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Meh.... \(-_- )/


Alright, you who stares, lingers and ponders. This is not an alternative account for SWDLove, my bff. She herself had made a post saying such, however, those often ends up lost in the sea of feeds. So I’m making a permanent mark, one that should be looked upon when visited, stating that whomever that dares accuse my friend of such will incur my wrath.
Now if you’d kindly refrain from accusing my friend, I’d be ever so grateful. She already have more to deal with than she could handle, yet makes time to come onto here, this site, for an escape, not for more to be piled upon her, like the building dam which blocks the water, her emotions. I will tolerate no assaults toward her. And lest you value your voice, you best think carefully about your words.


A friend closer than family
A sister that I never had
You came
And I guess that it’s meant to be

~ OfLyricsOfSongs


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OfLyricsOfSongs is currently hunting Deerling (Spring).
Hunt started: 13/02/2019

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Trainer ID: #383941185
Registration: 22/09/2018 (7 Months ago)
Game Time: 44:02 Hours
Total interactions: 86,917
Money: 19,177
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


'By RastaPastaPanda - 9 Hours and 55 Minutes ago.
Alright I'm excited to say that #IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt has started ❤️ winner get this beautiful girl *3* ends in 2 days at reset. Good luck everyone don't forget to like this post AND share the hashtag to enter.'
2 Months ago
I'm looking for a male hawlucha
2 Months ago
'By Deim - 4 Days and 11 Hours ago.
In commemoration of hatching Cayde-6 I’d like to do a giveaway.

In life Cayde loved chicken. So what better way to commemorate him. Like the ever burning flame of a Phoenix he is reborn.


Share the hashtag and interact with Cayde for a chance to win nuggets.

1st Place: 200 nug
2nd Place: 100 nug
3rd Place: 50 nug

Ends March 12th prizes will be sent out by March 13th'
2 Months ago
By best92 - 2 Days and 23 Hours ago.

Hey guys! I love premium so much, that I am doing a giveaway to give some random people premium! All you have to do to enter is share the hashtag and like the original post!!

The prizes are:

One Month of Premium (800 Nuggets) - 3 Winners
One Week of Premium (250 Nuggets) - 3 Winners

Keep in mind that only nonpremium members are eligible to win (but anyone can share the hashtag to help support the giveaway )!! Good luck to all and have fun!!
2 Months ago
’By ProudWeeb - 4 Minutes and 18 Seconds ago.
Quick giveaway cus why not Um comment to enter prize is 100k so yeah share it so people know’
3 Months ago
‘By N0T_S0AP - 6 Hours and 22 Minutes ago.
100? Nah what about 500? No wait I know 8k!

Wait no that's what people expect, how about 9k?

Okay so 9k it is

Hey just comment and share hatch my party and enter this givesway

It's only 9k nuggets for one winner ends at reset Tomorrow

Have fun’
3 Months ago
‘By Krimes
Halp.. Could you interact with my party? Every pidgey born today will be eligable.. If you help warm an egg you will get a chance to win 50,000 pokedollars. I have 40 of them to go.. Will you help?

3 Months ago
‘By 7th_Ward_Dragon - 19 Minutes and 33 Seconds ago.
if i hatch a shiny out of these 80 eggs ill give one away or a prize(shiny from my box) if i dont after the 80 eggs, so plz interact with my party and share #TheLonelyStoner for a chance, ill announce the winner after the eggs are gone.’
3 Months ago
'By Iccywolf - 1 Hour and 29 Minutes ago.
Welp today makes the 15 year I’ve been single let’s do a little celebration *trumpets playing something so cool music* that’s right a giveaway kinda late but cool share #singlecauseican to win a *cool music* my LOVE!!!! and 300 nuggies ends on Monday'
3 Months ago
'By Kidkalamity - 4 Hours and 48 Minutes ago.
I'm doing a valentines giveaway.
1st prize will be a mega absol
2nd prize will be 200k
3rd prize a random shiny of mine

To enter just share #kalamitysgiveaway and best of luck!
Its morning here so it will end tonight~♡

I'll add a 4th prize if more people than expected share~♡'
3 Months ago
‘By Blush - 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds ago.
Welp because I so happened to get a Articuno in the spur of the moment this giveaway will also be in the spur of the moment
Ill be giving 250 nuggets to a random person and all you need to do to enter is share the hashtag #Articuno (the dead line will be on Feb the 20th )’
3 Months ago
‘By 420munchlax - 21 Hours and 53 Minutes ago.
By Auction House - 3 Minutes and 16 Seconds ago.
You won an auction.

