately!

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #538646948
Registration: 29/08/2019 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 308:14 Hours
Total interactions: 450,909
Money: 2,644,737
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


So... did PH do anything for April Fool's day? Did I miss it because I wasn't online?
1 Month ago
By Cat-Birb - 1 Hour ago.
#CatDeservesMore >:( how dare you, *Ampharos*, to hate on cats

Cat-haters are not ever tolerated
1 Month ago
Out of my strange dream themes there's one that pops up on occasion:
Am I the only one who has dreams where there's a really loud, annoying, repetitive sound and no matter what I do I can't get away from it? I've seriously had 3 dreams with a similar topic. I've also had 2 or more other dreams where something makes me uneasy to be around or look at for some strange reason and I have to deal with it...
1 Month ago
Anyone want this Vanillite? In case you want to plan far ahead for the advent calendar?
1 Month ago
Does anyone know a website that has like the battle animations for the XY sprites? I think they're cool and want to find a list of them, but I can't find any.
1 Month ago
I came up with a weird fakemon in my dreams. It's a thing that looks like a Morpeko fused with a cat, it has a really high-pitched voice and loves dancing but for some reason its claws are so long that it can't help but injure itself while dancing. Seems like a really bad evolutionary adaptation.
1 Month ago
I deliberately buy plushies of Pokemon I don't like just so I learn to like them more.

So... after a bunch of debating I now have an Inteleon plushie
1 Month ago
I hate it when people can't bear to admit that they're wrong.

Everybody's wrong sometimes. DEAL WITH IT ALREADY.
1 Month ago
Did they change Typhlosion's 3D sprite? Because on the sprite site I'm using it changed from this to this (tell me if you can't see them)
1 Month ago
...Do tiny mushrooms have any actual use?
1 Month ago
Okay I'm just gonna ask now -
What actually is this Among Us thing that people won't stop talking about?

I know it's a game already but I mean what is it
1 Month ago
I was waiting a long time for whether to post this or not, as I was afraid it might not be appropriate to post here of all places. But this is something very, very important to me, and I was inspired by the recent hashtag to let it out.
I have been ridiculed my entire existence for my immense, never-ending passion for animal welfare. In fact, you're probably
laughing at me right now, admit it. But, the safety of animals is my number one focus to my existence, and that will always remain true. And I wanted to share a certain animal's critical status.
Strigops habroptilus, the kakapo, is what inspired this passion. I figured out many years ago that they were dying so fast, every individual on the planet is tagged. And I want other people to know these birds exist.
I need these birds to live. Simply put. It has been my only major life goal to have these birds live as long as I do. But people need to know they exist first.
Please, #SaveKakapo. Please.
1 Month ago

Are the mods not aware of this?
1 Month ago
Okay, so honestly Inteleon is my least favorite fully evolved starter and my least favorite water-type Pokemon (sorry, its design just makes me uncomfortable).
So... why do I have the urge to get the Inteleon plushie off the Pokemon Center while it's in stock?
2 Months ago
I'm honestly not sure about this, so I'll let you decide the best option -
Should I continue this painstaking lab hunt until I finally, finally get my birb, or should I break from it because there's no chain or anything to try an actual hunt instead?
2 Months ago
Two random things:
1: My Pokemon of the Day was Bewear two days in a row. That's just weird.
2: A couple days ago, the Pokemon Center website full-on locked me out because supposedly I was clicking faster than a human being. I only had a maximum two tabs open at a time. Apparently I click like a robot and it's not just PH that thinks that
2 Months ago
Don't you love being woken up way earlier than usual for absolutely no reason at all? :/
Wow, I'm lucky I typed that correctly.
2 Months ago
Honestly not sure how I feel about the Arceus game, doesn't really seem like my style. DP remakes look cool though, hoping for new Dialga/Palkia forms. Sinnoh is my least favorite region because it contains the least of my favorite Pokemon (except Lumineon. Lumineon is perfect.), but it still looks cool.

Also, how's this egg look? If you look closely that is a Snivy and a flower on it.
2 Months ago

Glacie and the Sprites

Just 'cause they're not shiny doesn't mean they're not cool B)
2 Months ago
If I send a plushie to someone completely random, it can't be someone I blocked, right?
2 Months ago



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Please check out my friends, they're great people!

InstructionManual, CCrysie, kelbunny13, Saknar, Molly, SmashingBeautyXXX, Rioluinrio, and SilverBoi

With special thanks to 20GayTeen and MiniEarth

Marina pixel by Elodie! :D

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