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"I'm always amazed that people take what I say seriously. I don't even take what I am seriously."
-David Bowie

Luckylikeit --> Luckylikespie --> Tokage --> ~Lucky~

Well hi there! Didn't see you. You can call me Lucky. Please call me Lucky. It takes so much longer to type out Luckylikeit. Okay, so it's only like a second. But still.

~Most likely straight
~Classic rock lover
~Fanatic of the 80s

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In case anyone (for some reason) wants to know more about me:
~15 Years Old
~Birthday on April 27
~Favorite Pokemon:
~Favorite Legend:
~A good writer and mediocre artist
~Mostly on between: 18:00 and 2:00 site time



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Trainer ID: #29380610
Registration: 21/04/2016 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1733:06 Hours
Total interactions: 710,172
Money: 1,096,738
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


Welp, my premium is up. Clearing out this last batch of eggs/the funds left in the daycare and then officially leaving PH. It's been a pleasure, everyone <3
If you ever want to roleplay or smth, hmu on discord!! PP me if you want it
21 Days ago
Oh wow it's your birthday, huh? Thanks for contributing so much to this community and continually being awesome <3
28 Days ago
So... I think that this is it. I'm not going to renew my premium. The next shiny I hatch after it ends will be my last shiny. Period.
After that, I think I'm leaving the site. I'm thinking that I might return (most people who "quit" the site do, after all), so I'm probably not giving anything away. But yeah.
Figure this as my last hurrah. It's been great, everyone. <3
29 Days ago
Okay so in my short 24 hours (or so) on Reddit I've discovered the following:
1) r/MapsWithoutNZ is an entire subreddit dedicated to maps without New Zealand on them. Apparently, it's a huge issue and I can't remember the last time I subscribed to a thread so quickly
2) Memes. Like. I can't remember the last time I saw so many memes.
3) BOTW has some REALLY FUNNY memes that I was completely unaware of
4) r/MadeMeSmile does exactly that. My face hurts.
1 Month ago
Sometimes I really wish that the old writing club on here was still active. Getting writing out to the world is... Kinda difficult sometimes lol
1 Month ago
Hey! If someone asks you out and you have to say no, THAT'S OKAY! Don't feel guilty! You're strong and lovable and the other person won't be hurt forever!
Don't trap yourself in a relationship you don't want to be in!! Make yourself happy before anyone else!
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
oh, so discord is down. lovely.
1 Month ago
I went into the comment section of a song, expecting to find a bunch of meme references, but the comments psyched me out and gave me anime references instead. Well played, internet.
(the song was Roundabout if you're curious)
1 Month ago
Waiting on the live help chat for Nintendo brings me back to the good old days of troubleshooting Minecraft for Windows 10. Poor me didn't realize that Windows 10 didn't exactly work for my computer back then.
But anyway yeah Nintendo didn't send me a download code for piranha plant despite the fact I bought smash digitally before the 31st lol
1 Month ago
Clean win for the Patriots, I'll admit
But can we all agree that the halftime show was garbage
1 Month ago
Okay so my chain is gone now because I didn't realize my premium ran out and I realized that the chain broke after I got a new round of premium
...Time to start over? I guess?
1 Month ago
Two months ago: *subscribed to pewdiepie just for the thing with t series*
Now: *is now actually legitimately watching pewdiepie again*
2 Months ago
heyhey guess what
lucky is about ready to murder her science teacher
2 Months ago
my friend and I just had an entire conversation on a google slide that's supposed to be for a project due tomorrow that both of us waited until the last minute to do
I've never felt so connected to a person before
2 Months ago