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Hi welcome to my profile! I'm Ninja, or Tiger (whichever you prefer) and I am open to PMs, Chats, or just random RPs.

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Asking for PD (begging for it...)
Random battle requests
Continuously palpadding me about the same subject when I don't reply back

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Trainer ID: #612334923
Registration: 07/11/2015 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 3844:10 Hours
Total interactions: 1,146,287
Money: 325,411
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


So yesterday I said I wouldnt complain if we only had 80s music playing. Today only 80s music is playing...I'm extremely happy about this.

Yesterday, 18:170 comments
Sorry close feeds. Listening to old video game sound tracks from when I was a kid. It's not only nostalgic, but a lot of game sound tracks really hold up to this day in my opinion. Like Angel Island Zone Act 1's sound track from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Or New Bark Town...the entirety of Silver and Gold's sound track. Don't know why I listen to these as I write, but I like to. :3

2 Days ago2 comments
To do list...

Feel free to comment if you want to, just using this for myself anyway.

2 Days ago6 comments
Alright I've decided to work on Snow's story more since he has two chapters vs. Lion's three, and Tiger's 20+ if I count Forest of the guardian and Journey of a lifetime...man I need a life. I might make the plot that randomly popped into my head as Austin's story later on down the line. (Because even if I use Max, Austin, and Scar as little as possible I'd like to develop their characters a bit more outside rps.)

3 Days ago0 comments
*has an idea that would fit an RP more than a short story* hmmm. Nah I'll make it a short story and not release it since I'm getting dead ends at this moment. The idea I'm having is technically Snow, my ex-team rocket grunt. Gets kidnapped by a new evil team and Austin, his son has to try and save him. Though it's sort of similar to a Kanto rp I have that's partially inactive. *Shrugs* I think I'm just gonna keep it to myself.

3 Days ago1 comment
Not sure who I should continue writing about since Forest of the Guardian is a chapter away from being complete. I'm taking a small break from it since I have other projects, but I'm curious. Which character do you want me to continue their story more of?

Tiger's (Journey of a Lifetime wise)
Cyndaquil (since in actually working on this one on the side.)

I'm gonna continue writing tomorrow. For now I'm taking a small break from it and playing video games.

3 Days ago0 comments
Me: oh I think I'm gonna play Pokemon go today.
Weather: *creates a huge thunder storm*
Me: never mind

3 Days ago0 comments
Alright finished the main story for red rescue team. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go cry since the ending of any mystery dungeon game always gets me. First time i beaten my first mystery dungeon game though so :3 yay!

4 Days ago2 comments
I forgot about the ending of every Pokemon mystery dungeon game except for Super Mystery Dungeon...I think I'm gonna cry...again. Thanks Nintendo!

4 Days ago4 comments
so there's rumors about a Hey Arnold revival going around....this makes me hope that Rocko's Modern Life and Invader ZIM gets revived too. Because they're getting TV movies this year.

5 Days ago4 comments
...Charizard is seven inches taller than I am...I'M SHORT! XD

7 Days ago6 comments
So the Pokedex still hasn't updated. Does anyone know what a shiny retro Feraligatr look like?

8 Days ago4 comments
I love the sound of rain :3

9 Days ago0 comments
Manager: Alyssa can you clean out the ice machine on friday?
Me: well i have monday off maybe i can do it then
Manager: okay
Me: ...*walks in on monday* Alright I'm...why isn't the ice macine empty
Manager: we forgot to empty it. So you're not cleaning it today
Me: ...

9 Days ago2 comments
me: I'm going to shiny hunt retro Charizard on the retro radar
also me: *gets side track by rps* Eh I'll do it later since I work for three hours tomorrow.

10 Days ago0 comments
Gengar: the only way to restore the balance of the world is to get rid of the human. Isn't that right Tiger?
Me: ...man this game is darker than I remember! ...

10 Days ago0 comments
... I've lost my mind! I'm yelling at a Tyranitar in red rescue team that's afraid of Zapdos' electric attacks. I keep saying you're a rock type that's four times stronger than Zapdos' electric flying type...

10 Days ago0 comments


Main Pokemon Characters

Age in image: 15, just after heading home from Alola.
Most used Pokémon: Cyndaquil, Dragonite (Kibo), Charizard (Shiny)(Charm), Ampharos (CottonFluf), Umbreon (Yuki), Tyranitar (Setchi), Alolan Marowak (Taji), Lucario (Akio)
History: The forest of the guardian and The journey of a lifetime

Age in image: 15 during his apprenticeship with Falkner
Most used Pokémon:

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