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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 5,571/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Gremlin (1st OS)
51443 / 7,957
Fiasco (1st OS!!!!)
423,584 / 5,419
Calamity (1st OS!!!)
749,872 / 16,651

About Me/My Pokeheroes Family

About Me

My name is Lyra. I am old(15) and live in Texas. First off, before contacting me, I dont like babying people so I excuss me for being blunt and honest. If that's not what u wanna hear, then dont ask. Second off, I'm normally very calm, but when I get mad I can be one of the nastiest and rudest people ever, especially if you ruin my plans for something or insult my family name or family. I speak English, British (English with an accent), Scottish (Giberish), Australian (English with a slight twist), German, French, and a little Russian (and ASL but cant really that over a site like this, XD). I like Rp-ing, battling, and talking with others. My favorite pokemon is Grimmsnarl followed by Alcremie, Urshifu, Typlosian and Garchomp. The people below are my PH family but in reality, all of my friends are like family.

My Pokeheroes Family

Stormy TommyGunz UnfathomableShadow Fuzzylittlepaws Potted_Nugget DEMON-LORD Varagon Melodrqmatic XxToxicxX KrookadileBeast1234 HideorSeeking RastaPastaPanda

My PH Hubby


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My Achievments


Champion of The Iron Lance Battle League

Shiny Hunting:

My First Shiny, Tatiana, was a first encounter, first try shiny caught on Route 53


Creator of Tallahassee in Abnormal Apocolypse

Creator of the Darkest RP scene EVER!!!!!!!!! (Go to Abnormal Apocalypse. Go to page 53 and scroll to Talla's True Nature. WARNING: It is very, very, very dark so if you are under scary movie age................DON'T READ IT!!!!!!!!!!)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #170417291
Registration: 06/07/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1403:04 Hours
Total interactions: 502,077
Money: 57,253
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Check my party. Tell me what u notice
Today, 22:09
Mega Club Mega Club Puzzle Awards!

Ever wanted to be a codebreaker? Solving coded puzzles sounds like your cup of tea? Join here!

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Today, 05:06
Yesterday, 15:15
By Suvichan - 2 Days and 1 Hour ago.
Me: I am doing a lot of giveaways, and am almost broke.
Also me: Everyone share the hashtag #SuviNeedsToStopDoingGiveaways to for a chance to get 100k pd.
Yesterday, 05:49
they called me mad... maybe I am. But we did it. WE!!!!!! BLEEPING!!!!!! DID IT!!!!!!
2 Days ago
By Potted_Nugget - 2 Minutes and 14 Seconds ago.

New giveaway NOT sponcered by PAID CATTO LEGENDS The only mobile RPG that you play with your CAT.

Rules are simple. Remember to friend me, share the hashtag, ❤️, and tell me what should be the new Menma 2 with your hashtag share.

Examples are:
it's all up to you

Winner gets 400,000 PD as soon as I finish my playthrough of Mario Galaxy .

Thanks, and goodluck!
3 Days ago
4 Days ago
To everyone who has donated money to get Impidimp, thank you so much!! Words cant describe how I feel about it so I just made one up, Scrumtiddliciousnessitusopia. And the fact that people stood by me when They-Who-Shall-Only-Be-Named-In-Private made those false claims about me, means so much. I have officially decided to ask my mom if I can buy 8000 nuggets to sell for PD to get Impidimp. I promise you that once it gets added to the site, I will personally thank everyone who donated and even post about this crazy adventure in my site diary at some point (maybe one week later cus ima make drafts). Again, thank you all so much and have a good rest of your day
4 Days ago
By CrystalAngel5 - 8 Minutes and 14 Seconds ago.
Pride Month Raffle!!
Prizes -
Mega Stone
5 Drag Gems
[Still Thinking]
[Still Thinking]
Ends at the end of june (might extend)
Your allowed to buy multiple (10k each i gotta make a profit-) #PrideMonthLGBT
Please to enter send my 10k or 5 tickets for 50 nuggets, share the hash tag and comment here,any questions feel free to pp me (oh yeh any changes will be put in the comments,also name your sexuality or you could say “questioning” if you dont know
5 Days ago
5 Days ago
So, PH's is kinda dead so.... let's start ups some action. Share #MythicalMagic and say your favorite Mythical pokemon (i.e. Victini, Mew, Genesect) and dont forget to share #GremlinsAndGoblins and #RiakoAintPlaying so we can get Grimmsnarl!!!! And also explain wtf this is
5 Days ago
9 Days ago
Also, one last thing, here is the proof of Riako's challenge. And here is my proof of the conversation, Rat. Now drop it
11 Days ago
Guys, share #RiakoAintPlaying to spread the word that if I send him 20M PD, he will release Impidimp + EVO's
11 Days ago
So it looks like Riako has dealt another blow to us Grimmsnarl lovers. He released its counterpart, Hatenna, but not Grimmsnarl. It's time to defend those inanimate, one dimensional pocket monsters who dont have a voice of their own. So let's burn the face of Impidimp into his mind. Send Riako at least one Impidimp plushie every day with the note "Justice for Impidimp" along with it. And while your at it, go ahead and share #GremlinsAndGoblins to spread the word. I may add prizes if we get enough people. And if not..... well it was nice knowing yall, XD
11 Days ago
17 Days ago


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