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Trainerlevel: 57

Trainerpoints: 810/9,803


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
• King Tau •
(Charizard (Retro))
1,415898,603 / 7,170,740
• Deku •
(Venusaur (Retro))
8352,162,514 / 2,488,052
• Viridian •
(Meganium (Retro))
7961,326,864 / 2,260,089
• Jawsome •
(Feraligatr (Retro))
7651,910,181 / 2,086,700
Totodile (Retro)
386398,312 / 526,281
Hikari (5th OS)
290854,587 / 896,225


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♥ Mated to my wonderful alpha, Akaiya ♥
I love you my Boof

"My wisdom comes from my experience,
My passion comes from terrible loss.
My courage was, at one time, cowardice;
My strength is my weakness.
My honor is shaped by my decision,
My kindness doesn’t mean ignorance.
My power hides my raging madness,
My ambitions grow by being humble.
I will show you who I am
When I am at my best.
I will hide myself from everyone
When I don’t want to cause pain.
I will be honest from now on,
So that the truth may taste sweeter.
I promise to be a shield and model
To those who would pave the road further."


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #869631370
Registration: 12/01/2018 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 1218:56 Hours
Total interactions: 287,023
Money: 1,185,104
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Totally didn't steal this or anything...

How well do you know me? I dare you to see how well you rank >:3
Yesterday, 22:27
Started a new silent LP today: Frogger: The Great Adventure.

Be warned, possible seizure warnings in some videos.

Will be uploading one video every day at 6:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time (12:30 PH Server Time)

This series is also special to me and it will get a very big journal entry from me when I finish writing it (It will take a while...)

In other words... I forgot how bad this game is :'3
5 Days ago
Ugh. I'm so tired of hearing these things.

Just because I'm tall doesn't mean I can play Basketball.

Just because I'm half gay doesn't mean I'm looking at you in a different way.

Just because both my parents have years of custodial experience does not mean that I do.

Bleh. Tired of dealing with people today. People suck.
11 Days ago
> A few days ago, catches a Shiny Weedle

> Today, adds it to journal

[2 Hours Later]

> Catches a shiny Solrock

"...Oh. Okay then."
13 Days ago
Alright, gather 'round kiddies. Why don't we all wisen up a little here?

- If you are going to state an opinion, know that there will be people who like and dislike it.
- You are free to make your statement, but you need to understand that your statement can be hurtful to others.
- If you choose to hate or put-down on something that someone else believes in, then you're automatically wrong.

Think before you speak. If you're going to state an opinion, be prepared for the backlash. Or better yet, just don't say anything at all. Forcing your opinion on others or publicly displaying it like that is hurtful to some, seems very drama/attention-seeking, and just downright rude. Just because you don't support something that many believe in doesn't give you the right to those who have something to do with it.

So kids, what did we learn?...
> Be smart
> Think first
> Just close your mouth and don't say anything that might seem hurtful
17 Days ago
When someone doesn't want to share their birth year but they share the month, day, and how old they are.

17 Days ago
I meant to take a short nap today.

I put on some ambient "rain and thunder" background noise to sleep to.

Instead, I slept for two and a half hours and feel like I just slept for five.

Rain is a magical sound apparently.
18 Days ago
By imagine
Coming out of the hospital and being out of work for two weeks is no joke when you're an adult with bills to pay in the midst of a global pandemic.

I've started a GoFundMe to help me get back on my feet after this and any help is extremely appreciated, even if you just share! 🖤

I've donated $15 for your cause. I know it isn't a whole lot, but that's the best I can do on my part-time job currently. Please share your cause on any social platform you have so people can see it better. I hope things will get better for you.

{Hey, you! Go donate if you can!}
21 Days ago
Posted a new journal entry sort of explaining my absence lately.

Feel free to check it out and comment here if you want!

Also, if there's something you'd like to see for the next journal installment, then please let me know!~
21 Days ago
*Frustrated screeching*

Alright. I'm getting sick of seeing this. The childish way people are acting today is just foolish.

Yes, a user we all know and love (as well as a few others) were banned. Do you know why? Most likely, they were found guilty of cheating. But we don't know the whole story there, and we never will.

But if you are:
- Panicking about being banned
- Raging at the mods
- Or just being combative with every user out there

You need to stop. Now.

