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Posted: Sat, 01/06/2024 08:00 (12 Days ago)
You cannot find Fairy, Dragon, and Bug gems in regular rumble areas. You can only find them in Galar.

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Posted: Fri, 31/05/2024 05:01 (13 Days ago)
Happened to me today:

I had 42 Level-12 Bluk Berries. I successfully put 20 into the Seed Maker (Super Deluxe). I tried to put the remaining 22 into the Seed Maker (Fancy), but it only put 1 in, leaving the other 21 in my Berry Bag. Reloaded the page, and they disappeared. Checked my Seed Bag as well, but it seems the 21 Berries were completely deleted; its not just a visual bug.

The 20 in the Seed Maker (SD) and the 1 in the Seed Maker (Fancy) were turned into seeds successfully.

Found another report of this bug

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Posted: Thu, 30/05/2024 07:03 (14 Days ago)

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Posted: Thu, 30/05/2024 04:06 (14 Days ago)

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Posted: Thu, 30/05/2024 03:02 (14 Days ago)

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Posted: Thu, 30/05/2024 01:05 (14 Days ago)


Unresolved bugs:

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Posted: Wed, 29/05/2024 23:59 (14 Days ago)
WIP. Do not post.

Egg storage
Progess bars
Price check
Breeding (x)

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"The two seem to match perfectly." - perfect pair (different OT, same species)

"The two seem to get along very well." - second best (same species, same OT / event + counterpart, different OT)

"The two seem to get along." - different species, different OT / event + counterpart, same OT / Ditto (OT doesn't change the message for Ditto; not sure if it affects breeding rate)

"The two don't seem to like each other." - still breed, but very slow (different species, same OT)

"The two prefer to play with other Pokémon than each other." won't breed at all - different egg group / same gender / Undiscovered egg group

"The two play with each other, but only as brother and sister." - siblings

event + event, different OT - best event rate, best breeding rate (perfect)

event + event, same OT - best event rate, second best breeding rate (very well)

event + counterpart, different OT - second best breeding rate (very well)

event + counterpart, same OT - breeding rate "get along"

event + ditto - breeding rate "get along"

event + non-counterpart, different OT - breeding rate "get along"

event + non-counterpart, same OT - breeding rate "don't seem to like"

wiki says that counterpart + event has a better event rate, but I'm not sure whether that's verified by riako

since theoretically, the species is determined 50/50 by parent.

If they're both events, you'd get X% counterpart from each parent, so (2X)% event eggs, and (100-2X)% counterpart eggs

If one is an event, and the other is the counterpart, you'd get 50% counterpart, X% event, and another (50-X)% counterpart

if one is an event, and the other is a non-counterpart species, you'd get 50% of the non-counterpart, X% of the event, and (50-X)% of the counterpart

So event + event should have the best event rate. But any other combination would have the same event rate, at half of the rate when breeding event + event; counterpart shouldn't affect the event rate.

but yes, overall, event + counterpart has the second best breeding rate, so it's still better than ditto

Beauty contest
EDIT 18/11/23:
List of currently working Beauty Contest backgrounds:

All custom colours, Beach, Cave, Checks, Crag, Desert, River, Savanna, Seafloor, Simple, Sky, Snow, Volcano, Xerneas, Yveltal

All others don't work (at least for me)

plushies / valentines

If the shiny chance percentage formula is the same as Shaymin/Zeraora/Zarude, then it should be this:

((P/50)^2) * 100
where P is the number of plushies obtained in a row

Which gives this graph:

50 plushies + 1 encounter (for the egg) are needed for a guaranteed shiny.

