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Trainerlevel: 60

Trainerpoints: 6,248/10,859


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
• King Tau •
(Charizard (Retro))
2,3031,121,379 / 19,032,999
• Jawsome •
(Feraligatr (Retro))
1,4752,118,930 / 7,793,396
Shellton (1st OS)
1,3222,679,220 / 5,247,019
Hikari (5th OS)
5134,025,254 / 7,272,366
Nimbus (12th OS)
4671,646,563 / 5,525,111
4273,901,615 / 4,254,573

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #869631370
Registration: 12/01/2018 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 1623:42 Hours
Total interactions: 344,533
Money: 5,036,203
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Been watching a lot of police footage on YouTube of cops dealing with entitled people. The amount of people that don't understand this is astounding:

Just because it's in public does not mean it's a public place.

If it's a Starbucks, or a Walmart, or even a family-owned grocery store, it is NOT a public place, it's a private business that's opened to the public. The business / owner rules can be enforced at their discretion. That's why you see "We own the right refuse service to anyone" signs, they can throw out anyone they want for any reason.
Things like parks, beaches, and even roads are public places.
Please everyone, be courteous. Don't think you have the rights of a royal family member to do anything you want just because you're a "customer" in someone else's building. Jaysus.
6 Days ago
Song share time!
Here's something my little brother sent me.
Wonderful song that probably went under the radar, but it's a nice one. Enjoy!~
7 Days ago
Me, a mostly-inactive user who doesn't know much with PH anymore:
"Oh hey, I have these Ultra Saddles. I should use them to get some Dex entries."
*Has to look up how to summon Ultra Beasts*
"Okay, done with step one, step two... Oh. It's a puzzle... And I chose Stakataka... Oh..."

That took me about twenty minutes to figure out. I'm bad at jigsaw puzzles c:
9 Days ago
Funny interaction I had on another site:

Them: "So, what's with the rainbow avatar?"
Me: "Oh, it's to celebrate Pride Month, I'm just showing support since I'm part of the community."
Them: "But I thought you were Bi?"
Me: "...Yeah, I am."
Them: "You're dumb, you're supposed to put the Bi flag then."
Me: "I guess that means your profile picture should be of a fat cow then, right?"

I still never got a reply c:
Hope everyone is having a good time so far during Pride Month!
(And if you don't celebrate it, just let your gay friends know that you support them ♥)
11 Days ago
The boyfriend and I have reached the last four episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender! Super excited to binge them all tomorrow and see his reactions ♥
13 Days ago
Browsing through this website sometimes, I'll see an old sprite or two that I made is still up on someone's profile. Warms my heart while simultaneously making me sad that I don't have the time to do that anymore. I'd love to keep making sprites on here.
Think I might add spriting in my commissions in the future now though ♥
21 Days ago
I'm having one of those moments in life where I'm taking a step back and realizing just how lucky I am.

I have amazing friends who go to such great lengths for me. I have a brand new gaming computer sitting on my desk right now that my Korean friend got me, just because she's thankful I'm in her life.
My family is small and only consists of two members, but they are close and the bond is unbreakable. They don't judge me, and they're always there for me.
I'm not the healthiest, but I have things that people sadly lost. Vision, hearing, a limb. I'm lucky to have my health, and forever thankful for what I can do with my body.

Life is wonderful. And to whoever reads this, it can be just as precious to you as well. Just keep positive thoughts, give kindness wherever you go, and most importantly, never give up hope. We all have a future and life can be perfect for you if you aim for it.
21 Days ago
My friend is such a bad liar, but I have to appreciate her attempts.

"What's your address? Only because I ordered 20 cat toys instead of 2..." If she got 20 Axolotl cat toys, she would keep them, she's obsessed with axolotls. She can't return them because "They were on clearance"
"What's your shoe size?" Because that's relevant when 'saving money' =w=
"It'll be there Thursday!" Airmail from Korea takes at least six days. It's only been three. Okay Para...
"Why are you still awake? You should sleep to get your PC tomorrow." (When I asked what the heck she just said) "I didn't mean to say PC, I was just looking at mine when I said that. I got you Shark- DANGIT!" This was clever, trying to make me think she got me shark slippers which I would love, but she messed up and said PC first xD
And I missed the package delivery today,but it says on the signature needed slip from "Cyber Tech Company"
So these are the most hi-tech shark slippers ever apparently >w<
23 Days ago
Saw the new Pokemon that came out.
For once, I actually like the the designs, those two legendary cover Pokemon look awesome. After ages of waiting for better designs, I'm looking forward to seeing the next generation.
Now... Anyone want to gift me a Switch so I can play them when they come out? 🥲
1 Month ago
I'm not sure how to feel about this one.

My friends closest to me, the ones I hold in my heart, all have something in common. They say that I saved them. That their lives were just a dark pit of despair and bad thoughts, to the point they didn't even know if they wanted to be here anymore. But I somehow brought them back, gave them light and hope. I made them want to start fighting for life again.

But... I didn't do anything. I'm not worthy of being the person who saves people like that. I've never done anything remotely worthy in my life. So, I don't know how to feel about knowing this is how those people look at me. It's very confusing and hard to understand.
1 Month ago
I don't know what to do in this situation.
My streaming friend won a bet and put a donation option on her stream for me to earn money towards a gaming computer (mine is old).
Yesterday, she just casually mentioned that she's found three donors who are going to make that happen next month.
Now, I have a problem accepting gifts. It's hard for me to get over. And even more of a problem, these three donors are to remain anonymous, so I can't properly thank them.
I'm struggling with the part of me that hates accepting gifts, while simultaneously at the happiest point in my life at the gift.
This is a very hard emotional war to deal with right now ._.
1 Month ago
I have made a grave mistake...

I talked the boyfriend into eating pizza and dipping it into ranch. He thought it was weird at first, and now he loves it! He brags about it to all his friends as a weird flex.

But now... He says that pineapple belongs on pizza...

1 Month ago
The boyfriend has Covid, thankfully he's not immunocompromised. It sounds like everything sucks when you're sick with it.

But dangit, I told him he's not allowed to be sick when I can't be there to take care of him D:<
1 Month ago
Real talk? It's okay to be afraid.

I normally take too much pride in the fact that I have "no fears", usually going head-first into situations that most people would hesitate in, or turn and run from. But I know that sometimes that isn't always safe or smart.

I have plenty of fears, I just don't show them often. My biggest fear is being abandoned. That probably has something to do with my BPD... But I'd much rather jump into the ocean with miles of nothing below me (thalassophobia) than have a loved one abandon me.

It's okay to be afraid. It's okay to show fear. It makes you human, and it makes you a person. I think people are stronger for admitting those fears rather than facing them.

That's my thought of the week. Hopefully it helps someone out there who's struggling with something in their life.
1 Month ago
Been playing a lot of Binding of Isaac with the boyfriend and decided to try my hand at making an N64 music mod for it (maybe one that others would enjoy).

Here's my silly self thinking the coding part would be hard.
It's choosing the perfect songs that I'm having problems with ._.'
1 Month ago
Me: *Puts up mystery stuff in the item market, forgets about it*
Notifications: It's pay day!
Some of your items have been sold at the GTS with a revenue of 1,303,000 PokéDollar.

...Oh yeah.
1 Month ago
Me: Hellooo. Everything okay in your world?
Friend: Yup
Me: The boyfriend being nice to you? Or do I need to punch him?
Friend: Haha, no, he's fine.
Me: Oh... Want me to punch him anyway? >:3
1 Month ago

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