Auction: Beartic (Your bid: 265,000 ). The Pokémon has been transferred.

So because I love anarchy I'm going to put this shiny Beartic I just bought up for 1pd for 24 hours. When it's over the person who bought it will win a free lawnmower that she will be holding. And to make sure the word is spread about my auction I'll also be giving away one free starpiece to someone who shares #AnarchyIsOrder also if u win the auction that doesn't exclude u from being in the running for the free starpiece thanks.’
3 Months ago
By SWDLove - 16 Minutes and 19 Seconds ago.

Share the cuteness of the baby sloths!!!!!
3 Months ago
‘By tiktok - 20 Hours and 29 Minutes ago.
hi im doing another giveaway bc yes

just share #ElloGovners

thanks to a few users from a group called the Oumarmy run by RedRidingWolf1365 who have decided to pitch in and donate prizes to this giveaway, we have quite a bit.

Prizes: Pokemon from this box (contains events, shinies, mega-ables, etc.)
A bunch of gems
All of my boxes/keys and any that i manage to get before the giveaway is over

this totally isn't to promote the Oumarmy to get people to join, aha...

Ends at the end of the month’
3 Months ago
‘By ProudWeeb - 9 Hours and 21 Minutes ago.
Well hello! Welcome to #WeebsBirthdayBash ! So its my birthday next week on a Friday (Yes the day right after valentines day) And I have no clue what else to say other then the prizes and when this ends so...

1st Prize! 750k
2nd Prize! 500k
3rd Prize! 250k

This will end on the 15th of February umm Birthday wishes would be nice! Also its IccyWolf's birthday on the 15th too so ya know what to do

Anyway just share the # for a chance to win! Byeeee :3

Happy Early b-day uwu Guessing you found your birthday twin when I posted the birthday things? XD’
3 Months ago
‘By TimeKidRalsei - 7 Minutes and 5 Seconds ago.
Wanna win a Mareep(mega/able) evo set?
Just share the hashtag
#IWANTTHATSHEEP and comment in the original post(mine lol)
The prize is just what I said, Mareep(mega/able) evo set.
Giveaway Ends at Reset on Friday
Good luck!’
3 Months ago
By: The*Milky*Way

I want to share some loveeee
Also wanna annoy people by doing a heart giveaway hehe
So here what I’ll be giving away
One winner per number
Will end on valentines day
#1.pick 1 common event hunt and I’ll do it for you
#2. 300 nuggets of lovveee
(all do it after this hunt or my next one depending on how fast I hatch this shiny)
#3 another 300 nuggets ( I’ve been saving up lol)
#4 pick 3 shinies or megas in my shiny/mega box
Just hit the like button
Happy early valentines day lol

(Share It Button)
3 Months ago
‘By arkidog - 15 Hours and 55 Minutes ago.
another giveaway bc yes
share the hashtag #kokichineedsmoreheadpats
for a chance to win either a shiny zebstrika or a shiny midnight lycanroc
2 winners will be picked tomorrow at reset’
3 Months ago
By Ephenia - 5 Hours and 7 Minutes ago.
Want to win 1m PD?

Interact with this egg and ❤ this feed. I will also be giving you a free interaction exchange on your whole party if you do so.

If it hatches fast and before I go to sleep the 1m PD will be given to a lucky random person, and I will probably throw in some consolation prizes to those just for participating, and maybe even more PD to the lucky winner! If you click as a guest you can also comment for an extra chance of winning the main prize, will be using the honnor system for that. Share #HelpEphenia if you wish

Goodluck and have fun!
3 Months ago


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