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Trainerlevel: 28

Trainerpoints: 2,132/2,379


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
383,131 / 5,559
(Solar Eevee)
412,182 / 5,167
14251,257 / 76,149
Diancie (Emera)8016,767 / 24,301

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Lab hunt

Drakonia is currently lab hunting Ditto.
Hunt started 20/05/2023


Game Records

Trainer ID: #620649568
Registration: 09/02/2023 (3 Months ago)
Game Time: 416:16 Hours
Total interactions: 265,934
Money: 72,996
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken



Maybe spare that?? Im looking for people to join
Today, 18:20
Trading my mons for jotho mon im missing (expect of events, shinies, mega ables, legends, shadows and nicknamed pokemon)
Today, 16:31
By Munkiki - 1 Minute and 48 Seconds ago.
By summery460 - 18 Days and 12 Hours ago.
I have another giveaway because I really wanna hatch my shiny, which is my favorite pokemon, Pumpkaboo :D
I've been getting a ton of gems and summons from rumbling, so I'll give those away! ^^
To join, simply interact with my party daily and share the feed #thatoneshinypumpkaboo
simple right?

Here are the prizes I have:
1st - Resolute Stone, The Art of Defense
2nd- New Moon Island(Map), Cold Rock
3rd- 5 Dragon Gems, 100 Normal Gems, 100 Water Gems

This will end when my shiny Pumpkaboo hatches, and prizes will be added throughout the giveaway! ^^
Today, 11:56
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I won stark’s giveaway as second place

Me: 5K BERRIES?! i will not use them in my whole life!

Also me few minutes after zereora event started: I need more berries
Today, 09:31
Is 37k for oran tropius, keggleon and shiny pinsir good price?
Today, 09:29
Bought 15K berries…

Today, 08:37
Got a zereora from GTS
Today, 08:33
You push the dark blue key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

2,941x Pokédollar found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

*loads gun*
Today, 07:38
Am i the only person who HATE wooper and quagsire?
Today, 06:31

Sooo… after kanto dex im compleating jotho one, so i decided to make next giveaway.

Share hashtag - one entry daily
Send me missing jotho mon - two entries per mon

The prizes are:

1 place - Shiny cleffa plushie on mew event or missing plushie spam on mew event
2 place - solar eevee
3 place - random gems

Ends when i compleate jotho dex or on mew event
Today, 05:29
I wish i could sell solar eevee eggs for 370 nuggets like in event shop…
Today, 05:15
Who to mass click???

Today, 04:34
Now wait until i somehow get a saturn sphere
Yesterday, 17:57
FEMALE!!! Now Felis and Spike have a daughter :D
Yesterday, 17:52
First five to comment gets a mass click
Yesterday, 17:40
Yesterday, 17:27
I L i t e r a l l y U s e d 2 6 K B e r r i e s T o d a y . . .
Yesterday, 16:53
Anyone has chople berries??
Yesterday, 15:58


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My adopted pokemon

My adopted pokemon

. . .Mila . . .Celly . Stark. . .Coral . Vortex_V.6


Hoarding goomy plushies

About me
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I love Hisuian Zoroarks and Zoruas. And Koraidon. and Mew. I dont know why but i really want to pet Arceus. Can you trade me Mew for Linoone? Im also a bit crazy and always looking for new friends so if you want to chat with me im always ready.

Future shiny hunts
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Eevee 50/50 electric gems

Hisuian zorua 50/50 electric gems

Zorua 1/50 electric gems

PH family