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Trainerlevel: 97

Trainerpoints: 9,385/28,323


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
6,32851,484,430 / 143,989,929
15448,389 / 89,514

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Shiro-kun 23 Hours ago
Zarkesh 1 Day ago
Thaly 2 Days ago
Zarkesh 2 Days ago

Pokemon Go code: 4622 6145 2043

Feel free to add me :-)

Shiny Hunt

Zellane is currently hunting Numel.
Hunt started: 02/03/2019

Chain: 6,971
184 77 0

Game Records

Trainer ID: #144036795
Registration: 01/03/2016 (3 Years ago)
Premium member until 17/Jan/2021
Game Time: 4789:05 Hours
Total interactions: 3,658,056
Money: 14,129,782
Starter Pokémon: Wartortle


#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

Let Ravenswing know via PP if you see any quests - including wounded Pokemon - so we can get them on the Rowan Quest Clicklist for the week.

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Yesterday, 00:43
Area: Burned Tower

Collected money: 364
Explorer Bag: 1 Item
Recruits: Zubat Koffing

The koffing is a shiny! The first shiny recruit I've ever had from rumbles! Holy heck!
1 Day ago
Hmm... I was wondering if anyone could help me...

I'm after a word in Japanese that essentially means 'dark aura', akin to an evil presence or miasma. I thought it was something like jaki but I can't find anything along those lines in my JP-Eng dictionary or on the net and while I'm pretty sure I could find it on an episode of Inuyasha, I don't presently have the time or ability to put on a DVD and watch for possibly hours...
11 Days ago
By Emera Square - 1 Minute and 49 Seconds ago.
Your Pinsir made it to Rank #2 in our Bug-Hatching Contest!

You won 3,000 Festival Points.

Wow! First time I participated in yonks and I won second place! I hardly ever placed when I did it regularly and even then, only just XD
14 Days ago
#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest

And the new week begins. Be safe out there friends ♥

Let Ravenswing know via PP if you see any quests - including wounded Pokemon - so we can get them on the Rowan Quest Clicklist for the week.

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15 Days ago
Shadow Zapdos appeared at chain 75.

Used 2 great balls and 28 ultra balls.

So much less trouble catching this one than Articuno was XD
1 Month ago
OMG! Zapdos just turned up in my shadow radar! Now it's gonna kill me to have to wsit til after work to hunt it! Just... 5 and a half hours to go!
1 Month ago
Ugh! That's like the 4th or 5th time tonight someone has offered on a pokemon trade without offering a pokemon!

People, please READ! The trade information says it, my request says it.

The GTS system will NOT allow a pokemon trade to happen without offer the SAME amount of pokemon as is up for trade.
1 Month ago
Woot! Finally got a shiny shaymin plushie <3

Now I only need one more plushie to complete my collection thus far.
1 Month ago
Don't know about anyone else but I'd kill for a Squirtle Squad squirtle event pokemon line XD
1 Month ago
Ok, so someone on my buddylist accidentally broke their chain though the egg has yet to hatch. I tried to palpad to ask them how much an egg storage was and I was going to give them the money if it was a first box or something but it seems they have me on their block list. Well. There goes that idea. Never even spoken to them before so yeah. Okay.

*removes them from my buddy list*
1 Month ago
If anyone needs/wants a new friend in PoGo, feel free to add me or my friend

Me - 4622 6145 2043
- 6130 8063 7092
My friend - 2655 2334 8251 (my friend needs in particular if you could please help)

Also, looking to trade 2 sky gifts.
2 Months ago
OMG! Isn't he cute?

Interaction exchange?

Mind feeding Dark Mikey a berry? <3
2 Months ago
After 3 appearances, chains 100, 119 and 123 and about 50 ultra balls, caught my first shadow legend, the gorgeous Articuno!
2 Months ago
A friend of mine from work is looking for some new friends for the PoGo quests. If anyone could add him, it would be appreciated.

His friend code is 2655 2334 8251.
2 Months ago
Just a quick PSA for the Shadow Radar

If you are on a computer and using a mouse, you can leave your mouse where you last clicked and hit the refresh button on the keyboard instead of clicking on Flee.

The page will refresh, your mouse will be where you last clicked and your chain will be ongoing :-)
3 Months ago
Okay.. glitched egg on index. Sorry but it seems that is my fault >_>

My egg was on there and it hatched with far more points than needed to hatch it. Yet, it was not moving on to the next egg. I went and released the newly hatched pokemon (and its sibling) and then, lo and behold, glitched egg with 0/0 on index.

Sorry everyone...

Now I know, I'll try not to do that again.
4 Months ago
Berry Battle 2019 personal record.
5 Months ago
So happy! My housemate and I went a-raiding in PoGo tonight to complete research quests and I was saying how there must be a shiny Alolan Raichu in the game since shiny pikachu and therefore
raichu exists and then the Alolan Raichu I got from the raid WAS shiny! XD
6 Months ago
So, I'm just curious if anyone knows... is a pokemon decided as shiny (for normal eggs) the moment the egg is adopted or the moment the egg hatches?
7 Months ago



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About Me

Hi, I'm a female Aussie who loves to read, writes TMNT fanfiction and of course play Pokemon.

My favourite pokemon are Wartortle, Jigglypuff, Haunter, Articuno, Pikachu, Emolga, Hikozaru and Sandshrew/Sandslash

Please do not PM me as I never check PMs (and don't feel comfortable opening them).

Palpad is open but please don't be offended if I don't respond immediately. I leave PH open and on top when asleep/at work/out so it looks as though I am online and if I am active on the tablet, I don't pay attention to palpad as I hate typing on the touchscreen.

Trades - I am open to fair trades of pokemon that are in my Trades box only. If you need something I have that's not there, and it's breedable, just ask, if I am not on a shiny hunt, I will be happy to breed it for you.

Lending - Please don't ask me to lend pokemon because I won't.

Future Hunts:

Rotom (for pokedex rotom forme)

I don't block people over silly, inconsequential things or for no reason so if you are blocked, it is because you blocked me first or were attacking me.

Note to self:
People I will not trade with:

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