Distribution data:
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Paldea Event Distribution AP requirements:
2000, 5600, 10400, 16800, 24400, 32800, 42400, 52800, 64000, 76000, 89200

Multiple of the first requirement:
1, 2.8, 5.2, 8.4, 12.2, 16.4, 21.2, 26.4, 32, 38, 44.6

1.8, 2.4, 3.2, 3.8, 4.2, 4.8, 5.2, 5.6, 6, 6.6

Uranus/Earth sphere distribution APs:

Event Distribution AP goals (total amount needed):
#1 - 3500
#2 - 9800 (2.8x original)
#3 - 18200 (5.2x)
#4 - 29400 (8.4x)
#5 - 42700 (12.2x)
#6 - 57400 (16.4x)
#7 - 74200 (21.2x)
#8 - 92400 (26.4x)
#9 - 112000 (32x)
#10 - 133000 (38x)
#11 - 156100 (44.6x)

Graph for #20
Graph for #12

Event Distribution AP differences (amount needed for egg):
#1 - 3500
#2 - 6300 (1.8x original)
#3 - 8400 (2.4x)
#4 - 11200 (3.2x)
#5 - 13300 (3.8x)
#6 - 14700 (4.2x)
#7 - 16800 (4.8x)
#8 - 18200 (5.2x)
#9 - 19600 (5.6x)
#10 - 21000 (6x)
#11 - 23100 (6.6x)

Graph for #20
Graph for #12

*This data is from the "New Paldean Arrivals" event distribution, checked with the "New Solar Spheres" event distribution, modified for the "New Solar Spheres" event distribution

**These graphs, from eggs #12 and onwards are not 100% accurate; they are just predictions based off eggs #1-11

Berry growth

QuoteBerry Growth Times:
Data taken at - Level 1, Garden 3 (Fertility - Low), Unwatered, Unmulched

Gardens 1 & 2 (Fertility - Medium) halve the time. Haven't tested Garden 4.

Watering seems to reduce the time by 20%.

Green 🟢 - "Fast"
10 minutes - Cheri, Chesto, Pecha

20 minutes - Aguav, Aspear, Bluk, Figy, Grepa, Hondew, Iapapa, Kelpsy, Leppa, Lum, Mago, Nanab, Oran, Persim, Pinap, Pomeg, Qualot, Rawst, Razz, Sitrus, Tamato, Wepear, Wiki

Blue 🔵 - "Medium"
1 hour - Belue, Cornn, Durin, Magost, Nomel, Pamtre, Rabuta, Spelon, Watmel

2 hours - Babiri, Charti, Chople, Coba, Colbur, Haban, Kasib, Kebia, Occa, Passho, Payapa, Shuca, Tanga, Wacan, Yache

Purple 🟣 - "Slow"
6 hours - Apicot, Chilan, Ganlon, Lansat, Liechi, Petaya, Salac, Starf

Red 🔴 - "Very Slow"
20 hours - Custap, Enigma, Jaboca, Micle, Rowap

Approximate graph of level (x) by time (y) [Garden 1/2, Cheri/Chesto/Pecha berries, Unwatered/Unmulched]

Advent 2023
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1/12 -
1. Make 2000 interactions
Reward: Smoochum (Retro) Egg

2/12 -
1. Spend at least 2000 PD at the Item Market
Reward: 5 Ice Gems

3/12 -
1. Make 1500 interactions
2. Solve 10 hangmen
Reward: Polestar Egg

4/12 -
1. Send 2 plushies (min 40 DP each)
Reward: 1 Rare Candy

5/12 -
1. Buy 10 Lottery Tickets
Reward: 200 GC

6/12 -
1. Catch 5 Pokémon at the Beach
Reward: 1 Magnetic Bait

7/12 -
1. Feed 200 Berries
Reward: 1000 Powerorbs

8/12 -
1. Bid on an Auction
2. Interact with 25 Pokémon/Eggs on the Index page
Reward: random colour Mystery Box (excluding black/gold)

9/12 -
1. Send two plushies (min 40 DP each)
Reward: Christmas Skiddo event plushie

10/12 -
1. Make 2500 interactions
2. Flip the coin 100 times
Reward: Aurora Egg

11/12 -
1. Place 4 Fire-type Pokémon in your Party
Reward: random evolutionary item

12/12 -
1. Send a Christmas Gift
Reward: random colour Mystery Box (excluding black/gold)

13/12 -
1. Nothing!
Reward: 5 Poké/Great/Ultra Balls

14/12 -
1. Place 5 Ice-type Pokémon in your Party
Reward: 15x of a random Berry

15/12 -
1. Send a Christmas Gift
2. Make 250 interactions
Reward: Mystery Key (Black)

