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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 275/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Thorn ~ 5OS
17025,406 / 87,211
Rowlet16499 / 585
Rowlet15478 / 500
Rowlet16117 / 585
Glacïe ~ 24OS
669,928 / 13,267
Dartrix21818 / 1,119


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996/5000 Ghost gems ~ Spectrier Egg Dex

0/5000 Ice gems ~ Glastrier Egg Dex

~~~ 🌟 Hisui Dex Completion ~~~

2/9 (+2) Azure Flutes in total

0/7 C. Flutes

Zap, Earth, Sky Plate [1, 1, 0/7, 7, 7]

⚫️ 16 out of 27*
🌟 2 out of 27*

* Origin Dialga & Palkia included…

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #620649568
Registration: 09/02/2023 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 934:31 Hours
Total interactions: 356,683
Money: 141,696
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


Drako checking the entirety of her boxes in order to find the two plates I missing I thought I gave to my Pokemon finding out I sold them:
1 Day ago
Celestica Flute (1) 350,210 PD

Well... I guess I need to quickly get 230,000 more PD. And by quickly I mean... BREAK THOSE FINGERS!!!
1 Day ago
Me who could get Uraneon earlier, but specifically wants female Uraneon:

Is absolutely ANYONE selling female Solar Eevees?
1 Day ago
Anyone willing to sell a FEMALE Solar Eevee?
1 Day ago
Drako calculating the exact moment she should get a Shiny Rowlet according to math:

Ok, so I did the formula for more accurate results and it turns out I have exactly 1.25379562378% chance of hatching a Shiny Rowlet in any egg now.

If I were to hatch, let's say, 80 more eggs, starting from chain 40, then I'd have a 100.303649902% chance of hatching that owl. 40 + 80 equals 120 so this is the average chain I'd hatch a shiny on. If I were to hatch 79 eggs, the chance would be 99.0498542786% meaning I'd have to hatch more than this for a "guaranteed" Shiny mathematically.

But what about this .303649902%? Divide it by the shiny chance! Why? Because I think it's correct :/... I have to cut off this 0.24218452851 of an egg. 1 - 0.24218452851 equals 0.75781547149. I gotta hatch 79.75781547149 of an egg for a mathematically guaranteed Shiny.

...Wait, where will I get 0.75781547149 of an egg from?
2 Days ago
Fell in love with Absol recently. The idea is great, so is the design. I like the disaster doggy. Gonna make a new OC probably-
2 Days ago
Well, now I have a cheap Shiny Solar Eevee spot... And I really like Eartheon's Shiny... Well, of course, if it will be a female, I am shoving that Saturn Sphere into it because I want a Shiny female Saturneon, but if it's male... Shiny Eartheon will be very nice!

My goal is three more spheres for this event - two for normal-colored Eevees and two for the Shiny ones.

Gonna claim in that order: Earth Sphere - Uranus Sphere - Earth Sphere (for Shiny) - Uranus Sphere (for Shiny)
2 Days ago
I only need a Froakie for Shiny Rod ^^
2 Days ago
Man, I’d so badly want these event passes, I want shiny Saturneon… nuggets: 12.
2 Days ago
Aw man, another bot account…
2 Days ago
Had to block another user because of being too annoying -w-
6 Days ago
Can yall guest click my Pokefarm profile? ^^

Will return the clicks on PH - comment if you clicked.
7 Days ago
Eevee explored this area enough to discover a new and larger section!

Level 50 unlocked!
8 Days ago
I hate when 2 days old accounts randomly friend you and annoy you by sending you PMs like this one I got: "Yo wanna trade!??". It says on my profile - I do NOT accept friend requests from newbies. I blocked this guy just to have some peace, I can't answer obvious questions!
9 Days ago
Your PokéRadar recorded the 40th Rowlet in a row! You now reached the maximum chance of finding a shiny. Good luck!
9 Days ago
Check my last feed? I only need one more GUEST interaction!
10 Days ago
Hey guys, can you guest click me on Pokefarm? Here

Heart this feed if you want me to interact with your party on Pokeheroes (And you actually did click me).
10 Days ago
Me: I need money for Celestica flutes so I can work on my Hisui dex!

Also me: *Spends all of it buying art.*
13 Days ago
Click exchange??
19 Days ago


Shiny Hunt

Drakonia is currently hunting Rowlet.
Hunt started: 04/04/2024

Chain: 75

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4


Hoarding goomy plushies

PFP found on google
About me
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Because my personality changed a lot, I am still working on this part.

Hello! You can call me Drakonia or Drako. My favourite pokemon is Hisuian Zorua and Mew (especially thier shiny forms. I really like blue shinies.). I do accept random friend requests, but not from new users, because I got a bit too many people on my friendlist and I just don't want to add users I know nothing about. I like making art, though I am not good at digital drawings. Despite being very social person in the past, now I don't really like talking with other people. I'll be honest, I just want to spend my whole day alone. My main goals on PH this year is to get a shiny female saturneon, reach level 35 an complete Hisui dex.

Future shiny hunts
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- Oshawott (H. Samurott)
- Rowlet (H. Decidueye)
- H. Growlithe (H. Growlithe)

And Giratina somewhere in the future ˚✧ ゚