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Trainerlevel: 35

Trainerpoints: 3,490/3,709


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
9211,279,076 / 3,184,359
Noibat17164 / 919
Electrike14137 / 789
Geodude212 / 48
Krokorok312,605 / 2,727

About Meeee


I'm Berrypass but you can call me Berry. I say everything that's on my mind regardless of the appropriateness of the situation, so if you don't like that, SORRY. I have brain problems and if you don't like that, again, SORRY.

I accept random friend requests and will add you to my friendlist back, though I'd prefer it if I knew you first.

Any claims that you have been cruel to an animal of any kind and you will IMMEDIATELY become my enemy. No exceptions.


Don't be surprised if I don't answer questions/respond immediately! Please be patient!

I'm an anti-social, animal-loving, animation-obsessed furry with strange music taste and significant brain defects and little empathy for human beings.
AKA Your worst nightmare! :D

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #538646948
Registration: 29/08/2019 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 369:00 Hours
Total interactions: 547,643
Money: 3,558,927
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Am I the only one who gets skeeved out when people breed unevolved Pokemon?
Or especially a fully evolved one with an NFE one
12 Days ago
Remember that song I couldn't find??

I never found it.
I went into a rabbit hole of songs no one's ever found instead.
17 Days ago

hhahhahhahhah it's been so long
so uhh...
how do I evolve my lickitung
23 Days ago
do you remember
25 Days ago
Ya know I'm proud of Riako. The ducky's been doin a lot of stuff to improve PH recently and it's nice.
(he's always a good ducky tho)
1 Month ago
The month I joined PokeHeroes, the Shaymin event started. Tiny, dumb little me was so determined to get my very first legend mon, even though I had just joined. I didn't even know where the CLICKLISTS were, so how was I supposed to make enough interactions?? Finally, on the last day it was available, I discovered the clicklists, and interacted a bunch, and I got it.
I got my baby
Looking back and realizing the chances of that happening is like astronomical, I've never gotten a Shaymin since.
1 Month ago
just figured out my cat loves dhmis
she gets it

god I love that cat
1 Month ago
To clear up last post:
I was specifically targeting one particular person with the post, although I'm not allowed to call them by name, they were being very rude to a different person for having a different opinion.
Also I was specifically referring to people who literally identify as animals (which is NOT the same as being a furry, mind you), which I have seen before. I'm okay with people who use it/its pronouns, I personally don't use them to refer to people and it's okay if it makes some people uncomfortable, I am not okay with people who think they are animals (not referring to any particular PH user, just in general) and believe they need mental help.
1 Month ago
By the way, I have the tendency to say literally everything that comes into my head, regardless on the appropriateness of the situation, so if you don't like that, then get off my profile already.
1 Month ago
what the actual-
So someone accidentally reported someone else because the phone/computer was being stupid, and-
I swear-
URRRGGGGHHHH (transforms into giant werewolf, some unintelligible snarling)
1 Month ago
"Border collies are the smartest breed of dog!!"
Bandit: (is half border collie!)
Also Bandit: (growls at wind, rain, flies, and reflection)
1 Month ago
I love to chat about random with folks in the Last Post Wins 'game' and certain peeps are constantly trying to ward me off. Makes me feel real good!
1 Month ago
Okay, I know none of you are professionals (or maybe you are, how should I know), and I am (hopefully) getting a diagnosis soon, but maybe you have similar problems or I'm just crazy, but what do YOU, honestly, think my main problem is? I'll list a bunch of tics and if you have anything that could help, or an explanation, I'd really, really appreciate it ;-;
1 Month ago
Sad as it is, a three-segment Dudunsparce is not actually called Dududunsparce
1 Month ago
happy birthday to berry. it's 90% undertale related
1 Month ago
don't you love it when you feel self-conscious about existing and then people (more or less) call you selfish for it
1 Month ago
hate hate hate these anxiety dreams, my most common nightmares where a bunch of overstimulating crap happens and I'm a screaming, sobbing mess in a complete panic attack. I'm usually still shaken when I wake up
1 Month ago
Looking to buy or borrow any female Raticate, please pt me
1 Month ago
now I've got me watching Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

what has my life become

green is not a creative colour
2 Months ago
what event mew thing
what is
2 Months ago



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Please check out my friends, they're great people!

Lily_, CCrysie, kelbunny13, Saknar (rip), Serendibite, Sparkleshine, ~Daki~, *CrystalWinter*, and SilverBoi

With special thanks to 20GayTeen, MiniEarth, and Ecco (rip)

Marina pixel by Elodie! :D

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