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Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 5,355/10,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
• King Tau •
(Charizard (Retro))
1,6018,317,209 / 9,185,343
• Jawsome •
(Feraligatr (Retro))
857649,920 / 2,621,478
Shellton (1st OS)
527331,227 / 834,769
Hikari (5th OS)
329687,693 / 1,995,528
Flapperine899,488 / 11,498
Gourdle762,084 / 10,429

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Art by me, base from DA



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QueenOfVillains 2 Days ago
Jazz 11 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #869631370
Registration: 12/01/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1403:11 Hours
Total interactions: 325,368
Money: 3,066,979
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Tonight is the stream where I will be doing my attempt at a Pokemon Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke!
Hope to see you all there :3
(Tonight @ 7PM Pacific time)
Today, 19:28
Time for another unpopular opinion:
These "riddles" from Riako are just unfair.

"Easy" does not mean it's easy for everyone else. Just because you can run a mile doesn't mean that everyone else can. Stop telling people who are frustrated that it's easy: It's not.

The way I see it, this is "only smart people will get the prize" which really isn't fair to people who aren't great with riddles. Doesn't matter how simple or "easy" the riddle is. They might overthink it, and they might get frustrated with it. I've already seen several people get genuinely upset or anxiety because they can't solve it. You know why people cheated the previous years? Because they can't solve riddles by themselves, they need help!

Not everyone is booksmart, myself included. Mindless clicking every hour towards an event? That's something simple that most people can do.

(NOTE: This is my personal opinion, if you disagree with it then that's fine, but don't comment on my feed to tell me I'm wrong.)
Yesterday, 20:37
I'm going to do a Halloween stream soon~
Preview of coming attractions, I won't spoil what it is ;3
Not sure when I'll be streaming yet, but follow me if you want to stay updated! I'll also be shouting out any names of people who follow me / donate during the streams ♥
4 Days ago
#TenFacts (Share this and 10 facts about you!)
1. Favorite Anime: Avatar / Korra
2. Favorite Show: The Good Doctor / Siren
3. Favorite Color: Galaxy (Black, purple, pink, blue, white) or Cotton Candy (Light pink, light blue)
4. Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers of all kinds
5. Favorite Activity: Playing video games
6. Favorite Animal: Dragons
7. Favorite Soda/Other Drink: Sunkist, otherwise Skittle Water (flavor packets)
8. Favorite Song: "Play Your Part" by Aero Chord
9. Favorite Book: The Dragonian Series / the Firelight Series
10. Favorite Dessert: My homemade cake-mix cookies
4 Days ago
My mouse is starting to fail. It's a good $20 for a wireless mouse (my desk won't allow a corded one). I really don't have the money to spare.
Anyone want to commission me for a few bucks? I will work on art with this mouse when it lets me.
6 Days ago
My good friend AmberLikeEmber just accidentally released two shiny megas.

Please go send her a plushie to make her feel better? T^T

16 Days ago

If anyone here feels uncomfortable, threatened, or afraid of another user, report it immediately.

It is not okay for someone to make you feel a way you don't want to feel. Always talk to a mod or an adult if you have something going on in your life, don't stay quiet about it!

Sexism, racism, homophobism, any sort of prejudice or harassment of any kind is NOT welcome here. If you've been a victim of something like this, please don't sit quiet about it. Report it right away, and always take snapshots of conversations that make you feel uncomfortable.

Anyone here who has a problem with people that are different skin colors, aren't heterosexual, have a gender you don't agree with, or anything that makes you prejudice... Do humanity a favor: Get the hell off this site and rot someplace where you can't hurt anyone.
21 Days ago
So, that creepy giveaway about a girl pic?
User doesn't have that PD, FYI.
21 Days ago
I haven't seen any love for the new raffle event.

Big whoops on this one.
25 Days ago
QueenOfVillains said I needed to post this status so here we go:
Grimmsnarl is the worst Pokemon.
26 Days ago
So, I was worried about playing Among Us because I thought I would get super angry.

I was wrong.

Never have I been more scared, and laughed so hard. I really wish I recorded it. I'm very good at being the Imposter >:3
1 Month ago
"You obtained a new badge (Left in the dark)!"

Oh. Well then. Wasn't expecting to get it that fast. Sweet!
1 Month ago
*Talking to someone about their commission offsite*

Me: Sorry for taking so long, there's a fire nearby so I forgot about things for a bit. I can still do the commission if you're interested?
Him: Oh, don't sweat it, I just won't be able to pay you for a while. I lost my job.
Me: Oh, wow, I'm so sorry to hear that. Well, why don't we cancel the commission and instead, I can do something simple for free, since I need the practice, if that's okay with you?
Him: *Blocks me*

...Wha- WHY?!
1 Month ago
Oh look. Drama. *Yawn*

To the dumb kids hiding behind anonymity on that drama tumblr, just give up and quit this site since you hate it so much.

Seriously. Just go. We don't even want you here anyways.

On a more positive note, Navi is cuddling in my lap and making the loudest purr I've ever heard :3
1 Month ago
"draw my dog as a bowling pin"

lawls, kay
2 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Amaura hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #357)!
Congratulations! A shiny Amaura hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #358)!
Congratulations! A shiny Amaura hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #359)!

2 Months ago
Me: *Puts a shiny Aurorus in GTS for any offers*

Jazz: Jokes on you, you didn't say the offer had to be a good one, have a Luvdisc that says "I offer you my heart"

Me: Ha, jokes on you, because that's all I've ever wanted was your love. *Accepts the trade*

2 Months ago
Here is the first on-site shiny Slugua, created by me.

I have no idea how to express what I feel. It's amazing and surreal to see one of my sprites as an actual event Pokemon. Thank you to everyone to sent a kind plushie or comment my way. I'm glad you all like the event so much!
2 Months ago

Furry ○ Bi-Sexual ○ Taken ○ 26 ○ Washington ○ -8 Hours
Spriter - Gamer - Shapeshifter
⋆ Creator of the Slugua and Aquargo events ⋆

Profile under construction :P

[Jazzy] [Emo] [Lucky] [Gecko] [Amber] [Kaufee] [Kelbunny] [Kujo]

BPD / Bipolar, my emotions are unstable
Oppescetarian, I hate the taste of seafood
Dyscalculia, I am horrible at mental math.
Introvert, I like being alone indoors
Unsociable, I don't converse well
Navi, I have a pet tortoiseshell cat

○ Don't return plushies
○ Don't accept random friend requests
○ Won't respond to "hi" messages
○ Will not offer refunds for trades / services

⋆ Avatar by me
⋆ Couple Art and Kitsune Art by kelbunny13
⋆ Mini Slugua and Aquargo sprites by me
⋆ Runner sprites made by me of my characters
⋆ Pixel dividers below by me, do not steal

"Was that just you being stubborn?
Can't you say pretty please?
Wasn't it an eggshell carpet
That brought you to your knees?
If the right built the anchor
And the wrong have set sail
I'm a whale, I'm a well, I'm a whale"

"Coppertank Island" - Fair to Midland

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