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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 3,378/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
°Marshy 17os°
(Zenith Marshadow)
1,5458,266,239 / 8,957,139
Burmy da Random
(Burmy (Sandy))
13115,665 / 51,877


Howdy, I'm shiny hunting Burmy(Sandy)

-Rainbowblitzer103 (0/1)
-RAZPberry (0/2) *at least 1 female*
75k PD or 50 Nuggets
PP/PM if you have any questions :I!

Ditch Dudes official Member :D


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #718924741
Registration: 13/03/2018 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 29/Apr/2019
Game Time: 944:37 Hours
Total interactions: 301,908
Money: 157,085
Starter Pokémon: Blaziken


*run around in circles on the floor*
I. Have. Been. Blessed. By. The. Syrup. Gods! Hehehehehe soo much Syrup : D!!
*They are one really hyper goat*
Today, 14:01
*tire yawn*
Welp, it’s almost midnight for me...
I should really sleep early but I don’t want to....
Goodnight guys~
Today, 03:52
Do you always have that feeling that you say something, but then completely forget what you just said. And it slowly bothers you until you figure it out... no? Welp I guess it’s just me then... cri
Today, 03:44
A life lesson from Goat bruh
“Don’t play Goldfish on a tree with yourself/shadow version. It’s dangerous and you might break a bone when you tackle yourself aswell.”
And this was life lesson from goat bruh, now if you excuse me, I gotta walk with this broken arm now.
Today, 02:37
Now to lighten up my mood.
Its Time For Crab
*yeets live crabs everywhere*
: D
Today, 01:49
*hides in my room*
Parents and step-bro are arguing again
;-;... I’m scared...
Yesterday, 22:58
*looks both ways*
I don’t like anime.
*runs away*
Yesterday, 21:52
*looks at the date*
.... *kicks door down*
Yesterday, 11:43
❤️ for interaction exchange :3?
Got some eggs to hatch :v...
*set egg on fire*
Should hatch quicker now...
Yesterday, 10:57
Oi m8, I hear u talking stuff abt me burmy
*pulls gun out*
Stick’em up! u will not talk stuff abt mi Burmy baby... unless u convince me not to shoot >:I
1 Day ago
If you can have your dream pokemon team in the real world. Who will they be?
For me it’s gonna be a team full of burmys... cuz... b u r m y
1 Day ago
Finally... it’s complete... It been bugging my for some time now...
TK!Beta(human form)
Now I gotta go find food... I’m hungry...
1 Day ago
Hehehe.... I feel drunk.... yet I don’t drink....
Anyone got maple syrup...? I need syrup hehehe....
*faceplant the floor*
2 Days ago
By AngellRune~Kris
It’s that time again!

#VaporvsUmbre Share this hashtag along with your vote, and the 4 members winning team will get 25k PD, and 10 random gems. Good luck!

Gonna put my vote on the overrated Vee....
Umbreon bruh....
2 Days ago
Welcome to the world shiny Burmy that didn’t say what chain it hatched so imma believe u hatched at chain #1....
2 Days ago
*put pjs on*
Welp, I’m off to sleep. I gotten to the use of not eating after 2pm.
Goodnight ;w;
*flops to sleep*
2 Days ago
The smol edgy precious goat boi is coming for your maple syrup
Y’all can’t stop me!
2 Days ago
Skitmin adopts r over.
Sending them to their new home now,
Rose Skitmin:FrozenHeroes
CB Skitmin:FrozenHeroes..
Stap taking them all bruh XD
2 Days ago
By LucarioLover99

Wow, the generosity on pokeheroes is so amazing! I got so many gifts, and ended up with more that 1 million pd! Now, time to do a giveaway!

Share this ENTIRE post with my name on it, and also share the #millionpdforlucario and you will be entered into a draw!

1st place: 2 mystery items, 10k pd
2nd place: 1 mystery item, 5k pd
3rd place: 1 mystery item

The draw ends in a day, so post and share quick!
2 Days ago
*points to last feed*
Ending in 1 1/2 hours ;w;...
2 Days ago

Info about TK!B(me)

Howdy, My name is TimeKID!Beta

but you can call me TK for short.
I am a Undertale fan as you can see heh, actually my creator made me with some codes not just from asriel but other characters aswell, so I'm a outcode? But here are some facts about me.

•Im 15 yrs old
•Currently in HS
•My bday is Oct,22
•I do have a au, it's just a working progress...
•I like maple syrup, it's just so yummy
•I like to create new things while I still have motivation :3
•I’m not that social.. but I try to be!

PP/PMs are closed atm. Please don’t message me unless it’s something important!
Leaving PH soon at ??/??/19
Depression is no fun ;-;

Art/Gif Corner

Amazing art by FrozenHeroes vvvvv

Art made by me vvvv


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