16/12 -
1. Share a feed with the hashtag #NewBeginnings
Reward: random colour Mystery Box (excluding black/gold)

17/12 -
1. Make 3500 interactions
Reward: Snowrex Egg

18/12 -
1. Interact with 20 Pokémon/Eggs on the Index page
Reward: 1 stale Biscuit

19/12 -
1. Set up an Auction
2. Bid on 3 Auctions
Reward: 5 Poké/Great/Ultra Balls

20/12 -
1. Set up a Wondertrade
Reward: random evolutionary item

21/12 -
1. Send 2 Christmas Gifts
2. Hatch 3 eggs
3. Do 20 Coinflips
Reward: Christmas-themed forme change item (DNA Splicer/Icicle Plate)

22/12 -
1. Make 2000 interactions
Reward: Mega Stone

23/12 -
1. Place Spheal, Delibird, and Vanillite in your Party
Reward: Snowling event plushie

24/12 -
1. Interact with 8 Pokémon/Eggs on the Index page
2. Hatch 4 eggs
3. Set up a Wondertrade
4. Close your eyes and make a wish (open the door again)
Reward: 1 week of Premium (account upgrade)

Reward: Baby Lati@s

[X] cheater
[X] staff
[X] events
[X] cheat riako

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Posted: Fri, 24/05/2024 04:49 (20 Days ago)
You can see how to raise your Trainerlevel on this wiki page.

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Posted: Thu, 23/05/2024 00:04 (21 Days ago)
No, you have to update them manually, but there's a suggestion for that. I also made one for other statistics.

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Posted: Wed, 22/05/2024 22:58 (21 Days ago)
There's no list of all item codes, but for every item sprite, it's the same code:


For progress bars, you have two main choices:
The event distribution bar -
This allows you to choose different colours (7 available, just change the "col=1" to "col=2", etc)

The EXP bar -
You can choose between blue and green.


There is also the battle bar:

Less than 15% -
Less than 50% -

And the lovemeter, but I don't think anyone uses that:

I'd say the first one is the best, and most commonly used.

To make an auto-updating progress bar, you'd have to use the bag bbcode.

[bag=Item Name]

Note that it does have to be capitalised. It also doesn't work in previews.

It also works for currencies:
Dream Points, Event Points, PD, Nugget, GC, GGC, SC Token

For progress bars, you'd have to add a bit more:


Similarly for gems, and other items:
[img]//staticpokeheroes.com/img/event_distribution/interact_progress.php?percent=[bag=Dragon Gem,goal=2000]&col=1[/img]

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Posted: Tue, 21/05/2024 22:35 (22 Days ago)
To see the responses, you have to vote on it yourself, or view your profile as a guest (logged out, or through incognito/private). You can't see who responded though.

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Posted: Tue, 21/05/2024 07:26 (23 Days ago)
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Buy a Jade Orb for 25k PD from the Item Shop - Misc. Section

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Posted: Tue, 21/05/2024 04:38 (23 Days ago)

No offense, but you're on the ranklist; most users can't hatch that many eggs (to be exact, only 16 have hatched over 50k)

It isn't possible to hatch 100 eggs a day, without Premium and flutes, or a multiplier day.

Additionally, in the past, PH was more active, so you received more interactions. Like you said, the SCEs used to be over a weekend, not on a single day.

"Received interactions today (53)" - 6 hour old egg at 5,771 /6,630 EHP

"I would still accept your 10k, though, because, at 40 eggs a day, that's 3.4 years for those who are extremely inactive."

I personally would consider myself a more active user, with 2400 hours of game time. "Active" does not mean constantly lab hunting.

"Eggs hatched 6"

Lets say you somehow manage to hatch 25 eggs a day. Thats 7.5 years of continuous lab hunting; no shiny hunting in between.

Fishing is personally much easier, since you can grind it in a short period of time; you don't have to be online the entire day to rely on others to get your eggs hatched.