The only reason you will be insta-banned is if you're also cheating, breaking certain rules (i.e. Harassment), or you were given several warnings in the past to stop. Usually those warnings come first.

People who were banned actually deserve it. When you join Pokeheroes, you have to read the rules. Those rules are put in place for a reason.

So stop panicking. Stop dissing the mods. Play the game fairly. Follow the rules. Be nice. Don't cheat.

It's that simple people.
24 Days ago
Entered a few sprites for the Event Contest. Crossing my fingers for a certain sprite I did, I adore it ♥
25 Days ago
The "Black Market" is a wonderful idea so far. But people should be aware that the current prices on items are super overpriced. Nuggets are meant to be 1,500 PD to 1 Nugget, and people are selling for much higher. So beware when using the Beta Black Market. Make sure you use Price Check!!!
28 Days ago
You know what sucks? Bullies never go away.

I'm 26 years old and curled in a ball, just a complete mess of tears and depression after being attacked through some public harassment. It hurts when it happens and there's nothing you can do to stop the pain and thoughts in your head from remembering it.

But keep in mind...

Every scar on your heart does make you stronger.
Every tear you shed makes the sadness go away.
Every bully you overcome will turn you into someone you can be proud of.

Never forget you have resources that can help you. Parents, teachers, even some laws are against different types of harassment. Never be afraid to ask for help if you're hurting.
2 Months ago
> I go profile spying since I can't sleep.

> I notice a user lent their Ditto out to another user (with a written agreement to bring it back to the OT).

> Said other user puts the Ditto up in the auction house.

> I snipe that auction at the last minute with 3.5 Million PD.

> I go back to the user and demand I get my PD back for Pokemon theft or I would take it up with a mod.

> User complies, claims it was an accident, and gives me most of my PD back (Minus 300k thanks to the fricking taxes) and I give Ditto back to the OT.

> I has a sooper happeh vibe nao~
3 Months ago
BF: *Sends me a random image at 2:30 in the morning*
Me: Babe, what are you doing awake?
BF: Crying.
Me: What, why?!
BF: Because I thought about how lucky and happy I am to have you in my life, then I wanted to cuddle and got sad, then I woke up and realized I couldn't hug you so I got extra sad.

This is my life currently. Both feeling completely loved in the middle of the night, while simultaneously feeling frustrated that my boyfriend has insomnia because he needs nighttime hugs.
4 Months ago
Oh wow. I was totally not expecting to win the banner contest. Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback.

And before anyone asks, nope, I am not going to use my own banner XD
It's too weird to see something I made on a website every time I get log on. So I'll definitely be using the other winner's banners~
4 Months ago
I made a lazy dish of boxed pasta with some pre-made sauce in a jar. Ten minutes of boiling later, GREEN PASTA.

I took a pic and sent it to my Mom saying "What did I do wrong?!" She called me immediately and could not for the life of her figure out what happened.

Mom: "Don't eat it..."
Me: "But I already ate it."
Mom: "YOU ATE IT?!"

After five minutes of guessing and red herrings, I said: "Oh, wait, maybe it was that blue food coloring I put in it..."

She was not amused.
4 Months ago

Furry | Bi-Sexual | 26 | Washington | -8 Hours
Spriter ⋆ Gamer ⋆ Shapeshifter


RuneScape | Subnautica | Maximo
Vikings (Blind)
"We Swarm" - The Glitch Mob
"Losing My Mind" - Mystery Skulls

BPD / Bipolar, my emotions are often wacky
Oppescetarian, I hate the taste of seafood
Introvert, I like being alone indoors
Unsociable, I don't converse well
Navi, I have a pet tortoiseshell cat

⋆ I don't send plushies back, sorry
⋆ I only accept friend requests from people I like
⋆ Send more than a "hello" in your PM
⋆ I may help with spriting / coding advice

⋆ Avatar by Godfaking
⋆ Wolf couple art by Amelyanna

"Sometimes I just take things,
Way too far.
Irrational feeling,
I just try too hard 'cause;
What goes up, must come down.
The problem is I have no bounds 'cause,
Sometimes I just take things way too far.
Reality is surreal,
Wretchedness is all I feel,
Now its really just a way.
God, I hear the voices say."

"Way Too Far" - KoRn


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