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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 6,323/10,859


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
• King Tau •
(Charizard (Retro))
2,51217,733,588 / 22,650,288
• Jawsome •
(Feraligatr (Retro))
1,7191,344,196 / 10,592,565
• Cato •
557413,686 / 1,165,524
Shellton (1st OS)
1,6126,142,306 / 7,800,469
Hikari (5th OS)
5752,029,098 / 10,161,234
Nimbus (12th OS)
5371,809,551 / 8,314,731

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Juan and I started dating on August 7th, 2022

Last Shadow Needed

If you have a Shadow Ditto for trade, please message me! ♥
I also have a bunch of Shadows UFT!

Looking for a particular shadow mon?
Ask me and I'll hunt it whenever it pops up on my radar!


Game Records

Trainer ID: #869631370
Registration: 12/01/2018 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 1679:16 Hours
Total interactions: 344,551
Money: 4,192,973
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


I love my friend. She decided to rope me into her 24-hour Halloween livestream last night (She hit 1k followers, yay!), all full of horror games that we love and some new ones.
And then 8 hours in, she remembered she had a chemo session on Halloween. And they last for 4 hours.
So, we decided to quit the stream and resume it later, only to call it a "Part 2". But now she's passed out asleep and I'm wondering if she's going to wake up before Halloween ends XD
27 Days ago
Just gonna... Set up some trades to avoid people seeing the childishly bad stuff... ^^;
1 Month ago
I am afraid of revenants, yokai, jinn, phantoms, poltergeists, and shades.

I am afraid of ghosts! 👻👻👻
1 Month ago
You know, there's a lot of bad in the world...
People who are so single-minded on their opinions, people who go so far out of their way just because they want to hurt others, people who do nothing but focus on drama or spread hate and deceit...
I think we all are going through life just looking the other way, or trying to forget the bad in the world.
It's... A really sad time we live in when you step back to look at it all.
Makes me scared for the future, and what could happen.

Okay, troubled mind thoughts done.
Anyone who sees this, have a wonderful day and don't forget to spread some positivity, the world could use some more.
1 Month ago
#OooooItsSpookyMonth -
Not entering, just sharing the hashtag :3
1 Month ago
I have the hardest decision of my life to make right now...

Am I willing to walk a mile to the store, just to buy a big bag of Reese's Cups that I'm craving?

2 Months ago
Couldn't sleep last night, decided to re-watch Sword Art Online.

Five hours later, I was making dramatic breath sounds and looking at my cat going "NANI?!"

...No more late night anime for me.
2 Months ago
Personal Fun Fair Feedback:
It's not a bad addition.

- Ducklett Fishing takes me back to when I was little and did the same game in my town's fair. Always win a random-tiered prize, everyone is happy. Very cute idea.
- Wingull Gulf is probably best played on mobile, if the Pokemon moves too fast, then you miss it because you click and drag the image instead of clicking the Pokemon. But not a bad game, though it seems the max points you can only get is 100 (which is a perfect).
- Apple Bobbing is a nice addition for people who are hunting Pokemon, or just want some extra luck when the Fountain doesn't do it for you. Highly approve of this.
- Prizes are decent though I'm sad to see that the old Shiny Retro Radar mons aren't going to be as rare. (The ones that say "Caught with Retro Radar" are still rare, won't hold much value now sadly.)

- The Corn Maze... UGH. Continued in the comments.
2 Months ago
I think the new boyfriend and I were made for each other.
We both overslept on date night with his friends... Oops.
2 Months ago
It's been a while since I've updated my profile.
Happy with the results ♥
3 Months ago
The past two months were perhaps the strangest of my life.

The beginning of July:
- I was in a relationship of 2.5 years
- Had a friend group for the same amount of time (one of those friends I knew for 14 years)
- Had a future planned to get my life moving forward finally instead of in this pit
- I was happy...

- No longer dating that person
- No friend group to call my own anymore
- No future or way to make life better for myself.

But the thing is... I'm probably twice as happy as I was before everything happened.
This guy I'm dating now is much more amazing than the last.
Those "friends" weren't really friends when they turn their back on me with threats.
And I don't have a future, but I can make one. That's the beauty of it.

Life sucks, never forget that. But it gets better.
To quote something from a favorite movie...

"Who knows? Lightning could strike..."
3 Months ago
I'm in looooove with this new sharky girl revamp ♥

(Yes, it's based on Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess)
3 Months ago
✨ Looking for artists!✨

✨ I'm looking for high-quality artists to help me obtain artwork of a new re-skin I'm working on for my anthro shark! (Mostly headshots, busts, or pixel art)

✨ Will pay in Nuggets, PD, Summon Items, or any Shinies UFT I have! Please just message / Palpad me! ♥

#Art #Artist #UFT #Commission
3 Months ago
Why can't Pokemon be real?

I could be roasting marshmallows with a Charmander's tail right now D:
4 Months ago
*Me tiredly going through my social media*

"It's pay day! Some of your items have been sold at the GTS"

Me: "...I had something in the GTS? Aight, I can deal with suddenly being 4,000 Pokedollars richer~"
4 Months ago

28 . She/Her . Bi . Furry . -8 Hours . ISFJ-T
Writer . Gamer . Shapeshifter

Creator of the Slugua and Aquargo Event Pokemon
Creator of the Solastra Pokeheroes Banner

Not currently very active!
I am mostly here for friends and art.
Let me know if you're an artist, I'll pay for art of my characters!
Message me if you you're interested something from my boxes!

Quote from Things About MeBPD / Bipolar, my emotions are unstable and often times unpredictable.
Dyscalculia, I cannot do simple mental math of any variety.
Introvert, I usually keep to myself and indoors, usually with close friends.
Unsociable, I have a hard time conversing properly or coming up with topics.

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⋆ Couple Art by me
⋆ Larka and Valerio Plushie art by Akemie
⋆ Garcheon Plushie art by Senbonzakura
⋆ All GIFs are screenshots from "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess"

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I usually don't return plushies, but any given are greatly appreciated! ♥

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