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Trainerlevel: 64

Trainerpoints: 5,435/12,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Blastoise)
1,3085,950,139 / 6,124,665
(Mega Gengar)
8361,035,373 / 2,494,041

c: welcome

Hi there !

I'm friendly, don't worry. Add me anytime, I won't bite. ^^
Not much of an outgoing person... but I still reply to pp and messages <3

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Get to know me~

✿ My favorite Pokemon is Squirtle ✿
✿ My favorite colors range in the blue color palette ✿
✿ My favorite fruit is watermelon ✿
✿ My favorite ice cream flavor is plain ole' vanilla ✿
✿ I have like an addiction to ice pops ✿

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Collecting plushies~



Game Records

Trainer ID: #118447741
Registration: 10/12/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 06/Apr/2020
Game Time: 842:36 Hours
Total interactions: 1,668,378
Money: 7,419,678
Starter Pokémon: Treecko


#FriendsForCommunitySupport #BeatingOak #RowanQuest

Oh looky that…. X2 day!
Don’t forget to collect your DP every hour after all that clicking!

Let Ravenswing know via PP if you see any quests - including wounded Pokemon - so we can get them on the Rowan Quest Clicklist for the week.

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2 Days ago
I have a good feeling about this beauty contest ^^
4 Days ago
I believe I’ve hit the shadow dry spell xD
10 Days ago
I’m just worried about the newest users ranklist at the moment because obviously someone has a grudge?
12 Days ago
Well I got my 2nd shadow Blastoise... and this time it’s female
13 Days ago
Shiny Regirock from SWT o.0
14 Days ago
By: RoyalGecko
Well, its time for the large giveaway. To enter you have to interact with Tatiana at least once and comment below with proof. Once you do that, share #Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for a chance to win these prizes:

1st Place: Hooh + Helix fossil + 25k

2nd Place: Bottled Message + 5 Fairy Gems

3rd Place: Sail Fossil + 5 Fairy Gems

If Tatiana reaches level 750 by the giveaways end, I will add a 4th place prize. To answer the questions of "what is the other prize" and "when does it end?", The 4th place prize is 3 fairy gems and it ends on August 21st. GL and HF
sorry I usually don’t post these hashtags but it’s my friend :>
14 Days ago
So, the auction house seems to be thriving lol
15 Days ago
Usually I don’t ask for this but today I have 21 eggs in my daycare so... interaction exchange? Dx
15 Days ago
Chain 89! Got Shadow Blastoise ^^
16 Days ago
So I just came home from buying myself 4 burritos, am I going to eat them all? No. But are they good heck yeah xD
20 Days ago
When you have plenty of missing common shadow Pokémon, but the same shadows keep appearing...
21 Days ago
If anyone can guess what instrument I play I’ll give them a star piece ^3^

3 guesses per person
22 Days ago
This is an odd question, but does anyone know why I don’t receive Rowan quests anymore?
25 Days ago
Buying FR (Flightrising) treasure and gems ^^ paying 1:1 PD for treasure, likewise with Nuggets for Diamonds
27 Days ago
Gabiface276 is hosting a 16 player, bracket styled tournament (single elimination). Only megas/MA (mega ables) are allowed. It’ll be a 6v6 fight, so bring your best Pokés ^^
To enter you can just sign up by commenting on his feed. Entrance is free. Rules will be further updated in the future as well as a set time.
The prize will be 150k PD and various items of my choice since I’ll be sponsoring it.
27 Days ago
So, I think my sister dragged me back down into the KPOP abyss again. I’m a bit worried now
27 Days ago
Results of last Beauty Contest:

Photo #1 - Rank 8 (Rating: 7.20)
Photo #2 - Rank 17 (Rating: 6.75)

You won 3500 Festival Points! Woah
29 Days ago
Catching early shadows give me so much happiness lol xD
1 Month ago


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Fuzzylittlepaws is currently hunting Heracross.
Hunt started: 01/07/2019

Chain: 1,101
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✦ Start/Finish doing ‘about me’ in diary
✦ Record all shiny Heracross(s) into diary


Bussola is looking for Nuggets (paying 1.5k each, don’t forget the minimum to send is 50)
ponson is looking for Uxie vouchers
Growlers is looking for missing Pokémon