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Pokémon in a single egg group cannot breed with those in 2

Forum-Index Bugs/Complaints Pokémon in a single egg group cannot breed with those in 2
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Posted: Mon, 20/11/2023 19:39 (15 Days ago)
I encountered this a long time ago, and just realized it was probably unintentional.

Example: Pkmn 1 ♀and Pkmn 2 ♂are in the fairy group only. Pkmn 3 ♂is field/fairy.

1 and 3 are unable to breed despite sharing an egg group, while 1 and 2 can breed successfully.

I have tried this on several devices with several egg groups.

Edit: fairy/field changed to field/fairy, the issue is actually that single egg group ‘mons cannot breed with double egg group ones when the shared group is the secondary one
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Posted: Mon, 20/11/2023 20:08 (15 Days ago)
Happened to me too... I tried to breed jangmao-o with dragonite. They were not siblings and were diffrent genders. This bug probably happened to me too.
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Posted: Mon, 20/11/2023 22:48 (15 Days ago)
I've had this issue with Ditto as well.
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Posted: Tue, 21/11/2023 09:07 (14 Days ago)
Pretty sure this is the case when the matched Egg Group is the second Egg Group of the dual Egg Group. The DayCare only looks at the first Egg Group.

@Necario - Could you be more specific? I just put a Hatterene and a Grimmsnarl in the DayCare and they would breed.

@Drakonia~ - That's because Dragonite's first Egg Group is Water 1, not Dragon. Because Jangmo-o is in 1 Egg Group, the DayCare only looks at the first Egg Group of Dragonite.

@Lycario - Could you give examples? I've never had any problems breeding with Ditto.
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Posted: Tue, 21/11/2023 15:40 (14 Days ago)
Interesting, it does seem I misidentified the cause @CatLady, all the ones I tested before happen to have the egg group as their secondary. I was trying to pair Florges with another ‘mon, and I went through Togedemaru, Togetic, and (I think) Mawile. I also tried Oddish and Bayleef, and Jynx with Pangoro.

Upon further testing, Oddish and Appletun work (grass primary), as well as Delibird and Thwacky (Field primary and Field secondary, but both of them are in 2 groups)

Useful information. If that’s intentional for simpler code, fair, I suppose.
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