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Trainerlevel: 52

Trainerpoints: 7,427/8,163


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP


⋆ Obtained a Shiny Retro Charizard at chain 110 ⋆
⋆ Obtained the 12th OS Shiny Driflamp ⋆
⋆ Obtained 5th OS Shiny Lightblim ⋆
⋆ Obtained the 3rd OS Eclipseon ⋆
⋆ Obtained the 4th OS Dr.Honch ⋆


⋆ Get a Shiny Mega Swampert ⋆
⋆ Become a future Mod or Spriter for Pokeheroes ⋆
⋆ Get a Pokemon to level 1,000 ⋆


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Historian 1 Day ago
Professor Rowan 5 Days ago
~Lucky~ 17 Days ago
Hepsalgon 22 Days ago


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #869631370
Registration: 12/01/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 832:48 Hours
Total interactions: 244,027
Money: 801,627
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Great. My keyboard is completely dead. Consider me gone for the next few days because I won't be able to respond to messages. And if I don't post something within the next month, then I more than likely lost everything and probably won't come back. See you guys later I hope.
1 Day ago
*Sees everyone going crazy for the new gen*

*Meanwhile I'm here and think all the new Pokemon designs are crap*

Yup, I said it. I'm a gen eight hater. Come at me bruh >:3
3 Days ago
"Congratulations, MetalHeadKendra! Your Kalos-Dex is now complete!"

Big thanks to ~Lucky~, kujo, and We_All_Float for helping me with those last hard-to-get entries!
5 Days ago
Whoop! Completed my Sinnoh PokeDex!~
Big thanks to the ever-wonderful AmberLikeEmber for helping me out with those last two entries <3
12 Days ago
Error: i uh, don't have a phone and using the house phone is just incredibly horrible for me, like i hate it

Kendra: I can understand that >w<

Error: like, using any phone just makes me want to curl up and not speak to anyone for the rest of the day

Kendra: I guess you better not get a deskjob in the future then ;w;

Error: definitely not planning on it. I hate speaking to people in general, honestly

Kendra: Hm. You should look into a career path of...
A librarian XD 'Cuz no one is allowed to talk in a library

1 Month ago
Finally got a good look at the new event sprites.
Good job -Banette-, those sprites are far more impressive than what I came up with for the contest, I really like them. Well done.
1 Month ago
Me chatting with a non-PH friend.

Me: Wow, I have a lot of orders to get to this morning.
Him: *Shrugs* Well duh, people like art.
Me: *Grimaces* It's not art. It's simple pixel reformation, anyone can do it.
Him: And Picasso was just simple paint rearranging on a canvas, it's art if someone likes it.
Me: *Playfully gives the one-finger salute* Shut up...
1 Month ago
I will admit that I have some love for Slowbro. He just looks so huggable! And his Mega is my favorite to use in Pokemon Shuffle.

But... You are really testing my love for you.

Shadow Slowbro - 215 Encounters.
1 Month ago
I wish I had a vegan friend to tease.

"Hey, I just ate a salad, it was pretty good."
"Oh, I'm so proud of you! Just don't eat meat!"
"It had bacon bits in it >:D"
1 Month ago
Share your experience!

So earlier I stumbled upon a particular song to an old, slightly obscure video game that I had completely forgotten about. It was my favorite track from the game and I would often pause it to just let the music play when I did other things. Brought up nostalgia, happiness at finding such a gem, and sadness that those times are long gone.

Tell me about an obscure track you've had that experience with as a kid, when you would pause a video game to just let the music play out.

(For anyone wondering, the track in particular for me was "Rezopolis" from Gex: Enter the Gecko on N64)
1 Month ago
Error: "Currently I'm helping someone on another site with coding for a trading thread. Which I find quite fun"
Kendra: "I do like coding too. There's something soothing about it. Make it FABULOUS! XD"
Error: "I've finished with it, it's very simple but they said they'd prefer a simpler style so... XD"
Kendra: "Tell them you don't make posts like a basic... Uhm.... Female dog..."

PG Swearing with #Error2019
2 Months ago
Alright, time for the Pokemon version of 4 truths, 1 lie.
Person to correctly guess the lie wins a few mystery boxes/keys :3

1.) The first ever Pokemon I chose was Bulbasaur.
2.) I hatched a Shiny Swablu in Pokemon Go, on the same day I caught three Shiny Eevees.
3.) The first Pokemon game I got was Emerald and later discovered Silver and Red.
4.) My first ever and only random encounter shiny from a game was a Hariyama in Pokemon Emerald.
5.) I deleted my little brother's favorite Pokemon Typhlosion from existence and duplicated my Feraligatr on his game file via trading cable link.
5 Months ago
So I saw this floating around and want to give it a go.
4 Truths, 1 Lie (I'll do a Pokemon edition later~)
Person who guesses the lie first wins a few Mystery Items :3

1.) My step-brother and I learned the hard way that deer can actually growl while camping.
2.) I once had a baby tooth kicked out of my mouth, courtesy of my little brother
3.) I am a virgin to sex, getting high off drugs, AND getting drunk on alcohol, even though I'm currently 25-1/2 years old.
4.) I had a mild break in my pinky finger after falling off a public park playground swing set when I was 7.
5.) I've had a total of two dogs, two ferrets, seven cats, and two fish as family pets in my lifetime.
5 Months ago
Probably Mewtwo.
I'm usually serious, quiet most of the time, a bit of a loner, and usually always try to better myself through drastic means.
6 Months ago
Woah, Rank 33! Thanks for the votes everyone <3
Even though it was terrible

Results of last Beauty Contest:
Photo #1 - Rank 33 (Rating: 6.59)
You won 500 Festival Points!
6 Months ago


Furry ⋆ Single ⋆ Bi ⋆ 25 ⋆ Washington ⋆ -7 Hours
Spriter | Gamer | Die-Hard Subnautica Fan

Current Ongoings
Book: "Heart of Fire" series [18+]
Game: Terraria, Slime Rancher, Wind Waker HD Hero Mode
Show: The Walking Dead, Versus Pokemon FireRed 3-Way
Music Choice: ["Way Down We Go" - KALEO]

Avatar made by kujo
Pixel art of Krystle made by kelbunny13

Tʜɪɴɢs Aʙᴏᴜᴛ Mᴇ

_________ Bi-Polar, my emotions are often wacky

_________ Oppescetarian, I hate the taste of seafood

_________ Introvert, I like being alone indoors

_________ Unsociable, I don't converse well

_________ Intimidating, but I'm shy and quiet

_________ Navi, I have a pet tortoiseshell cat


_________ ⋆ I seem harsh sometimes, I can't help it

_________ ⋆ I don't send plushies back

_________ ⋆ Random friend requests are instantly rejected

_________ ⋆ Will only reply to messages that aren't SPAM

_________ ⋆ I may help with spriting / coding advice

Shiny Hunt

MetalHeadKendra is currently hunting Salagons.
Hunt started: 04/20/2020

Chain: 3,983

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