I agree that Tall Grass has a waiting period, but at least you can Shiny Hunt using Daycare + TG at the same time.

Unlike the Lab, where you're just mindlessly adopting eggs. Like Meep said, a major part of the game is shiny hunting.

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Posted: Fri, 17/05/2024 00:19 (27 Days ago)
I'm pretty sure that's an old thing; you used to need to click N to go to the next Pokémon. Now it does nothing.

There isn't really anything you can do to click faster (other than interacting on multiple devices)

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Posted: Thu, 16/05/2024 02:23 (28 Days ago)
Thanks for replying!

I assume that by "Doubles EXP/EHP increment", it's actually increasing it by 100%, and the 4x multiplier is increasing it by 300% (of the original EHP, not the EHP already increased by a flute).

Could I also ask how the Premium multiplier works? Is it increasing EHP gain by 50% (of the original EHP) or is it multiplying by 1.5?

Maybe it would be better to slightly change the description, similar to how the Mega Cuff says "increases your chance to hatch a mega-able Pokémon by 500%".

In short, do the multipliers stack additively, or multiplicatively?

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Posted: Wed, 15/05/2024 07:57 (29 Days ago)
I'm pretty sure that by "my flute was still going on", they meant the flutes were still active, but they had no effect (didn't boost EHP gain). Their complaint was that flute timer should be paused on 2x days, since they have no effect, and it's a waste of the nuggets spent.

"If I have a flute in a normal day, I get 199~250 ehp.
Today [a 2x day], I gained the same on my eggs."

Riako said that on 2x days, "The flute does count for you. Basically it's a x3 day for you today.", but it's not clear if similarly, its 4x/5x on 3x/4x days.

From what I noticed throughout the 4x day, the flute didn't affect EHP gain at all.

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Posted: Wed, 15/05/2024 05:44 (29 Days ago)

Happened today, only way to fix it was to go to every online user's profile, and find the Pokémon with the backslash. If you interact with it normally (through the Pokémon's profile, not a clicklist), the Online Userlist clicklist starts working again.

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Posted: Wed, 15/05/2024 04:15 (29 Days ago)
You have to use a Weather Balloon on it

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Posted: Tue, 14/05/2024 22:45 (29 Days ago)
SPOILER: Harvest Sprites

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I genuinely want to know why Shiny Aqua needs 50,000 Lab eggs to be adopted? Shiny Bold only needs 7,500 Tall Grass eggs, and Shiny Staid needs 10,000 Beach catches.

Why is Aqua significantly harder to obtain than the other Shiny Harvest Sprites?

I posted some calculations in a feed earlier:
Quote"103 eggs hatched. At this rate, I could get 1200 eggs hatched if I'm awake the entire day.

41.7 4x multiplier days with no sleep to get a Shiny Aqua."

Over the whole 4x day, I've only managed to hatch 400 Lab eggs. This seems like a lot at first, but it's nothing compared to the 50,000 needed.

Over more than 2.5 years on site, I've only hatched 2000 Lab eggs.

There's only 16 Shiny Aqua on site, compared to the 21 Shiny Bold, 54 Chef, 61 Hoggy, 54 Nappy, 70 Staid, and 53 Timid.

Additionally, there's no guaranteed rewards in between, unlike with the Tall Grass, since you can Shiny Hunt. And the others don't require completing tasks that affect your chain, so you can Shiny Hunt at the same time.

If it was 10,000 Lab Eggs, instead of 50,000, maybe that would be fair. (If we compare to Bold, it should be 7,500, but 10,000 is still much more reasonable)

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Posted: Tue, 14/05/2024 22:31 (29 Days ago)
I bought a Yellow Flute at reset, and it hasn't been working for me either. I was only getting 60-100 EHP as the base amount (which was then multiplied by 4), but usually, with flutes, the base amount is above 100 EHP. I think, for some reason, the 4x multiplier cancels out party flutes.

I've noticed that the 1.5x EHP/EXP multiplier from Premium still works though.

I also found this report of the same bug from 10 years ago

Since this wasn't explicitly stated anywhere, I'd like a refund of 25 Nuggets /hj

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