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Trainerlevel: 70

Trainerpoints: 7,852/14,769


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
MissingNo.13 / 4
411,009 / 6,459
Cosmog10 / 10

Legend Hunts - Live Count

If you are not using any of the summons mentioned below, gifting them to me would be appreciated. If you are selling, message me your price and maybe I'll buy

Cosmog hunt - in progress

Zygarde Core hunt - preparation ✓

Guaranteed shiny at 50
16/50 10/50 18/50
4/50 2/50 1/50
White Powders - 0/715

x3 - #4 - 151/200

Renting Hunts

Future hunt for rent
Cost - 1 nebula stone and 10k PD. You get back all cosmogs hatched from your stones, whether shiny or normal
1 shiny cosmog - Alphamon_Ouryuken

~Zygarde (Core)
Cost per egg - 10 dragon + 10 fairy gems
Start preparing from now 。◕‿◕。

I will be making a post if I am offering my current hunts for rent. You can just drop me a message if you're interested. This basically works like this - you give me the gems to buy the eggs from gem collector. In return, all the eggs hatched from those gems - whether shiny, mega-able or shiny-mega-able if you are super lucky will belong to you. This saves you the hassle of hatching 40 eggs to reach max chance while giving you the freedom to continue your personal hunts/lab hunts




Game Records

Trainer ID: #416271806
Registration: 13/04/2021 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 18/Dec/2023
Game Time: 2167:46 Hours
Total interactions: 5,930,194
Money: 273,152
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Time to stare at the fountain cause it is a big time liar... Where is my shiny if I have increased shiny chance :'|
Yesterday, 16:12
Shiny Hoopa up for sale on Auction House for 7 days
Yesterday, 13:20
Looking for galar fossils - mainly bird and fish but open to drake and dino too.

PP me with your prices in case you're interested in selling.
Yesterday, 12:08
A question for people who have hunted events with passes.
Can we continue the chain with daycare eggs once we get the 1st shiny and the pass expires? Or does adopting the same eventmon from daycare break the chain altogether?

Example - I were to hunt cottonblu with a pass, would the chain stop at the 1st shiny? I am aware the pass will expire, but I can still hunt with daycare right?

Also, if the shiny hatches from a daycare egg and not the pass egg, then is the pass still valid/active till we get a shiny from it?
3 Days ago
Finally another shiny!
Though my need for shiny cosmogs have increased so only 4/7 there!
5 Days ago
Me : doesn't click a single pokemon the entire day.
Le Verification page: it's me, hi...
11 Days ago
Looking for
MA Autumn Alakazam
MA Autumn Ampharos
MA Winter Ampharos
MA Summer Ampharos
MA Spring Ampharos
MA Obsidialix
MA Mecha Tyranitar
MA Festival Gardevoir
MA Robin Blaze
MA Easter Lopunny
MA Banettenstein
MA Winter Camerupt
MA Crystal Aggron

Magearna Vouchers - Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball
PP me if you have any of these for sale
14 Days ago
Zarude log...
17 Days ago
The urge to buy myself and someone else matching shoes so I can finally find my solemate...
17 Days ago
Chain #99 reached.
If you can guess exactly on what number will my next shiny hatch, I'll give the person who guessed right some dragon gems and 1 shiny.

This is definitely not cause I am bored XD
17 Days ago
1 Month ago
Kinda want a pokemon equivalent of Bag value... Like it calculates the approximate worth of all our pokemon in the storage boxes...
3 Months ago
Shaymin log
3 Months ago
The new solar eeveelution is ethereal. So beautiful!! I am definitely getting a shiny line even if it means selling my soul
3 Months ago
Blue babyyyyyy!!
4 Months ago
You have 41003 Dream Points at the moment.

*Psychotic Laughter* Here I come, blue baby
4 Months ago
11 Months ago

Shiny Hunt

Cherry_Blossom is currently hunting Cosmog.
Hunt started: 16/10/2022

Chain: 171

Note for myself and the readers

If you are reading this, go spin the wheel
Hatch a Terrakion for an order at the shop

Currently Looking for

~Mega-stones to complete dex entries - 2/57
~Mystery Pairs(20/100)
~Ice memory for last form of Silvally
~Peat Block
~Black Augurite + Shiny Scyther with my OT

Goals I am Working on
Show hidden content

~Complete the Pokedex (71 left)
If you have any from here, PP me for a trade.

~Get all Mega and Giga Pokemon (67/123)

~Get at least 10 egg storages (7/10)
~Get 10 berries to level 100 (4/10)
~42,940/50000 before spinning slots

Show hidden content

~All plushies
~Get an OT Ditto! +1 non OT acquired too
~Complete Unown eggdex
~Complete all orders on Cherry Grove
~Level 30 in Berry Garden
~Get all Retros (40/40)
~Get OT shiny mew
~Collect all eventmon (315/315)

Plushie Goals

I am aiming for the Plushie ranklist, so if you are sending me plushies, I appreciate multiple karpies. Spam me if you can/want to.
Next milestone is 35k Magikarp Plushies.

Click on the karpie image to send a plushie now!


Making mega stones, PP for details

Only boxes marked by [S] are for sale/trade. If you ask for any pokemon from any of the other boxes, you'll just get a warning if I am in a bad mood. To know what I am selling the pokemon for, feel free to text me.

If you are looking for a particular pokemon and it is breedable, then you can inquire/place an order at my shop.

DO NOT ask for free stuff at any given point of time. Yes my "easy" rarity pokemon from UFS boxes might be free and feel free to ask if they're available, but DO NOT ask for free items or ask to borrow PD/Nuggets/Pokemon because my answer will be no + a warning ^^

I usually have a fixed range of price for each rarity. If you do not like it, then you can refuse/pass.


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