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Trainerlevel: 64

Trainerpoints: 3,302/12,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Autumn Ampharos)
505757,919 / 904,844
Delibird (Retro)
447385,352 / 480,615
Green Apple
(Marill (Retro))
6621,023,906 / 1,053,375


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TheNinjaCyndaquil is currently hunting Autumn Mareep.
Hunt started: 23/10/2018

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Hi welcome to my profile! I'm Ninja, or Tiger (whichever you prefer) and I am open to PMs, Chats, or just random RPs.

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Asking for PD (begging for it...)
Random battle requests
Continuously palpadding me about the same subject when I don't reply back

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When you find a game you don't like.

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Trainer ID: #612334923
Registration: 07/11/2015 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 4203:23 Hours
Total interactions: 1,366,664
Money: 907,422
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


I'm having horrible RNG when it comes to the research breakthrough in Pokémon go. All in December I got Suicune, Raikou, and Entei. Now January is nearly half over and I got one Entei and one Raikou...I just want a Lugia, Ho-Oh, or the legendary bird trio and I'll be happy! Since I don't have one of those five yet in Pokémon go.

7 Days ago0 comments
I got nine shinies in pokemon go today....holy arceus!

8 Days ago1 comment
This Christmas wasn't as good as say ones in the past for me. As we ran into some...well deadly problems with the house we're living in and we have to move/find a house soon (black mold was found in my mom's bedroom). Not to mention family drama, but I'm not going to get into that. But it was still a nice one. I got an NES classic to put into my collection as well as Spyro for the Xbox one. (Haven't been able to play it as my Xbox one is packed up with a switch game.) But I had fun with my family, we watched Logan, played some NES and SNES and I enjoyed it. So Christmas was still a somewhat win for me. Hope the holidays was great for the rest of you and that everyone on the site has a happy New year.

26 Days ago0 comments
Shiny sableye caught in pokemon go!

27 Days ago0 comments
Whoever sent the anonymous gift. Thanks it was awesome!

1 Month ago0 comments
another mega-able egg obtained. I have a bad feeling that the price of mega stones is going to go up a lot because of this advent calendar...

1 Month ago0 comments

A shiny Meowth.

1 Month ago0 comments
Solved Hangmen in a row: 0
Correct Guesses: 8
Lives left: 6

Yay, you solved it!
You won 25 Game Chips.

[Next Hangman]

Done! Thank Arceus I know too much about the berries in the games lol. Also sorry for close feeds.

1 Month ago0 comments
Yay, you solved it!
You won 25 Game Chips.

[Next Hangman]

No thanks. There's enough words that keep slipping me up as it is XD

1 Month ago5 comments
Rewatching old JonTron, and it makes me wonder....what happened to Jacques?

1 Month ago2 comments
Anyone selling a megastone?

1 Month ago0 comments
19 eggs all Mareep... that'd be helpful if I was doing a mareep hunt...sometimes I wish there were an item you can buy for nuggets that helps the chance of getting an event egg in daycare.

1 Month ago0 comments
Interaction exchange please?

1 Month ago6 comments
So far for this community weekend on pokemon go. I caught a shiny charmander (gonna transfer it to Let's go pikachu), shiny pikachu, shiny Chikorita, and a shiny bulbasaur. I really want a shiny dratini, mareep, and Larvitar, but if I dont get them I won't be too upset. 4 shinies in 2 days is pretty good.

1 Month ago1 comment
#MyBiggestAchievement I improved on my writing a bit.

1 Month ago0 comments
So I was shiny chaining meowth in let's go. I never got the shiny Meowth because a shiny Squirtle decided to show up. I caught the Squirtle instead.

1 Month ago2 comments
You successfully bought 1 Black Friday Boxes!
Let's open them...

10x Cheri Berry found!

well that was a waste

1 Month ago1 comment


Main Pokemon Characters

Age in image: 15, just after heading home from Alola.
Most used Pokémon: Cyndaquil, Dragonite (Kibo), Charizard (Shiny)(Charm), Ampharos (CottonFluf), Umbreon (Yuki), Tyranitar (Setchi), Alolan Marowak (Taji), Lucario (Akio)
History: The forest of the guardian and The journey of a lifetime

Age in image: 15 during his apprenticeship with Falkner
Most used Pokémon:

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(My main three. Snow is on the left with Rai his Raichu, Tiger and Cyndaquil are in the middle, and Lion and Blast, his Blastoise are at the end.)


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